Age differences?



  • And I disagree with you @UKGuy in regards to maturity. Of course there are variances from person to person, but on average, younger people are less mature than older. Just the way it works.

  • @BlueIris I am far less mature than most lol, I just present well

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    The age thing really makes no difference to me. It’s all your personal preference though and what other think really shouldn’t matter.

  • I just don't like stereotyping based on age. I'm sure young people hate being stereotyped as immature and older people hate being stereotyped as mature. Both 'immature' and 'mature' can be negative stereotypes. I work on a team with people of all ages and nationalities. I get on well with a couple of female team mates who are less than half my age and I also get on well with a guy who is older than me. I take everyone at face value and never judge until I get to know the person.

  • There is a difference between understanding averages and "stereotyping". :-) Stereotyping is acting differently towards someone based on the average. You can understand averages while still being open and not pass judgment until you know the person.

  • I don't believe its stereotyping. It has to do with level of comfort, which is the premise of what your initial question concerns. Even if I came across an extremely mature 19 yr old, I would still feel awkward cuddling with her. Therapeutic aspect of cuddling aside, just not comfy with that.

  • I'm 47 and have no problem being called "mature". That's not a bad word. It's a compliment.

    @UKGuy - it's interesting to me that you are so intensely opposed to age stereotyping yet you won't cuddle with women over 50. Are you stereotyping them? Also, there most definitely are "giver" and "receiver" roles in cuddling. I love how @ubergigglefritz commented on bringing people out of their comfort zone to experience the other side.

    @ubergigglefritz I love reading your comments! Sincere and warm yet logical.

  • @Scarlette , aww. Love :-D Thanks so much! Warms my heart to be noticed in an appreciative manner O:-)

  • @ubergigglefritz I notice you in an appreciative manner too (raises hand to make sure you see)

    @Scarlette you too, we go way back to before your hiatus and you know I def notice you in an appreciative manner too lol. And you are friends with a certain bestie of mine so that means I extra appreciate you

  • @pmvines. I super duper appreciate you!!! Always happy to talk with you. You are definitely the comic relief here! <3

  • I’m very used to being around you get people because I have an older brother that’s teobyears older but a younger brother and sister 10 and 11 years younger. I’m used to them having friends around etc


    I will say this, although I personally have no issues with age and cuddling a much younger girl, I do understand that many would see it as strange. If I were to have a public session, I would choose a pro that’s a bit older. I don’t think I would want to deal with the potential awkwardness of it all.

  • @Scarlette just lemme know the next time you are out my way my dear! Sorry we didn't get to meet and greet but you had a 10 hr cuddle, I just cant compete with that lol

  • I wish our country were smaller, lol. So many awesome people on here I would love to meet. Can someone host a cuddle retreat? Lol. I wish I still had my lovesac, but could still host a decent number of cuddling spots, lol.

  • @pmvines it was an 8 hr cuddle but we spent 24 hrs together. @Prm5441 is an amazing host and and cuddler!!! I will definitely be coming back to Alabama!

  • I have cuddled women of all ages on the site, 20s, 30s,40s and 50's. And cuddling the 20 somethings was just as fulfilling as cuddling people closer to my age. In the end it matters whether the person you're cuddling is compatible with you and can hold an interesting conversation but most times I have found if I just listen people have really interesting stories to tell and to hear them in the context of a cuddle just makes it even more fulfilling because you feel closer to that person that has shared some of her life story with you and you will keep that long after the cuddling is over.

  • @Scarlette - I changed the age range on my profile from 20 to 50 to 0 to 100 just to keep you happy. You were not the first person to complain about it and I'm sure you would not be the last. Many of the female 'professional cuddlers' that I found in my area specified much narrower age ranges like 25-35 or 30-45.

  • @UKGuy. Don't make changes to make me happy. I'm a happy girl regardless of what you have on your profile. I also wasn't complaining. I simply asked why you chose that age range. You still haven't answered. It's all good. Cuddle with whoever you want.

