Great public cuddle locations.

I found a great place to cuddle in public in Amsterdam. Keep in mind, this was yesterday, and in November you don't want to sit outside and cuddle in Amsterdam. It was raining and temperatures were quite low.

The answer is the tour boat. For an hour you'll sit dry and warm, enjoying all the sites to see in Amsterdam. The seats are perfect to sit together and wrap an arm around your buddy. The boat moves slowly through the canals, so you won't experience any shaking. Meanwhile, you get to learn some things about Amsterdam.

Does anyone have public cuddle spots like that? I'd like to find more spots that can come in handy when the weather isn't playing along.


  • I don't have any, but I'll be following this thread :)

  • Rides at fairground always good way to get some public cuddling.

    I also like finding nice hide away at public parks.
    Yet through down blanket and a beach with shade of tree in the summer can be nice cuddle spot to.
    If the Lady I am meeting has kids play grounds for them is nice wile the adult have there cuddle time.

  • Movies where the arm goes up so you can cuddle , Parks , beaches , coffee shop with couches ,

  • The movies with the arm rest up is one of the public places a like a lot, the only problem is that most movie theaters have been refurbished to now have the big recliner chairs and you are not close to your movie buddy at all and cuddling in those is reduced to hand holding at best.
    One that I like is a concert with no reserved seating, the crowd packed in tight and you and your cuddle buddy close together in a tight embrace swaying to the music together.

  • @cuddleBugT and @mellow, I know there's movie theaters now that have loveseats. They're meant for romantic dates, but I'm sure they'll let people in who are just looking for a place to cuddle.

  • [Deleted User]qwertzer (deleted user)

    I remember seeing a picture of a theater will loveseats and thinking of how lovely that would be. As far as I know, though, none are close to me. Ah, well.

  • Drive -in if you have one near you is nice . I could totally throw blankets and pillows in the back of my SUV cuddle and watch a movie . I’ve done this with friends and my kid

  • On the topic of movies, in the summer a lot of towns have Friday night movies in the park.

  • Wow, you guys all really love your movies!

  • Free concerts in the park or art/food festivals, botanical gardens. Not many options with winter I suppose. Could lounge around a fancy hotel lobby or something.

  • We have a local coffee shop that has a big couch that would be great for cuddling in the winter.

  • Sometimes there are lounges with couches for live music at casinos you could cuddle , have a couple drinks

  • Places like this are good for winter public cuddles

  • Also if you are into hooka they usually are chill places to cuddle and relax

  • If you are in LA area Venice beach when it’s not too cold is nice . Cuddling on beach , drum circle ( that’s my favorite place ) .

  • Starbucks always has couch you can cuddle in Forest Park, Il , up north as we'll Chicago is great in winter to cuddle!

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    @cuddlebugTM It's been a good long while since I've been to either a beach or a drum circle and never both!

  • Drum circle is life for me ! When I’m stressed it helps me relax and let go of shit . Last time was first time I ever got after school-special-pressured to do drugs . Shit I’ve never been offered anything harder than weed . But this young kid young enough to be my son tried to flirt and get me to buy crack . I’m
    Like nah you ain’t that cute , no one is . heavy pressure it was comical .” It’s venice , try it once !” “ come on you know you want to , just a little “

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    @cuddleburTM I went to a drum circle workshop once at an assisted living facility. The facilitator utilized it as a therapeutic activity . I gotta say it was really fun, and it wasn't only drums, but multiple smaller percussive instruments.

  • Yea I would go more often if gas wasn’t so much $$$ maybe I need to find clients in Venice

  • Maybe what you should have done was say, "You know what I want to do even more than crack? Get your picture!" Then snap said picture and use it to tip off the local police to keep an eye out for him.

  • Yea I wasn’t putting my life in danger confronting a drug dealer . I would be surprised if police didn’t know about him already . He’s very bold

  • Good idea Cuddlebug! That's risky. You never know who's around the corner on the lookout for them or even if they'll pull one on you or worse. Nah, not my thing. The only time I would put my life on the line is to help another being get out of a dangerous situation even that I would use tactic and try to de-flame the situation. Rather than escalate it.

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    I just came across an outdoor cinema in Sydney where they provide beds! (Mov'n Bed Cinema).

    Sounds perfect for cuddling:

    It seemed to be just for a limited time each year; hopefully again in 2018. I know someone I'd like to invite!

    Further info:

  • [Deleted User]CuddleUp1 (deleted user)

    Brainstorming places to cuddle…
    Categories of locations…
    Customize to your locale…


    Motor home.

    Friend’s backyard.
    Hotel lobby.
    Private home.
    Youth hostel.


    Cemetery with beautiful well-kept grounds.
    City park.
    County park.
    Ice rink.
    National park.
    State park.
    Water park.


    Go to someplace with a nice view.
    Lay out a blanket, under the stars, and open a bottle of wine.
    Hill overlooking town.

    Camping trip.
    Hiking trail.
    Mountain road, long stretch.
    Walking trail.

    Arboretum with beautiful flowers and foliage.


    Tour boat.

    Private beach.
    Public beach.


    Nordstrom's Womens' Lounge in the mall.

    Concert hall, back row.
    Ferris wheel.
    Movie theater.

    Hospital chapel.
    Hospital surgery waiting room.

    Bar with backyard patio.
    Coffee shop booth.
    Hotel lounge.

    Ball game, blankets.
    Race track.


    Bus, top deck, back seat.


    Airport long-term parking.
    Apartment complex, large, parking lot.
    Home, car in garage.
    Hospital parking lot.
    Park and ride lot.
    Parking garage, top deck.
    Truck stop parking lot (Flying J, Pilot, TA America).
    Walmart parking lot.

    Train station.

    Commuter rail.

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