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Hello I have been seeing a pro cuddler and its been incredible. I was touched starved almost all of my teens and early adult hood, so getting what I desired so strongly and for song long has been incredible. I was amazed to find out there were other cuddlers out there, I've been so happy with it Im looking into going pro. I'm looking at cuddlist as thats who ive had my experiences with. Being male, do you think cuddling is a lucrative enough businesses to invest my time an money into yet? I'm sure pro women cuddling men do very well, but how about pro men cuddling women? from my limited experience it didnt seem like the demand was there. and advice or support would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


  • There really isn't a market for male pros. If you do decide to become one, all of your clients will likely be gay men. Women booking male pros is unheard of.

  • I'm with Mike on this one

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    Ive talked to several potentially good male professionals but until someone does it, theres no real say on if it can work or not. Its natural to beleive it wont because guys are typically the ones that pay for that sort of thing but who knows, maybe women dont do it because its so not easy to find! :P
    I say go for it, I mean the chances are slim at the start and it may be a waiting game, but in this generation there is lots of home bodies and socially anxious people. Could be very helpful for the female side thats dealing with that. :) personally Id like to see a male cuddle professional just to be on the other side of things to see what its like. :P

  • I do suppose one positive thing about a male paid cuddler, assuming they have pure and honest intentions and aren't just trying to get paid to grope and rub on women, is that the woman can be assured that there are not any expectations of anything beyond cuddling and may feel more relaxed and safe due to that.

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    To be honest if i could assure boundaries were respected im a female and would pay for it. But know you are not going to get barbie dolls as clients.

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    If you are passionate about your craft, open to servicing everyone, and market yourself on different platforms you can exceed in this business. There are just as many touched deprived women as there are men. The hardest part is proving that your intentions are genuine and that you operate with some integrity.

  • thank you all so much for your replies. yeah it seems like the theme here is we well have to wait and see as theres not many guys that do it. im not sure id feel feel about cuddling other men. but i totall agre about earning trust and that im not just doing it to cuddle barbies lol

  • doing it cause i love it and want to help others

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    @Sol2 I'm a straight female and recently changed my Cuddles ______ response to Everyone, because everyone deserves the chance to have a wonderful touch therapy experience. There is some inner work to be done to be able to be fine with that, though (for me there was, and for most people, anyway).

    I'm glad your motivation is pure--that's important! I hope you find the best avenue for you to fulfill your need to help others. The world cannot have enough people like you. :)

    ~StarFlower, Dallas-Fort Worth area

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    I am thinking about becoming a pro

  • I became a pro myself because i was honestly looking for a male pro to cuddle with because i had tried to find a platonic cuddle buddy on my own accord but was always met with guys that wanted more and things seemed to go south quickly after we met. I had high hopes of being able to feel secure and safe with no further expectations since they were pros. Sad to say i couldn't find any male pros so i decided to become a pro and i am super happy i did because i have missed the connection i get from cuddling. I love being a pro!

  • Too bad, the OP's account has been deleted. I recently visited a male pro. He'd been recently certified and was looking for volunteers to practice on, so I didn't have to pay. Am very restricted financially, so I could never pay a pro on a regular basis. It was a wonderful experience! He was warm, kind, empathetic, intelligent and fun! I'd see him again in a minute if I had more discretionary income.

    Since cuddling is such a fledgling industry, it may not necessarily be true that there is no market for the male professional cuddler. The disadvantages at the present seem to be (1) it's not well publicized, and many women aren't aware of it. (2) There are not many male pros available, so even if a woman was looking for one, there likely wouldn't be one in her area.

    I had to drive two hours (but it was worth it!!). Women might likely feel more secure with a male professional than with a cuddle buddy she has to screen herself, particularly if the pro is certified by a well respected company such as Cuddlist. Also, the pro I visited had a very well done website and a presence in all the right places on the net. I felt confident he was genuine, and he was.

    @Brandi you should definitely visit a pro if you have the opportunity!