  • As I approach my 50th year, all I'm gonna say is that age is a number that I can obsess or be indifferent about.

    "An it harm none, do what ye will."

  • @Scarlette - I didn't really choose any age range, I was surprised the question was there and just picked the first thing that came into my head. I didn't even realize you could leave it blank, I thought it was required. I'm surprised anyone would question a guy putting an age range when many of the 'professional cuddlers' do the exact same thing with an even narrower range of ages.

  • @UKGuy I am certain that if you take another look you will see that the age range being more narrow for the women you are referencing are not paid cuddlers, and that they are likely within their own age range as opposed to 20 yrs younger

  • FYI it will say on their profile if they are a pro, their rates, and will say request to book as opposed to send a message. That is how you tell the difference in case you didn't know that already

  • @Sideon - but it's not just how you view your age, but also how other people view your age. You have control over how you feel about it, but no control over how others feel about it.

  • True, @UKGuy - we can only choose our own actions and reactions. I can hope for the best that folks have an open mind, but a lot of folks are hung up on ageism.

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    I think it's natural to want to be around peers who are more likely to have the same amount of experience in life and be at a similar stage to yourself. I suppose the point about cuddling being platonic can be applied to all kinds of preferences people have - if it's platonic, why won't you cuddle a man? It all comes down to personal preference and everybody has their own personal boundaries when it comes to the type of person they'll have a physical relationship with platonic or not. It's not our place to question or break those boundaries.

  • I don't think anyone thinks enthusiasts are not allowed to have preferences. I do think pros should be open to anyone safe. The original question was with the opposite tone: is it creepy to cuddle people younger, or a desire to. Meaning is it OK? And the answer is yes, of course it is OK.

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    This is a very interesting topic to me. I am fairly new to cuddling and hesitated to cuddle with someone more than a few years older than myself. There was definitely a feeling of uncomfortability and awkwardness at just the thought. However, after speaking and meeting with someone fifteen years older I realized that there is no difference at all-just another human being seeking comfort and acceptance. If you can have a decent conversation and that person makes you feel comfortable and secure, why not? You are both fulfilling a need for physical touch and human contact through interaction and communication. You both are providing something to each other that is lacking and it makes me feel grateful for the ability to do so

  • @comfortme Thank you so much for your comment and personal experience. All the comments were good, of course, but it has special meaning, at least to me, because it is coming from an enthusiast who has opened up to the idea of cuddling someone that was initially out of her preferred age range. Thank you again.

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    @calineur Thank you so much for your kind response. It makes me feel wonderful that I was able to touch you personally with my expression. I have been trying to reach out and communicate with others as a way to become more social and feel less isolated. Most cuddlers who post in the forums seem very supportive and respectful, with great advice and different perspectives. It's always nice to connect with others and share experiences ☺

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    Me, myself and I - don't have issue with generally as long as - both legal age and are happy. Personally I have an open "max" age range however, if it wasn't for judgements and or misunderstandings I and some others would be more open about our actually "max" or lack thereof. Though most importantly, just being with who we connect with!

    However, a lot of the times - many around and in our life do have an issue with unfortunately - from family to friends - to who not. I thus think the pressure stems more from that than just the one person themselves. Anyways at the end of it no matter the reason - a no is a no. Though remember your life and seeking happiness and what you want doesn't revolve around those who reject you. You should keep going until you find those who will/can say yes too. Age is not within anyone's control. We can grow older though we don't grow younger (by years) ????? Lol, oh well, nor do we choose what age we stay at. Hope you will find people who are good for you! :)

  • I think we seek out people near our own age because in our lives the same things are happening. It could be college, moving out, starting a family, maybe you're just busy with work, counting the days until you retire, etc.

    I feel I prefer hanging out with people younger then me because in a lot of ways I'm behind on people my age. However, you never know if you have something in common with someone unless you get to know them. So I try to keep an open mind.

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