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  • speed metal/thrash, polka, & klezmer

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)

    Johnm29 all at the same time ?

  • [Deleted User]StarFlower (deleted user)

    How about Muse? For dance-cuddling?

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    For my last session i brought a playlist with Emma Rundy, Agnes Obel, Mazzy Star, Gomer Evans, Deepak Chopra, David Gilmour, Delerium, Enya and some Zen Meditation music.

  • How about 90's gangster rap?

  • i think for the purposes of relaxing, anything classical works. meditation music is my personal fav. :)

  • There are a couple of good Spotify playlists I use. One is called Peaceful Piano, it's great background music. Also the Bach: Cello Suites are fantastic since they focus on the more mellow sounding cello.

  • @pmvines swedish metal is great. Dark tranquility, frantic amber, in flames, arch enemy. Considering sweden only has around 10 million people it produces an enormous amount of quality metal bands.

    Sorry to be a bit off topic :P On topic, I think I might be with stella in that meditation music might be best for me. It's pretty relaxing. Or swedish metal. Either is okay with me.

  • If you're of the alternative/indie persuasion, I highly recommend Explosions in the Sky.

  • [Deleted User]apvalerius (deleted user)'s Relaxation Channel

  • [Deleted User]Traumasponge (deleted user)

    I find the Phutureprimative Pandora station to be incredibly soothing. Never tried it for a cuddle but it helps me relax and focus while I work.

  • Romantic Gorilla

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    I usually put new age music on initially until I get a feel for what my cuddle parter likes. I have ALEXA on my night stand so whenever we want a change in music I can just quietly say it and it's changes....don't even have to move. I love ALEXA!

  • "dance cuddling" hehehe

    @StarFlower I love muse... and dance cuddling xD

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    @salvadanish explosions in the sky is perfect!!! I am just going start from explosions in the sky and break out some more outsider suggestions!

    Tortoise - TNT

    Stereolab - Chemical Chords

    Also Stereolab - Dots and Loops (cannot find youtube link)
    Or Saint Etienne -Sound of water

    and of course Belle and Sebestian early albums like:

    If you want a bit more quietness and sensualness there is this more relaxed and slower tempo jazz jam

    full on meditative mood:

    electronic sounds:
    The Irresistible Force - Global Chillage

    B. Fleischmann - Pop loops for breakfast

    and a lot of good stuff from Morr Music, like this other release:
    ISAN- lucky cat

    and if you want more sense of familiarity, you can also rely on the comforting bossa nova covers by Nouvelle Vague

  • [Deleted User]lovingpenguin (deleted user)

    @JasonCuddles I would prefer the neoclassical darkwave bands like Arcana and Artesia and Stoa and Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and Irfan though

  • Portishead or tricky

  • Leonard Cohen or Tom Waites

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    Bikramjit Singh. I have three hours of his music, and he's what 100% of my cuddlers have chosen on their first visit to my place.

  • Cure, Depeche Mode, or Joy Division

  • Not huge hip hop fan but if you are Lil Peep

  • I like so many kinds of music well maybe the best way is saying I appreciate. Personally I enjoy listening to some RnB though my go to is Pop.
    Although I enjoy the calmer Müzik too especially meditative. Sometimes I would like my time spent to be on the fun side so Pop Müzik or such is probably ideal. Other times calmer Müzik might be best if one or both of us could use stress relieving time or just need to get to a mind/body clearance state, aka relaxation.

    You might want to try some progressive, medieval music and even soft Pop. A little Psychedelic is also some I like to listen and some country.

    The rest as mentioned are Jazz, Hip Pop (especially the older Müzik) it's more enjoyable and less swears and nonsense unless that's your thing. ;)

  • How about 80s so you can cuddle and sing together lol

  • @cuddlebugTM I would so cuddle over some Devo

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