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Tipping has been a bit of a hot topic lately.  So what about the other end of the spectrum: Discounts.

Why would a pro give a discount?

Loyalty - if you see someone often or a number of times repeatedly.
Long session - I'm assuming a client would be thrilled with a small discount on hour 2 and/or hour 3
Specialty - A clinical need. Apologies for putting his business in the street but there's a CC member - Lost-something who is a war vet or something who truly needs to be touched and held because of his condition or past. 

Are there other reasons a pro might feel inclined to give a discount? I see a lot of comparisons to other business in the forums to encourage tips but I see a lot more business giving discounts than anything else.


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    Sometimes pros can't host and neither can we so we have to get a room for those pros.
    For example one pro does outcall only and does not drive. A one hour session with her is 80 plus about 90 to rent a room 170. plus about another 80 in Uber round trip fees would be 250 for one hour. I never get one hour anyway so a two hour session would be 330. Or 165 an hour.

    On the other hand theres a pro who gives an extra hour with any purchase if you book a room plus she only charges like 10-20 bucks for travel. A two hour session with her would work itself out the same if she hosted or went to you since her extra hour compensates the price of the room. Kudos to her, at that rate id book her if I felt we could get along.

    Tldr: pros who can't host could give some form of discount to clients who specifically book a room to see them.
  • I do give discounts. I also really like the idea of an extra hour for free for an out call.  Thank you for that!
  • I posted this in the tipping thread: 

    "A lot of pros, except for on here, don't make nearly as much money.  Most of the time they only make 50% of what is charged.  Tipping is supposed to be appreciation for the service.  If someone gives you good quality service then they get a higher tip. If they give you cruddy service then they get a very small or no tip.  I assume that any pro that posts in their profile that "tips are encouraged but not   Required" would discourage  some customers who are not comfortable with that. 

    I also give discounts  to clients who book 3 hours or more.  I also typically end up going over time unless I have something else going on afterwards ESPECIALLY  if they didn't test ANY of my boundaries!  I'm also planning on cuddling for an extra hour to anyone who has to pay for a hotel room in order to specifically cuddle with me. I REALLY APPRECIATE my clients especially since I am new to this!  The only drawback that I have come across is once you go over time to show appreciation to a client, they want you to immediately give them even more extra time.  Clients continuing to push the envelope for more time  has become a little bit of a problem.  Sometimes I just don't have that extra time.  Then they can feel gypped when they don't get it because they are expecting it. 

     I also focus on my clients being really happy with the cuddling session. I don't focus on myself at all because I want them to  really enjoy their cuddling session.  So if they are more comfortable with a cuddle position  then I am, I will still cuddle in that position, unless I feel that it could lead to problems during the cuddling session. I've also been physically uncomfortable in a cuddling position before. But they were comfortable so I just dealt with the minor pain until they wanted to change cuddling positions. Pros who are truly pros put their clients first!"
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    @snuggle554321 Thanks for the insight on how you run your sessions. The sacrifices you make in your sessions make it clear you're serious about making this a full time career so best of luck.  My only debate is that while some girls might make 50% for a new client I would assume a good number would do following sessions "offsite" to keep a larger portion or all of the money.  And when they ask for a tip on top of that amount, not cool.  But I do appreciate your honesty and contribution to this topic.
  • @chococuddles  Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments! HUGE HUG!!!!  I have to also agree that asking for a tip in my opinion is also in poor taste.  To put anyone on the spot like that isn't cool.   Again, thank you so much for your comments! That was so sweet of you!  HUGE HUG!!!! 
  • Yep...some of the best snuggler pros give discounts. 
    The reasons are simple.  1)  they know it means I'll probably have less incentive to look at other pros and keep coming to the m.  2)  they know me and enjoy our sessions so they can relax whenever we have a session and not stress about me doing anything weird.  3)  they get more money overall in the month because more sessions ! 

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    I think the site only requires pros to give 15% back to the site. That's very reasonable unlike the 50% other sites charge. I think that 15% should be paid to keep the site up and running. The site costs money to maintain and they are always willing to make improvements for us.
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    I really appreciate the awareness that has sparked my light!  I've decided to offer a "Spring time" discount to all my clients, established & new.  Spring has sprung, flowers are in bloom, and my heart is happy;-)  Peace
  • I offer discounts for sessions that are over 3 hours. I'm new to this, but once I have repeat clients I would probably offer discounts, especially if they never test boundaries and are pleasant to spend time with. I do like the idea of offering extra time for free if the client books a room, since I can only do out calls. I would never ask for a tip, but would very much appreciate one if a client offered,
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