Most Karma (time to brag & inspire)



  • @cole4555 I hope you find the skinny young men that you’re looking for!

  • [Deleted User]CharlesInWI (deleted user)


    Complete with “Super-Hero” sound effects?

    Whooooosh! SPANG! thud

  • @cole4555 ~ 😖 Even if true, which it obviously isn't, why would that matter to you?

    Also, "fat" is typically quite comfy to snuggle with, and "old" doesn't come with as many of the concerns one might have about cuddling with a testosterone-fueled young 'un. 🙄

  • @CharlesInWI the sound effects for my life are more like, "Ohh" "Ow'' "Okay, then" ahahaha. :)

  • @quixotic_life - His profile also says that he only cuddles with women, yet he's concerned with the other men on here.

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    @stormydaycuddle -- Thank you for the heartfelt comment, it makes my heart happy to hear that when we met and chatted that it helped you navigate through it all...and it's been a joy to see your journey here on CC. 🎉💓

    @CuddleBarista1 -- my only regret was we didn't get to finally meet up when I was in NY. we are going to have to visit some fun museums or something artsy next time I visit. I love your unique energy and what you bring to the cuddle community. 🙂

    @xandriarain -- appreciate the genuine shout out gal, always here to be an inspiration. 😁

    @Bear -- absolutely! I do not personally journal too much but it helps with my travels and people I meet to have those little things to remind me of the energy the session/time together brought. I do avidly write and have been working hard on a new novel. 😆😆


  • My purpose of this post was to celebrate folks. I absolutely love celebrating wins. In my world we can celebrate wins without anyone having to lose as I’m always looking for a win/win.

    The question wasn’t about excluding anyone or an attempt to make anyone feel like they need to defend themselves.

    It was to capture wisdom from each other and hopefully hear from the veterans.

    I 100% agree it’s not about the numbers as that would ruin it. However karma can be a great indicator of what to expect and the impact someone has had on the lives of others. You may not agree or run that path and that’s okay.

    This is a one on one experience community that touches hearts. We all bring something to the table. We are all constantly learning. I want to learn from you.

  • @sofaking2 Your post is great as far as I read. It had the potential to go south but I think i skipped all those comments that took a twisty turn. Just do the same. Hugs. P.S. its about to rain again. Can we celebrate that for a second? I'm so in love with it.

  • Thanks @stormydaycuddle. We’re getting rain here and appreciate it. We could do without the hail, but rain is good! I completely missed all the drama and only saw the aftermath. Not sure what was said, but saw responses.

    As I often say, we’re all enticed by different attributes (physical, mental, personality, connectivity) and all have different giftings. To assume that only one type person will find “success” on here indicates a wildly innacurate portrayal. Different strokes for different folks. It’s amazing what we discover about humanity and ourself when we drop the pretenses and take the time to get to know someone, especially someone we normally connect with in our usual circles.

    Grateful for you all.

    • SofaKing
  • 💯 agree with your recent comment @sofaking2 -dropping pretenses is the first step to authentic connection.

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  • @Charlie_Bear ~ Just curious... Why the move to the Pro forum?

  • @Charlie_Bear Im curious as well why it’s moved to professional cuddling.

  • It's not the number of karma received, but rather the quality. When I read "She was great!" or "Beautiful inside and out!" I just move on. I'm only interested in reading karma that is unique and heartfelt, and I hope to receive that kind of quality myself. You can tell when reading karma of a session that was truly moving. Details are shared, appreciation is impassioned, and you are left wanting to experience the individual ASAP.

  • @beaubliss you are exactly right.

    There are many with a lot of karma, which could be for a hundred reasons, none of which was truly connecting one human to another so that the other felt truly seen and heard. That’s rare, but as you stated, you know it when you see it.

    Even the exceptional ones have on and off days or just kindred connections with one that won’t be with another.

    The one take away I get from this whole question is it’s about being present and authentic, one cuddle at a time.

  • The most karmas that I have ever seen on CC are @MissAdventurous with 311 karmas 🏆 and @MyaTraveling with 255 karmas!🏆 For the men I, @SuperManCuddles have 100 💯 karmas!🏆 @happybear has 98 karmas 🏆and @ThorMjolnir has 96 karmas! 🏆I created this profile in May of 2019! My secrets to success are, to show much positive energy when interacting with others (inbox messages, forums and communication, in general) , fitting cuddles into vacation plans when possible, meeting up with others traveling on vacations, taking advantage of local network of cuddlers enthusiasts and or pros, learning how to deal with rejection/disappointment well, understanding that not everyone will leave karma or be a match for me. Overall treating others well! Also congratulations 🎉 to anyone with 20 or more karmas too!🏆 I agree karmas are a nice bonus but having positive friendships and or cuddles experiences with others, are of higher value.

  • @SuperManCuddles hey!! I totally forgot you and I started at the same time! Lol 😆

  • @Sheena123 You are awesome Lol 😅😂🤣 In addition to having 109 karmas!🎉

  • I enjoy and rely on karma some even tho I've never left any (just for anyone that wants to assume that I think karma has no value). Nowadays I feel I should get ahead of anyone that might twist my words, even inadvertently. One small way to increase karma is simply ask for it. Nothing wrong with that.

    I wish I had not missed what the banned member wrote. I like to read that stuff even tho I'm old and fat. It's fascinating to me that a few people will say bad things on purpose in a forum.

  • Congratulations to @ThorMjolnir for reaching 100 karmas! 💯

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