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    I mentioned earlier in this thread that I love when girls lay on top of me but not all girls like to cuddle in this position. I made a list of all 16 pros that I've cuddled with and realized that all of them did it except for 1. I don't know why in had it in my head that most girls won't do it, not the case though. 
  • Lol. Good you are able to share that Morpheus especially for all the pros that shared that with u. So easy to focus on just the experience we did not like.

    Whilst I am not a pro, that would not be a position I would find more uncomfortable even with if with someone I was relaxed with. I tend to have stomach pains cos of IBS. Lying on top of someone else would be more painful. (I'm assuming u mean face down on top of them with stomach touching?.)

    Hugging side by side or spooning works better for me.
  • I totally understand why some girls may not want to spoon. Its because if there is a "little friend that is coming to say hello", most(not all) but in my experience, most men try to do a tiny little thrusting motion, I assume they think we cant feel it???
    into the spoon curve, and attempt to go for a hot dog in the buns position lmao! and I usually I  have to speak up and say "little too close for comfort" or "OP thats not cuddling!"

    So some girls may just not even want to deal with those little happenings and just decide to not offer spooning in general, smart call honestly, but At this point Ive learned how to avoid groin contact though with a swivel motion and dodging, hard to explain over text but I've gotten it down! haha.

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    I figured pros that don't want to spoon don't like it cause they can't feel our wallets lol Really though, I've never had a pro not let me spoon them. I've actually never had a pro say no to anything I wanted to do. 
  • All the pros I see these days like spooning.  
    That problem you mentioned never happens so maybe that's why.  Also they don't worry about me grabbing anything etc because I will respect their boundaries.   

  • I always say, don't give thought to things like what can I touch and what not, just go into your cuddle session pure in heart and in thought and you'll be fine. Girls will read you from a mile away and if your mind set is right, they'll let go and give you their trust.
  • Fei, at Cuddle Sanctuary, has a new blog post about cuddle positions at There is a worthwhile video, and the email I got mentions a day long cuddle retreat in Long Beach on the 20th for $70.. The video mentions a 3 day training class in Pasadena in February that I'd love to go to,but can't afford. :/ maybe some of you will be able to go.
    <3 Jim

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