• [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    Look, I'm not blaming anybody who is abused. But the very fact that it happens all the time says that it is a problem. All you need to do is read through these forum messages, as I did for a good part of the afternoon to see that many people have different ideas of just where the boundaries are drawn. There is obvious horrendous behavior for which there is no excuse. There is also behavior that was within one person's idea of the boundary, but might well be outside of the next. BOTH partners should be responsible for communicating expectations up front, but if one partner (regardless of gender) skips over discussing boundaries it does not excuse the other partner from watching out for themselves by initiating the discussion.

  • This is why this site has a cuddler agreement that many paid cuddlers urge nonpros to use. And also, the rules at cuddle have tried and tested many times around the world in different cultures.

  • The definitions between two people may vary, but the key concept is consent, because there is no action or gesture that is acceptable without consent. None.

  • This is one reason I like pros. You generally aren't going to have any boundary issues with them.

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)

    The cuddle agreement as far as i am concerned is for any interaction if you are using this site. I report anything that goes against that.

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