What Do You Like To See On A Pro's Profile?

[Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

When you are looking at profiles, what are the things you like to see on them?

What things in particular make you want to book a pro?

Are there things about a profile that make you not want to book a pro?

I am curious what everyone's thoughts are on this.


  • I like seeing packages/bundles, and their personality, not just "I'm a caring person who wants to cuddle" Duh! What's different about you? You can throw in the cliches, but be interesting about it!

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @CeliaC That's a good point. With that in mind I did a bit of revamping to my profile.

    Hopefully it doesn't read as being boring. I tried to write it so more of my personality shines through. :)

  • [Deleted User]lilredmage (deleted user)

    Good questions! I really hope other "professional clients" will chime in. I'd be interested to see if their opinions match my own!

    Very detailed and unique profiles that have a sense of humor or sarcasm, or profiles which are very upbeat and give off a lot of positive vibes really capture my attention. I love profiles that give me a glimpse into the heart and soul of the professional.

    Conversely, profiles that read more like caution or warning labels that have various extra rules to follow for that specific professional make we want to go book a session with someone else.

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @lilredmage Those are all excellent suggestions. Thank you for bringing them up.

    What are some of the 'extra rules' on a profile that make you not want to book with a pro?

    Like can you think of specific examples?

    I'm curious to know because hopefully I don't have any of those on mine. :0

  • [Deleted User]curiousgeorge1 (deleted user)

    Moonlight it would not be a certain rule per se, but if a profile comes off as cold or too empty I would keep moving.

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @curiousgeorge1 Thank you for mentioning that.

    How would you define a cold or empty profile?

    Can you think of any specific examples you have seen?

    I'm curious because I definitely don't want my profile to come off like that.

  • [Deleted User]lilredmage (deleted user)

    @MoonlightSonata I don't like to give feedback on specific profiles publicly unless that particular person gives me permission to. Generally speaking, your profile (which is very nice, by the way) is detailed enough that your rules, warnings, or suggestions are not enough to make someone turn away.

  • [Deleted User]curiousgeorge1 (deleted user)

    Cold as in no real content just prices. Empty as in nothing in the prose section.

  • @MoonlightSonata A TREASURE HUNT! I put geocaching on mine.

  • i like when a pro list there hobbies outside of this website because it would be easy to find common ground based on there profile. the other thing is pictures. if a pro has profile pictures of them doing something, for example if you had a profile picture of you on a bike or you at the beach in the ocean i would message you if i like bike riding or like to go to the beach if that makes sense, the formula to success on here is to be honest about what and what you dont like or ok with, just be your self, much loved vitaly, i hope this makes sense. if it doesnt message me and i will explain a little more, have a great night.

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    I like originality . There are many that start with the same “. Ocyocotin does wonders for .......”
    Yeah , I know that .
    The cuddlers experience would be
    “. I’ve cuddled 20 clients , or I have been a professional for ten
    Or something

    Also , something that tells
    Me they take their craft or profession or cuddling seriously, like ,
    They have had training from a cuddle sanctuary , or , perticpate in Cuddle parties or something like that

    Edit: admitted to another site like cuddlist or snuggles buddies is a plus

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @lilredmage Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I am glad that it comes off as being friendly and inviting. That was what I was going for. :)

    I very much appreciate your feedback. I think it is important to have a profile that seems laid-back and welcoming so all of things you mentioned were very helpful.

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @curiousgeorge1 Oh okay, I see what you mean. That's a good thing to keep in mind. Thank you for mentioning it.

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @CeliaC Oh yeah! I forgot about geocaching in my treasure hunt section. :P But that's fun too. :)

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @metalheavy That makes perfect sense! I also think it is good to talk a little about yourself and list hobbies in your profile (whether you are a professional or not). Like you mentioned, it helps people to connect easier because they can find common ground through what is listed on their profiles and strike up a nice conversation.

    The picture idea is really good as well. I didn't really think about it until you mentioned it but you are right. If you have pictures that show you doing things (and especially things you like to do like riding your bike) it also helps a potential client connect with you because they see you doing an activity and think, hey, I like to do that too!

    I really like both things you brought up. I'm thinking of adding some more pictures to my profile that show me doing activities outside of just the regular, everyday stuff. :P

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @cuddlerforu24 I like the idea of putting cuddling experience! I'm going to add a section that lists my cuddling experience on my profile. Thank you for mentioning it. :)

  • As one of the "professional clients" that @lilredmage mentioned (LOL) I can say that I'm not looking for anything in particular. Just a feel. I've seen great profiles that were a single paragraph long, and others that spilled gallons of internet ink. More isn't necessarily better. It's advertising; marketing copy. Sometimes short and memorable is better than telling your whole life story in a profile. You might be trying to warm the heart of the reader, or fascinate/intrigue him, or reassure the skeptical, or whatever. Whatever you're going for, effective copy will make the reader either want to book you, or contact you in order to get to know you better. The best thing you can do, in my view, is not sound like a bland amalgam of every other profile you've read! :-) BTW, I have not read your profile yet, so that's not a comment on what you've written!

