Annoying Pro Requsts

Is there a way to prevent my account from from being visible to pro cuddlers? I have in my profile for pro cuddlers not to solicit. I STILL have pros contact me and want to set up a cuddle session. It's like I have a sign outside my house that says no soliciting AN SSD STILL folks knock in my door.
Any ideas how to prevent them from soliciting?


  • Ooops. house that says no soliciting AND STILL folks knock in my door.

  • It’s actually against the rules for pros to solicit or “cold call” if you will. We are only able to initiate conversation to talk about booking if you look at our profile. If you didn’t look at any of these pros contacting you, you can report them.

    If the mods see they do this way too much, they can ban them for it. Considering you have it on your profile, they’re just inconsiderate. Nothing you can do unfortunately except report them.

  • Just curious, how often do you receive these? I actually do see pros but lately receive no more than one solicitation from a pro per month, so it's hard to see how that could be much of a hassle.

    I have in my profile for pro cuddlers not to solicit.

    Very few pro cuddlers will ever read your profile, so this message is useless.

  • About once a week.

    The one the other day actually seemed more like a prostitute solicitation which is partly why I'm majority annoyed. But still, if the pro isn't even looking at someone's profile then it's the same as spamming. It makes me start thinking negative of pro cuddlers as a whole.

  • Thanks, @Sheena123 , for the info. Nope, I'm not looking at any pro profiles. I was able to block the last one but I didn't see how to report her; I'll have to look again.

  • Thanks, @CuddleWho, for your response. I guess I was giving a pro cuddler more credit by thinking that they would look at somebody's profile before tapping someone on the shoulder and messaging them.

  • I will say that as a pro, I do read profiles. And I’m thankful for ppl that have that message on their profile. If someone looks at my profile, I always look at theirs too and then usually send a hello message. If I see on your profile it says you don’t want pros contacting you, I won’t make contact.

  • @CuddlebudBruce

    Unfortunately there's some vultures here who message every member trying to get them to book, regardless of whether they visited their profile first or not. It's one thing to welcome someone to the site as a friendly gesture, it's another for them to hound you with their rates and availability when you've made it clear on your profile that you're not interested in pros.

    If someone is soliciting you or being inappropriate please report them. We don't want them here either. If someone is posing as an enthusiast ( free ) and attempts to charge you, report them too, they are untagged pros trying to circumvent the sites fees. The mods will deal with them.

    Best of luck! 🤗

  • @CuddlebudBruce, that sounds incredibly frustrating. I'm really sorry you are experiencing that! I would personally never message someone before I had read their profile. I even read someone's profile before responding to a message they have sent me expressing for gaining insight to whether or not this is a potential client. I would find this to be a massive red flag the same way that you do. I hope they bugger off!

    Best of luck & happy cuddling!

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