Perfect Day for a Cuddle... What's Your Perfect Cuddle Day?

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It’s pouring rain and chilly where I live and I deeply wish I could spend this day cuddled up with someone under a mound of soft blankees. 😊 What is your perfect cuddle day??

PS, Sorry I don't know how to turn this photo...


  • Nice comfy bed or couch, being under the blankets, leaning up against each other, holding hands, and putting on a good movie or comedy sitcom. ❤️

  • I don't know why I like fireplaces (wood, pellet, gas, whatevs) so much, but I like the idea of cuddling by a fire. A good roast or soup cooking in the kitchen. Going on a long walk along the coast or in the foothills or mountains, then coming back and sharing warmth by the fire. Later, after dinner and maybe one glass of wine... then more cuddles and share some smores or banana boats (same principle as smores, but sliced bananas instead of graham crackers).

  • @ILikeWarmHugs sounds lovely...

    @Sideon you may be my soul mate... 😉

  • National Cuddle day : January 6,2020

  • I've found that the best snuggles I've had are with people I've forged friends with outside of cuddling, so the perfect cuddling day would involve some sort of activity with them. I'd start with an outdoor adventure like hiking or alpining. After that we'd cuddle up with bourbon and books. The Spinal Hug, The Lap Pillow and the Sweetheart's Cradle are excellent positions for reading and cuddling.

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