Stats for active cuddlers in California and Nevada

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Here are some statistics for cuddlers in a couple of states, California and Nevada. It only includes people who have been active in the last 6 months (as of April 2018). Numbers may not be completely accurate.

All cuddlers (3965 in California and 301 in Nevada):

Female cuddlers (866 in California = 22%, 67 in Nevada = 23%):

Male cuddlers (3099 in California = 78%, 234 in Nevada = 77%):

Female professionals (263 in California, 25 in Nevada):

Male professionals (16 in California, 0 in Nevada):

Stats for California


Cuddler age distribution (the average age is 30 for women and 34 for men; among professionals, the average is 29 for both women and men):

Who people cuddle

33% of women just cuddle men, 9% just cuddle women and 58% cuddle everyone.

For professional female cuddlers, 6% just cuddle men and 93% cuddle everyone.

82% of men just cuddle women, 11% only cuddle other men and 7% cuddle everyone.

For professional male cuddlers, 25% just cuddle women and 75% cuddle everyone.


Among women, 32% can host, 87% can be guests, 55% can cuddle in public and 16% can do all three.

Among men, 51% can host, 81% can be guests, 35% can cuddle in public and 18% can do all three.


Of those who filled in the Orientation field:

85% of men and 68% of women are straight.
9% of men and 4% of women are gay.
5% of men and 25% of women are bisexual.
1% of men and 3% of women are asexual.


Of those who filled in "Status":

89% of men and 87% of women are single.
7% of men and 4% of women are married.
4% of men and 9% of women are in a relationship.
Less than 1% of each are widowed.

Of those who answered (around half), 21% of women and 20% of men have children.

Physical traits

The average height of women is 5" 5' and of men is 5' 10".

12% of women and 11% of men see themselves as skinny / slim.
12% of women and 31% of men see their body type as fit / athletic.
36% of women and 51% of men see their bodies as average / a little extra.
24% of women and 1% of men see themselves as curvy.
15% of women and 6% of men see themselves as full figured / overweight.


53% of women and 58% of men drink socially.
23% of women and 21% of men don't drink.

82% of women and men don't smoke.


43% of women and 45% of men are white.
17% of women and men are hispanic / latino.
12% of women and 5% of men are inter-racial.
9% of women and 6% of men are black.
8% of women and 13% of men are asian.

Other ethnicities such as middle eastern, pacific islander, indian and native american are each 2% or less; around 5% of women and 4% of men said "other" for ethnicity.


26% of women and 28% of men are christian.
12% of women and 13% of men are agnostic.
9% of women and 10% of men are catholic.
8% of women and 12% of men are atheists.
4% of women and men are buddhists.
1% of women and 5% of men are hindus.
1% of women and 2% of man practice judaism.
Less than 1% of women and men follow islam.

41% of women and 26% of men said "other" for religion.

Movies and Pets

Some of women's favorite movies are Titanic, The Notebook, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Bridesmaids and Across the Universe.

Some of men's ones are Star Wars, Forrest Gump, Lord of the Rings, Inception, Interstellar, Titanic and Pulp Fiction.

Dogs are more common than cats as pets for women and men.


Among professionals, 30% of women and 19% of men have Karma. Among non-professionals, 1.3% of women and 2.5% of men have Karma.


10% of women and 6% of men have made their profiles only viewable by members.

Missing Info

35% of women have an empty About Me in their profile (9% of professionals). 34% have no photo (3% of pros).

49% of men have an empty About Me (12% of professionals). 54% have no photo (12% of pros).

(Not that having no photo is necessarily a bad thing).


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    The interesting thing is that female cuddlers seems pretty constant from age 18 to 33 or so, whereas male cuddlers rises to a peak from around 27 to 33. After 33 it drops off for both sexes but more dramatically for women than men. I guess this coincides with when many people find permanent partners.

  • always interesting to see this kind of reports @respectful and some good info :smiley:

    @UKGuy so what you're saying is that i'm going to find a permanent partner in the next year or two?

  • I do find these reports fascinating.

  • @Thellie Did anything stand out or surprise you?

  • [Deleted User]ivlegend (deleted user)

    Thanks a lot for sharing and appreciate all your hard work:)

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    These are some very interesting statistics. Thank you for taking the time to gather them. :)

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    @respectful , amazing! This is so insightful. You can run an analytics shop in any organization :) !!

  • This is so cool!!

    I love that everyone loves Titanic. LOL.

    @respectful Were YOU surprised by anything you turned up?

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    @choicesvital Thanks for that!

    @softandlovely I didn't notice anything too surprising, but I'll be on the lookout next time. :)

    1-2% karma for non-professionals wasn't unexpected, but I wish it could be higher! Maybe it just represents people who have seen professionals (though there's no way to tell how many people have seen pros in total).

  • @respectful
    thank you for all these great stats,
    seeing the numbers, i'm in all the lower percentile as far as being married, age, being overweight, religion; glad
    i'm persistent, patient, and positive.

  • Thank you for these stats! They are so eye opening!

  • @stellaross In what way were they eye opening?

  • @respectful "1-2% karma for non-professionals wasn't unexpected, but I wish it could be higher! "

    That number is exaggerated because of your inclusiveness of so many profiles. If your only filter was active in the last six months, you're including a LOT of profiles of people who probably never did anything on here. Signed up for a profile, never did anything, and gone within days or weeks.

    I would venture to guess that the vast majority of profiles on here haven't actually had a cuddle through the site, so they are of course not going to have any karma. If you cut out the in and done profiles you could see a more accurate representation of the % of people actually cuddling and getting karma. But it will still be very low I'm guessing.

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    @ubergigglefritz I agree about karma; I'll take that into account in the next stats. I guess it could exclude profiles less than a month old, and ones that seem never to have been used (not online since creating the profile).

    It's hard to know where to draw the line though; profiles with an empty About Me section might also imply the person isn't very active.

  • Yeah, numbers are fun, and it's interesting to see how stats change depending on which population of users you are looking at =) The sheer volume of profiles in those states really allows you to be a lot more picky regarding who to filter out =) I have clients who travel for hours to have a session, because there are so few pros out here. Definitely a luxury out there ;-) Thanks for your efforts!

    Back when I worked at a company with a VERY high turnover rate, we kept track of turnover stats. % of people who were gone 6 or 12 months after the training class started. I wonder what the stats show here, in regards to the distribution of how long inactive profiles (not active for at least a month) were active for after signing up before leaving the site. It might reveal some helpful information for Mark as he works to grow the website.

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