Any other good cuddle websites?

Anyone else have any other good cuddling websites to share (paid or free)?

I haven't met up with anyone on here yet, but generally I think this site is pretty good (in terms of having a decent sized userbase and allowing for free communication).


  • [Deleted User]RScarf1 (deleted user)
    Prices usually range from $80-$100 per hour


  • Remember that although this is a great site, you can find a cuddle buddy in many places even outside of cuddle sites.

  • [Deleted User]gaygramps (deleted user)

    This is the only cuddle site I've found that will match non-pro to other non-pro cuddle buddies.

  • @Morpheus that makes me curious, what other avenues have people found cuddle buddies from? Aside from bf/gf relationships, I would guess that cuddle websites are the easiest way to break the ice and talk to people about cuddling and/or request it. While it's still a bit hard here, at least more people are likely to see cuddling/affection as important.

  • Anyone can potentially be a cuddle buddy so anywhere and anyway you can meet someone can be an avenue to a cuddle buddy. This is the only cuddle site I know of where you can meet a non pro, the other sites such as snugglebuddies and cuddlecompanions only list pros. You can however find potential cuddle buddies on other sites such as dating sites. I'm very forward and don't mind talking to girls anywhere and or asking them to cuddle. I recently cuddled with a girl that I met back in the day on myspace lol

  • I've had good luck posting in the strictly platonic section of craigslist.

  • Social dancing is a goldmine of cuddle buddies, if one is willing to learn a few steps and get themselves out dancing. Blues is the best for this, from my experience, but other styles may be good for this, too.

  • @PinkLipstick22, like, just regular social dancing? Do you have tips for going about this?

  • [Deleted User]SandwichMan (deleted user)

    I've had a lot more success with to be honest, this website seems so inactive compared to that. At least for my area (which is a well populated area too so idk why)

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Cuddleup is horrible for LA. Wow. Never signed up and deleted an account that fast before.

    Social dancing is an amazing suggestion. Been meaning to take Latin Ballroom for a long time. Incentive! :)

  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)

    I've found people interested in platonic cuddling through OkCupid, Facebook, Tinder, and Reddit (the cuddle buddies subreddit). I think it's good to try a broad range of websites and apps to expand your options and increase the likelihood of finding someone.

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