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I was just wondering if any of the pros on here travel, and if you do, how far do you go and what do you charge for travel fee? would you consider an out of state travel if he pays your way there and home/ what would you charge? how would you know he is safe, maybe a skype call before? 


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    Ive had friends travel for work and set up cuddle appointments to make extra money while they're there. That's not quite what you're asking though Brandi. If the opportunity is there, it would be awesome to travel for cuddling :-)
  • I know that I have a $10/h for travel, this assuming driving, and usually will only go on a max 4 hour round trip, this could take me to different states, which I don't find to be a problem. I also have different rates for how long me and the client have conversations before the appointment happens and require a face to face conversation, on Skype or in person. This helps with getting to know someone and trusting them.
  • @TDaniC, That might work for folks in the densely populated North East, but I live in Texas, where we are far more spread out.  I'm in the extreme North end of the Greater Houston Area, and if I were to hire a professional cuddler from, say Galveston (the extreme other end of the area,) their round trip would be 3 hours.  That doesn't even begin to cover folks from Austin (about 6 hours round trip) or Dallas (8 hours round trip.)  Not even beginning to mention other cities just within the state of Texas.

    I suspect Brandi and Morpheus, both from California, probably have the same issues.  So I'm curious to see how folks from around here handle it.

    In my own non-cuddling, technology related business, I have a flat trip charge that covers anything within 90 miles of my home.  (I'm a freelance technician working out of the house.)  Outside that area, I have a $1.25 per mile (one-way) trip charge, based on the best route chosen by Google Maps.Hope that helps, Brandi.
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    I'm in the Los Angeles area and there are a lot of cuddlers here so I'm pretty lucky.
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    @Bruced I have my travel rates listed on my profile :

    0-5 miles: no additional charge
    5-10 mi: $10
    10-20 mi: $20
    20-30 mi: $30
    30-40 mi: $50

    You'll notice the price jump from the 30 to the 40 mile range. The reason I do that is, the farther I go out, the more construction and smaller roads I have to deal with.

    Toll roads, a Texas and East Coast staple, are another reason my rate might seem high, really, anything over 10 or 20 miles, $10 of it's going to be toll fees.

    If I were in Los Angeles, I probably wouldn't go out further than 20 miles because the traffic's so bad.

  • I'm in Los Angeles so I charge based on estimated travel time (using Google Maps). Miles here doesn't really mean anything because of the roads and traffic. Sometimes 10 miles is a quick 20-30minute drive, sometimes it can be 1+ hours. Gas isn't the $5 a gallon it was a few years ago but it's still not cheap and the wear and tear on a car here can be extensive.

    As for mileage, I'll drive 3-4 hours one way for a longer session, especially with an established client who I know won't cancel or flake on the payment. I've driven longer and further but it's really on a case by case basis and is down to negotiation.

    Luckily for me I like to drive so I don't really mind longer distances, but I can see how some people wouldn't want to spend all that time in a car.

  • Driving distance and time is definitely warped in LA., what she says is exactly right and can be even worst at the wrong time. I would think if more pros popped up in OC, they would do really well.

  • I don't do outcalls at this time, but I used to for awhile. When I did, I charged based on estimated time of travel plus the full cost of any tolls. The traffic is pretty bad at certain times and in certain directions; I've had commutes go from 10 minutes to 45 minutes for 5 miles depending on traffic - sometimes longer, but that was usually if there was an accident on the Pike or something. Going to visit family is usually 45 minutes, but if I leave after 3 it will take me 2-4 hours to get home.
    I can get up to the north shore in about 30-40 minutes without traffic, but I've spent 3 hours+ at the same time for seemingly no reason (not beach weather, not a long weekend, not the first spring day after a long snowed in winter, etc). So, it was time dependent for me.

  • I have never really worried much about the travel rate seeing as the majority of pros that I have seen stay longer than the paid time on their own time anyway.

  • @Morpheus Quit bragging. :P

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    @Morpheus Can you elaborate how getting extra cuddle time would affect a pro cuddler's charge to you for the travel time/distance?

    StarFlower, Dallas-Fort Worth area

  • @starflower Lets take my last session for example (this pro is not on cuddlecomfort btw) the pro charged me $80 for an hour and $20 to travel. I gave her a total of $100 but she stayed for 2 hours and we went to lunch together afterwards, I paid for lunch. How can I possibly even begin to grumble about price when she was as generous as she was with her time. Keep in mind, I have seen her before and we click very well, it's not like I expect that out of everyone.

    I do feel that the price of cuddling has and or is starting to get a bit out of control. Some of the prices on this site are too high but also on other sites like cuddlecompanions, I saw a girl charging $2000 for an overnight session which is absolutely ridiculous.

    In the area I live in, traffic is insane so I can understand why pros would want to charge a travel fee. I live in Orange County and drive into LA for work daily. It sucks and my only saving grace is I'm in a company vehicle with a company gas card, otherwise, I would hate the drive.

    My personal opinion is that for a situation where everyone wins, if a pro wants to charge a travel fee, that's fine and they have every right but how about making us clients feel better about it and staying a bit longer. An hour cuddle session at $80 plus a travel fee can easily make a session unaffordable for many people.

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    @Morpheus That kind of math cannot work for someone whose primary job is as a cuddler, which is actually possible in LA, Portland, NY, and a few other choice cities.

    I feel it's better to have an industry standard, like $80/hr, with wiggle room. I charge $70 for the first hour, and give a discount with each additional hour up to 3 hours.

    If I were in LA it would be a rare outcall due to the hassle of travel, and I would likely have a very specific radius from my home base, no more than 10-20 miles max.

    But if you've happened to hit the jackpot, so to speak, with cuddlers who can afford to go an hour or more overtime, more power.

    As for the affordability of it, it is what it is; if cuddling is a priority for someone, they will find a way. Just like anything.

    ~StarFlower, Dallas-Fort Worth area

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    I didn't mean all pros should throw in an extra hour and lunch, I meant something reasonable like 10 or 15 minutes if charging a large travel fee. Expecting all pros to do what my regular does would be completely unreasonable and unrealistic. That deal that I get with her is based off of an actual friendship that has formed.

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