What are you grateful for?

I’ve learned that thinking about what you are grateful for has positive health benefits.

I’m grateful for:
My health
My basic needs are met - food to eat, clothes to wear, a nice home.
Clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.
Good people in my life.
Access to the internet and all the resources it provides.
This website where I may someday find a cuddle buddy.


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    Thank you for starting such a thoughtful thread @MrPaul. Rather than looking at our "faults" and figuring out what we need to do to be better via resolutions, it's a refreshing take to think instead about the things that are good in our lives.
    Here's mine:

    • My two dogs who bring love and laughter to my life every day
    • A job that fulfills me and provides a good income
    • The ability to afford counseling/self-care tools and the will to work on me
    • The recent heartbreak I have endured from multiple sources because, though painful, it has "woke" me to things I need to change in my life
    • The support of a few close friends to lean on when needed and celebrate with when good things happen
    • This website where I've found a few good cuddlers but, more importantly, have found some great friends (looking at you @pmvines and @sillysassy) and other wonderful, supportive people (looking at you @littermate, @quietman775, @snuggleme123, @gordo72, @sideon, @geoff1000, @Ilikewarmhugs, @spooner33).

    I'm sure there are more, and some I cannot mention here, but I appreciate this time to reflect on the good, even when it seems bad. Happy new year!

  • @2dogmom
    "A Mention in Dispatches", that's almost a medal. 😀

  • I'm grateful for the sun, which provides us with warmth and light, without which none of the other things people have mentioned, would be possible. The ancients were really onto something when they worshipped the sun.

  • I am grateful for all the things I have, that I am unaware of. We are very much more aware of what we don't have.

    I am grateful for gravity, without which the atomic particles of my body would still be an expanding cloud of gas from the Big Bang ; for which I am also grateful.

  • How come no one makes a list of things they hate?venting is good for the soul too.

  • We have venting threads dear and you can start your own if you like.

  • I am too new to do that.

  • I am so thankful for all of the beautiful people on here who have a desire for EVERYONE'S highest and best interests!!! <3 I love that @MrPaul wants to take a minute and focus on things that we choose to be grateful for. I am so so so grateful that @Mark decided to start this community so many years ago and has spent so much time and so many resources to make this happen for us. It is an incredibly beautiful thing that I do not want to take for granted.

    awwwwwwwwww @2dogmom <3 <3 <3 YOU GOT THIS!!!! So many hugs!!!!!!! :3

  • I'm grateful for every setting, opportunity, and human with which I can spill the love in my heart. That means all of you. <3 <3 <3

  • You all rock. Thanks for bringing some cheer to this heart o'mine during the holidays, end of the year, and start of the new year. I'm grateful for (in no particular order):

    • Friends near and far
    • Noise cancelling headphones on an airplane
    • Button-fly jeans that still fit after the holidays
    • Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee (Is the world vibrating, or is that just me?)
    • California weather (low 60's today and sunny, and I'm going biking)
    • Male AND female Calvin Klein underwear models (being gay does not mean I can't be egalitarian...)
    • A less bitchy/catty/sarcastic/bombastic/aggressive forum than in prior years - thank you for the relative peace and camaraderie.
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    Grateful the holidays are over. I have had a lot of personal tragedies in my life happen around the holidays, and though i dont blame the calendar for that, it still makes being festive a little hard sometimes when it is connected to memories of loss, death, addiction, violence, homelessness, and desperation, along with the feelings that they dredge up. I have a lot to be thankful for, particularly that i didnt make the same mistakes in adulthood that i did as a child and teen, and that i was able to grow out of what so many people were unable to get away from. A lot of my friends are in a cage or in the ground. So i am grateful that the holidays are over, and i have made it through another year alive and kicking, middle finger the air.

  • Grateful for family, friends all are basic needs we take for granted. Living alone I treasure my animals. Being able to walk talk and breath. This list could go on forever.

  • The ability to stay mindfully aware, blessed and mind my own business!
    A whole hearted acceptance of what I am ,how I'm perceived, how I project and am received and a solid commitment to remaining detached and unattached.

    An appreciation of the impermanence of this thing called life. I'm always ready to transition whenever the time comes as I remain open to embrace this very moment as if it were my very last.

  • At the moment, I'm feeling happiest about:

    ・ A computer that works again
    ・ Four (count 'em, four) space heaters
    ・ A ton of unread books
    ・ Giant mugs full of hot tea
    ・ Leftover tulle from my sister's wedding

    No, seriously—that stuff is awesome at keeping bugs out. Vents are great when warm air comes through them, but I draw the line at roaches and spiders. Tulle is where it's at.

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    Another year above ground

    And saturdays forecast for 72 *

  • @DarrenWalker hahaha pairing tulle and cockroaches. Very nice.

  • I'm grateful for terrific cuddles!!!!

  • The freedom of speech to complain about my oppressive government ; which is clearly not very oppressive, because it grants me the freedom to complain about it.

  • I am grateful for my two wonderful dogs who bring happiness and unconditional love to my life. My family no matter how small and how little I see them. To have a job that provides me a comfortable lifestyle where I can travel and feel fulfilled. The friends I have made and the experiences we've shared. I'm grateful for websites like this that normalizes platonic cuddling.

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    I am grateful to see another day and for the oxygen that runs through my veins. For a bed with sheets and a place to rest my feet. A shower to wash away the day that covers me. Those I love and those that hate me. I'm so grateful because God made me!

  • [Deleted User]krissy24 (deleted user)

    So everything and everyone in my life!!

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