Types/positions of appropriate cuddling

So I'm new to this whole snuggling concept. I wanted to know what to expect and what the other expects of me before I engage. I know that it will vary from one cuddler to the next but I'm interested in what type of responses come out of this.

I wanted to ask what is acceptable from the ladies what position is ok for you from a male cuddle buddy? Spooning would be ok right? What about cheek to cheek? How about if his nose is close to your nose? Would that be too close? And how about his lips touching your cheek or neck (but not purposely kissing) more like rubbing gently because he's trying to spoon and get closer? On that note, what about face to face laying next to each other wrapping arms around each other, again nose to nose.

And would you feel comfortable if you were in front of him between his legs with your back against him and him wrapping his arms around you? And again cheek to cheek? What about if his nose is against your neck and smelling your wonderful scent?

Would you also be willing to sit on his lap either on your side and one of your arms wrapped around his back and the other in front and his arms wrapped around your waist? Maybe you tilt your head and neck so it "caresses" the top of his head or he places the side of his head against your shoulders. Are all of these snuggle "positions" common and appropriate or is snuggling just about side to side snuggling where he wraps his arms around the back of your neck.

Please add any other type of snuggling that I missed. Again I'm new and would love to get input and new ideas to snuggling in as many ways as possible.


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    I'm a male but I have a question, do you intend on seeing pros or non pros?

  • Both but I heard non pros don't reply too often so I'm ok with either. I assume pros are more open and have more experience

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    I have had a lot of great experiences with pros and have only seen a couple of non pros. You are correct in that non pros don't reply as often.

    My personal favorite is girl laying on top of me with her head resting on my chest. Leaves both of your hands free to run her back or massage her head.

    My best advice to a newbie is to go into the cuddle with the best of intentions and you should be fine. Girls are intuitive and can tell what your intentions are and they'll tell you if you're doing something they don't like. I've seen 25 pros and have only had one tell me to stop doing something. I touched her ear and she told me she didn't like her ears being touched.

    Good luck :-)

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    @Morpheus said " I touched her ear and she told me she didn't like her ears being touched."

    Must have been an eerie feeling for her then! ;)

  • @kraykray I'm an enthusiast, not a professional. I would have no problems with any of the positions you suggested. Good luck, and happy snuggling!

    @Morpheus I call that position "covering." It's very comforting! Not every woman is comfortable doing it the first time with someone, but if you have built trust, it's great to get to that place! I love being covered!

    @Frankincense LOL!!!

  • @Blueiris you wouldn't want to be covered by me, I'm 6'3/280 so I may hurt lol

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    @Morpheus Let's give it a try. I'm a sturdy little thing . . . LOL!

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    @kraykray i love all of those positions as well as the position @morpheus suggested which i too call covering. To me cuddling is a very intimate gesture and i require to be as close as possible to my cuddle buddy. Im a very affectionate person so i love eskimo kisses, neck nuzzling, being face to face, etc. I really truly love to cuddle so the more intimate (while still remaining platonic) the better to me. It means that there is trust and a connection and that our energies are in sync which makes for the best, relaxing cuddle. :)

  • Waiting to be covered ....

  • not uncovered

  • There is no answer that works for allYou must communicate with the cuddler partner and be open and honest

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    I agree communication is key.

    Maybe there should be a form on your profile that shows your Preferences for the more common positions, with descriptions for clarity?

  • @SexyBrit so many people can't be bothered with putting even the minimal amount of info on their profiles, that I'm certain that would get ignored. Better to chat with someone and get to know them. You'll find out everything you want to know about their favorite positions.

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    Sadly you are probably right.

    Plus a form is a poor way to get to know someone.

  • @SexyBrit A forum is a good way to get a sense of someone by the comments they've made and then decide if you want to contact them. But the best way to get to know someone is to message them directly.

  • I'm with @missyrawr, I'm very affectionate as well and like to give little massages and play with someone's hair and Eskimo kisses are the best!

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