  • @BlueIris I have seen several of your comments and really am coming to admire your professionalism and insight. You might even say that some of what you said in an article you wrote (or was it another threat comment?) led me to consider becoming a Pro as well, which further resulted in me searching this thread and your comment above. I wish to thank you for that, for your contributions to this community (really noticing my lack of a good luck superstition about now) and I am hoping that you would be open to corresponding? I'd very much like to learn from your experience and knowledge. #Respect #Gratitude #Integrity

  • @Gingerbeard Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments! I've sent you a pm.

  • Here are some thoughts on this subject from a newbie.

    Based on reading the many articles and forum threads on this site and others, it seems that the #1 apprehension that most female cuddlers (both pro and enthusiast) have when meeting a new male cuddle partner is that he may push boundaries and try to turn it into something sexual (either deliberately or perhaps through lack of self-control).

    So a thought I had when reading this thread is that a female seeking out a male pro cuddler might feel more comfortable if the pro were married or "in a relationship," because this could signal that his romantic/sexual desires are being fulfilled somewhere else besides a cuddle session.

    Interestingly, the opposite tendency is probably true for many men who would feel weird cuddling another man's wife or girlfriend, thinking, "If she's married, why isn't she getting this (affection / cuddling) from her husband?"

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    A female cuddler with a husband or boyfriend is cuddling to make extra money if their relationship is okay and the husband or boyfriend approves of their cuddling job.

  • There are a lot of assumptions... pro are both coupled and single . Also I don’t get the issue with cuddling someone in a relationship . It’s platonic . I cuddle with friends , families , lovers and pets !! That’s the great thing about cuddling . married or not , one person cant always supply all your needs ! I personally wouldn’t be more comfortable with a pro vs an enthusiast I don’t see one being more safe . Now maybe if pros had background checks etc I could see someone feeling a bit safer but there isn’t . Ive never personally needs to look for a male pro because I have friends I cuddle with normally but if I didn’t I would if my wallet agreed :)

    Also I don’t ask permission from husband or boyfriends what job I do . Just like he didn’t ask me what job to take .

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    Woah, yeah lot of assumptions here.
    "A female cudlder with a boyfriend is cuddling to make extra money"
    I could take up a job anywhere for money lol. For the thousandth billionth time, it takes a special person to be able to be able to want to heal through hugging and energy. Anyone doing it merely for the money will not be good at it. Passion, nurting, patient and caring qualities all need to be there to make a professional good at what she does.
    My favorite thing about what I do is the introductions, new beginnings and fresh new perspectives that I get with each cuddle experience, and the healing of touch is not a one way street :)

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    I'll add that even though I no longer list on my profile that I'm open to cuddling guys, I get several guys looking at my profile and a few polite messages asking if I cuddle guys from both straight and gay guys... some of which have offered to pay me if I did. For me, I'm currently needing to focus on my needs to get in a right head space before that, but like many others have stated.. there is a demand for male Pro cuddlers, but know that most if not all of your clients would be straight or gay men. Also like others have pointed out, girls looking to cuddle with someone odds aren't they wouldn't be looking for a guy Pro for that part that might be afraid of the guy trying to push boundaries.

    Pro cuddling, whether it be guys or girls doing the role, isn't for everyone and isn't always easy. The Pros we have on here that have lasted more than a year have got it down though :)

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    I offer to cuddle any woman in Los Angeles for free.

  • If you feel called, I say honor your highest joy. Markets are created by forward-thinking innovative dreamers. You have the power to develop your vision just as much as the next guy or girl. I say go for it.

    Also, this:

    Best of luck on your journey!! <3

  • Awe I love that video so much. Thank you for sharing it with us Rose.

  • I'm a female pro but I'm looking for male pros close to me. I would love to be the center of the cuddle and not be worried about the expectation of sex or the boundaries being crossed, to just settle in to a nice safe, comforting cuddle would be wonderful.

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