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @quietman775 Thank you for giving your thoughts on this. I think you brought up a lot of good points like putting memorable things on the profile that will stand out, things that will make a reader feel confident meeting with you, and adding things that will intrigue them enough to send you a message.

    If you happen to read my profile, I'd love to hear your feedback on it since you are a pro from the other side of things. I'm always open to receiving suggestions and making changes for the better. :)

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    Though i do not utilize paid cuddlers, i still like to reach out and befriend people who seem cool and interesting and friendly. So for me what i notice is when someone is willing to share something unique and seem like a genuine person. Authenticity is important to me, so sometimes i see a paid cuddler who you can tell is really laying it on pretty thick to portray a certain image of themselves, which is understandable since they are looking for business, but at the same time don't make yourself seem unrealistically upbeat and positive and like a some sort of cuddle guru who just lives and breathes cuddling. Just something i notice that tends to stand out .

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)
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    @pmvines That is good advice. I appreciate you sharing it.

    I hope that I don't come across that way, myself.

    I find that I actually learn a lot from other people. That is why I like to ask lots of questions. :)

  • @MoonlightSonata Oh no not at all! There is nothing wrong at all with being upbeat and positive and into your work in the least, just some people are wayyyy over the top with it and they pretty much stand out like a sore thumb lol

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @pmvines Oh I get what you mean.

    Well I think it is always good to be as genuine as you can. Not just with cuddling but with everything in life.

    I'm rather new here so I definitely have a lot of questions about how this particular site works.

    I'm not new to cuddling though and I personally find that I in the time I've cuddled I have actually learned more from my clients than anything else.

    I always appreciate being given feedback on how I can do something better. :)

    That's why I like to ask a lot of questions.

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    I've never hired a pro, and have no plans to, but just in case I do ...

    I like seeing some description of what the pro's philosophy about cuddling is.
    Why are they doing it (other than to earn money) and why should I hire them instead of someone else?
    What makes them unique or different.

    Also I like options, if it just specifies a dollar figure per hour, non-negotiable, they won't hear from me.
    I always look for a discount for multiple hours or multiple sessions.
    And I really appreciate it when they offer an extra hour free if you need to book a hotel room.

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @UKGuy Those are all really great suggestions. I appreciate you mentioning them. :)

  • [Deleted User]EastsideCuddles (deleted user)

    Thank you @MoonlightSonata for starting this thread! After reading I realized my profile was dry and generic, so I've updated it with some more of my personality and added my certification with Cuddlist as well @cuddlerforu24 - can't believe I hadn't thought of that before! So wonderful to find support here! Thank you all!

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @EastsideCuddles You are very welcome. I just thought it might be helpful to get some feedback from other people on how to make a profile be a little more accessible to the people reading it. :)

  • i can relate to all the feedback @pmvines @quietman775 @lilredmage provided, i can only add that when using pros, i like when their profile
    *clearly states price , many do not
    *usually have more info on availability, its helpful. otherwise there's a lot of back and forth about scheduling.
    *more clarity on hosting or guest / public; i cant host, so guest to me only means hotel (added cost).
    *i like when someone sounds like they genuinely enjoy it, it needs to be made clear
    *i think a lot of new professionals use market rate pricing and need to learn the craft first.
    *have friends and karma that depicts your character, your style, that matches your profile
    *have a sliding scale for multiple hours, i cant justify spending for multiple hours or more unless the rate per hr is more attractive.

  • @happybear It frustrates me seeing brand new pros asking average rate (but they get clients, so I guess it works). I've gotten in 30 hrs of cuddles, and am now Cuddlist trained, and finally bumped myself up to the average $80 pay :-) I probably could have gotten away with charging more from the get go, but I'm weird and wouldn't feel comfortable charging so much when I'm just learning everything :-P

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    @happybear Thank you for all of those really great suggestions. They are all very helpful. :)

  • @ubergigglefritz
    conveinence, location, Time, cost. Are the variables, its About tradeoffs.
    Once it gets past 150-200 for a few hours, it limits the amount of times i could afford to do it.

    seeing a Non-pro_
    if they Host- more time be avail free. Best scenario
    if they are a Guest---same also if you can host, if not hotel, as long as their is a time investment, could also be a lot cheaper than seeing a pro

    seeing a pro
    if they Host -more cost per hr
    if they are a Guest same cost per hr_
    if they are a Guest and if i cant host+hotel factor is usually too expensive for me unless their hourly rate is low

    My situation has variables too, im married, cant Host,super busy and involved in alot of things,overweight.
    Im a giver, i love the touch aspect of cuddling, i want to massage and embrace, its very revitalizing for me.

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