Check in person

i like being a checkin person for pros.   
But when they forget to call or text after the session I worry lol.  
Wish they would not forget lol.  



  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    There's a Catch-22 for ya! I'm sure they appreciate you being there...Here's an idea: if you actually called the cops for them if they didn't call on time, I bet they'd stop forgetting. ;)
  • Lol uhm yea probably 
  • That might be very true however I would not have that person be my check in person anymore because they would have caused a lot of drama while I am possibly having an extended session with a client.  I personally have forgotten a few times or have fallen asleep while I'm with a client. So I greatly appreciate it when my check in person sends me a text or calls to make sure that I am OK  instead of immediately calling the cops. It also makes sure that the cops aren't wasting their time by going to a location that they were never need at. Another additional line of defense is to have two codewords or phrases  for your call in person. One to let them know that you're OK. The other to let them know that you need help. It's a simple way of protecting yourself without letting on that you are asking for help. This might come off as a little paranoid however I personally have experienced numerous unpleasant situations. I also have talked to and helped many people who have lived through unpleasant situations of their own. Because of this I am very aware of possible dangers and take extra measures to keep myself and my loved ones safe. Just like children practice fire drills in school, a person can take extra measures so that they know how to handle and respond to a situation if it were ever to occur. 
  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    Snuggle that sounds like a great practice that both clients and pros alike should all adopt.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
     Four different people know where I am at all times, exact address and location and identifying text message information etc. 

    I also post on Facebook that I am cuddling and check back in again on Facebook afterward. 500+ different people technically would know if I went missing. 

    Safety first!
  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    Fire and blue excellent. I think that is a good example for all us to be safe.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Right @snuggle544321! A call by the check in person to the pro is the first thing to do! Then if no answer or no callback within 5 the police. It's a serious thing, to have to call the police--I was a bit from the hip on my initial response.

    @FireAndBlue that's a great idea to check in on Facebook!!!
  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    This should be on on the main discussion section as clients and pros and anyone from this site meeting someone should do, nman or woman.
  • Dear All, You are all right and I think this should be on the main board and stared, as it is fundamental to the safety of all on this site and it shows we care and have thought it through.
    In my job I meet on a day basis, persons of the night, we often chat in the canteen as I know them well, they all like the hospital jobs as it is safe and staff are watching out for them, I have even been a call buddy for some when not in the hospital.
    Our Cuddle companions on this site face the same problems and need our support, for with out them this site would no be funded and allowed to exist.
    Love and peace, John Auckland NZ
  • This was a post about a pro asking me to be her checkin person.   
    I am a client and I don't need a checkin person nor want one.   

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    greenearth not all feel that  way. I am not a pro, but I feel that a checkin person is good for all. If you don't want one that is fine. I just think the discussion should be in the general to be at least some food for thought.
  • @navyvet. I am 100% behind you on this one as I see what happens to good people in just a simple private meeting.
    @greenearth. your post has been followed as the subject is so large and go's in many directions it will take many ideas and forms.
    Love from John Auckland NZ
  • I'm glad you started your own thread instead of hijacking mine with your own topic.  :) 

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    The topics were clearly relatrd. Sorry to get you all mad and all
  • Everything can be related in some way.  You're not the only one who hijacks threads and talks about something else.  
    This thread is about how someone asks me to be their checkin person but then forgets to checkin after their session.   And you turn that into debating how everyone should have a checkin person.    
    Has little to do with someone forgetting to check in.   

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    Well think what you will. I stick by my comments. Didn't realize for every comment one should have to start s new thread. But I will if you start a thread.
  • @navyvet76 you have done nothing wrong. some people feel a sense of ownership and entitlement when they start a thread. it shouldn't really be a matter of contention or about control.
  • Wow pmvines.  So you don't understand basic forums and threads.  And what it means to go off topic.  
    It's got nothing to do with a sense of entitlement.   Could you cut the insults and negative crap please ?   All I ask is you don't hijack the thread I started and it turns into this nonsense  
    people going off topic has been an issue in forum threads on the internet for years.  It's nothing new.  But you act like i invented the concept. 

  • Navyvet I never said every comment needs it's own thread.   That's ridiculous
    im sorry you don't understand how forums and threads work.   
    I don't know how to explain it to you any better.  So I give up.  
    Maybe in time when it happens to your threads you will understand finally.  
    When you see dozens of responses that have only a small relation to what you were posting about in the first place.  
  • I had a situation happen today that is somewhat related to the check in person. My regular cleaning girl canceled at the last minute so I found someone else because I had to have my home cleaned today. Once she was done and left, I went to the back of my house to do some things. Around 20 minutes later, I went into the kitchen and noticed some keys and a cell phone that was charging on my kitchen counter and realize she had forgotten her stuff. I thought to myself, but why didn't she come back. I opened my front door and saw her cleaning supplies sitting there but no sign of her. I walked out and saw her talking to the mailman a few doors down. She was so relieved to see me and said she had come back and knocked but I didn't hear and she said she had no way to get a hold of me because the only place she had my number was on her phone. There are so many things that can possibly happen, even innocent accidents like my story which could have happened to a cuddler. I would assume a check in person would have the clients number and could have called me letting me know she was outside and stuck.

  • @navyvet like I said, dont worry, you have done nothing wrong
  • hey so it seems clients are more scared of pros than pros are of clients.  
    Anyone else find that funny ?   

  • @greenearth @pmvines and @navyvet76 c'mon guys, bro hug it out!!!
  • I have no issues with anyone, just opinions. its never personal
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Jesus greenearth,  tantrum much? 

     The thread was about checking in and people are talking about safety and checking in.  Plenty of other threads here have gone off topic and nobody threw themselves on the floor flailing around crying about "their thread being hijacked"


  • Someone needs a heavy dousing of firesauce !
  • Let's all hug it out, I'm hugging all of you in my mind right now
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
  • @Fireandblue ultimately almost all threads go off topic lol
  • So let me get this straight...Fireandblue goes on a rant today telling me to not address her directly and leave her alone etc....but then she posts all over this post directly addressing me. 
    Can someone besides her explain the logic there?  How can you tell someone to stop addressing you or talking to you, but then you keep talking to them and addressing them?  That's some really mixed up logic isn't it?   

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