Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Does everyone feel like holidays bring out more need for affection or do you like to withdraw a little more?


  • Is that one question or two? Wouldn't 'withdrawing a little more' go in hand with the 'need for affection'? Isn't it the time of year when the suicide rate increases? I think that I hear that every year. It doesn't make sense that the actual need would be more. But it may feel that way due to the words "merry" and "happy" being emphasized at this time of year, whereas not all may be feeling as "merry" and "happy" as they feel that they should for one reason or another. I did try to contact a cuddler to arrange a session, but with people spending time with friends and family, it did not come to fruition. I even deleted my Instagram app because I was just seeing others at parties or on exotic vacations. That probably counts as withdrawal.

  • I read somewhere that pit ponies had their vocal cords cut, to keep them quiet in the coal mines ; and it only bothered them, when they were mixed with ponies who could still make a noise.
    The latest Jumanji movie has a plot feature of one character being misled by another's Instagram postings, into thinking they were happy.
    Social media is like a bullhorn, more people get to hear what you are saying, and you can edit it to give whatever impression you want.
    Disappointment is a shortfall of reality vs. expectation, and one half of the equation is much easier to fix.

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