notice many have deactivated accounts

I noticed a bunch of ladies who were pros accounts are deactivated and suspended that were on peoples karma or were on many discussions on forums. I wonder why that is? is it that they really were here for cuddling or actually for the financial gain and might not getting enough clients to warrant staying here


  • That's what I'm curious about as well. I've noticed a trend. Though no non-pro cuddles ever come on this site from Louisville Kentucky

  • yea I was reading clicked on female pics and they are majority gone who sure had many things to say pertaining to discussions and on karmas . yea noticed in dc metro area ladies in general somewhere I use to live. its interesting it makes you wonder why they really were here when they were active

  • Cause they were all selling more than hugs. Lol

  • [Deleted User]caitleesi (deleted user)

    @jaynelly81 we've all been noticing a big uptake in cancellations and no shows, so some of them might have decided it's not worth the stress

  • yea sounds like they really wanted the business aspect then of being a pro. I guess I can understand the cancellations and no shows but I think with any service being offered on any sites, or even those sites congress had a problem with and shutdown I think people shop around or realize they had the water bill to pay for than for a luxury.

  • There are a number of reason why any member, Pro or not, would deactivate their account, have their account suspended or even banned. Usually the most common I've seen of each are:

    1. Deactivated because they were only curious but not serious... maybe bored or heard about "professional cuddling" somewhere and wanted to see what it was about, thought it'd be easy money, but after making the account decided it wasn't for them
    2. Deactivated because of the limited number of people or limited number of active people in their area
    3. Deactivated because of the overwhelming number of messages when first making their account when they weren't even sure about joining to begin with
    4. Deactivated because their partner/spouse started out saying they were okay with it, but then changed their mind and didn't want them cuddling strangers (for money or not)
    5. Suspended because they were trying to charge for their time, but didn't have a Pro account
    6. Suspended as a Pro for falling behind on payments to the site for cuddle sessions
    7. Banned for breaking the Terms & Conditions for using the site (requesting or offering non-platonic services, blocking a Pro from attempting to collect fees for Client a cancellation)
    8. Banned for uploading or sharing inappropriate photos (sexual, nudity, vulgar) either on their profile or in a PM
    9. Banned for creating a fake account or trying to scam other members

    ...there are plenty more, but this gives you an idea of some.

    @rob4u While I know your comment is made jokingly luckily no, so far that sort of problem has seemed fairly limited though to say it never happens would be false. There are signs we look for when someone is suspected of doing something like that and monitor that person until deciding one way or the other on if they are or not. Usually the most common of "deactivated" Pro pages seems to be newer Pros that have no idea what they're doing, they think it'll be easy money as they'll just cuddle with strangers and get paid, but they don't know the time, energy, and work that goes into it to be successful. It's work, it is a business, a self-employed business that can be rewarding as hell, but isn't a cake walk like many think it is.
    @caitleesi hit it right on the head as well... if a new Pro thinks simply setting up a profile, scheduling a session and showing up is all that's needed to get paid, regardless if they are in it to help others or if they're in it for the money, only to have repeat cancellations, no shows, or get hit on and asked out as though this were a dating site.. odds are they are going to leave unless they are dead serious about doing this.

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    I would imagine it's the marketplace. Too many pros asking too much money for a service with not enough demand. If too many pros sign up in an area, it saturates the market. From what I can see, in my area, a few pros are capturing most of the business. I've sent pros in my area messages and gotten no reply, and I notice some of them have not been online in weeks. That's hardly a sign of someone interested in getting business. I'm sure there are many other reasons, as previously mentioned.

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