March of Hugs

Just been on this event. Started off in Hyde park, near to speakers corner n after gathering and offering hugs we walked to Trafalgher square, offering hugs to passerbys. Was at square a good while, others joined us there. Then quick break to fuel up and onto Tate Modern area, again offering hugs on way there. some others joined us at Tate, near to bubble man and had fun with hugging many ppl.

  1. Would you hug strangers in the street?29 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Where do I sign up?
    4. This is not cuddling


  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Sounds cool but not my jam.

    However if a bunch of random people were offered advance tickets to see Avengers 4 I'd be hugging everyone in sight with tears streaming down my face.

    Good on you tho.

  • Sounds Awesome ?!!! I have hugged strangers wearing few hug ? shirts and would definitely do it again. We all need healthy contact without others!

  • I grew in a family where after we were too old to sit on our parents laps, we didn’t hug. I always knew I was loved, they just weren’t huggers. So, I’ve had to teach myself who and when to hug. Nothing too random.

  • As child, often I was told I must hug, kiss on cheek, different relatives at gatherings, I tried to avoid

  • I have a free hugs button. If someone notices it and calls me out ot, I hug them. I've also hugged airline employees, Uber drivers and people at car accident sites. I will hug anyone who doesn't look like they want to hurt me. That's most people.

  • That's great, I'm sure those ppl u hug out of blue can be mostly pleased. As male, that may be less welcome 4 me 2 do so

  • Yeah I make sure and ask before hugging so haven't had any mishaps. And it's generally after some positive experience between us. .

    II'm truly sorry about how boundary-crossing men have ruined it for the non-crossers. The world could use healing man hugs.

  • On March we asked 'Do u want hug & had sign or t-shirt & as out on Sunday in open, people could see hugs happening ;)

  • I mean a few, but it’s gotta end

  • I have always been a hugger but as a medical professional I am taught to always ask and "side hugs" are recommended. I usually hug anyone in my life who wants one coworkers, acquaintances and just anyone having a hard time. As long as I'm not worried for my safety. However, I have been on the opposite side and hugged/touched people more than they wanted. Good communication is always key best to ask.

  • Hugging someone to help relieve their internal stress, sounds like a good idea ; but pulling the pin out of a hand-grenade, or punching a hole in a dam, releases its internal stress, in a way that can be damaging to it and those nearby.

    To quote Hawkeye in "Avengers Endgame" :
    "Don't. Don't give me hope".

    One of the most upsetting experiences that I have in a crowded café, is when I'm sitting alone, and someone with my date-preferred characteristics asks if anyone is sitting in the chair next to me. Then when I say no, they thank me ; and take the chair, to sit somewhere else.

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