Do you collect stuff?

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I collect those Canadian coins with the Olympics, hockey logos and any coins that don't have the regular Moose and Queen, etc on them.
I call them special coins and everytime I buy stuff I check my change for them.
I don't know when exactly it started, though it begun with just 1coin and now growing!

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    4. Marbles
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  • [Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

    I collect books, not intentionally, I just see ones that look interesting, especially role-playing books.

    I used to collect swords but moving continents I had to give up my collection...

  • Rpg dice and some anime figures

  • Haha, I kind of collect books I never really read. :')

    Damn I see, you were just fascinated by Swords ah...
    It's fun especially when I start organizing my collections before I put them all in a pile and add on to. Hopefully in a month or so I'll start sorting and removing the duplicates to start giving away to family and maybe some friends. :)

  • I also gave A ton of books

  • Wow some of these Anime characters are so cute, some creeping me out (no offense haha).

    That's really nice, I'll do some character collections sometime. Especially Super heros (Marvel mostly) and MLPFiM (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) I used to play with these characters when I was little and still like them. :')

  • Giving even the duplicates is not so easy for me though it's one of the parts I enjoy so much. It usually makes others happy to receive a little gift they normally don't get. I got a little book collection I got from the library so I'll be giving some away too since I don't really read except one or two I am hoping to finish. :)

  • Crystals <3 <3
    Collections are amazing! i love seeing what people are fascinated with <3

  • [Deleted User]Ham92 (deleted user)

    I collect postcards from around the world. :) Each time I get one, I try and learn something about the place, and if it's not an English speaking country, I try to learn some of their phrases :) I think it comes from my love of traveling and wanting to learn about the world

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    I collect coins. I also collect matchbooks - these are not very common these days, but you can still find them in various clubs / bars around the world, such as within Las Vegas casinos where they (barbarically) permit smoking inside. While I always had a fascination with foreign currency, it was my (late) father who had an old matchbook collection which I took up and contribute to when I'm in various parts of the world.

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    I've got a soft spot for tortoise ornaments. I have a few outside, one on my desk and one as a door stopper.

  • Once upon a time I collected tarot decks and books: 50+ decks and a 100+ books. The last decade I've been collecting glass for projects. I have a 10x10 shed, and it is full of glass for windows, fusing, jewelry. I could, in theory, make windows for a cathedral. I see no reason to stop collecting glass at this point, or stopping with the glass projects.

  • I collect Transformers. I know it's sort of geeky, but I stil get amazed at the toy designs. They're brilliant.

  • [Deleted User]SandwichMan (deleted user)

    I collect model cars and occasionally build some!

    I also have a collection of Hotwheels but they are not on display at the moment haha

  • I collect memories. :-) Also known as photos ...

    New England National Park in Australia. One of the most beautiful spots there:

    Misty valley under a sunrise from my door:

    A mossy grove on the way to Flaggy Creek Gorge, Victoria:

    A secluded beach at Jervis Bay:

    A sea star in a rock pool in Sydney:

    Kayaking in crystal clear water at Minnamurra:

  • [Deleted User]RScarf1 (deleted user)

    I collect comic books. I met Stan Lee and he signed one of my comics.

  • @RScarf1 That's pretty awesome. I have a few Transformers comic book scripts that never made it into comics, signed by Simon Furman.

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    Ok, so this really isn't a collection but it is something that I buy a lot of and it makes me extremely happy.... office supplies! Weird, I know. I have an entire work space with every color paper, post-it note, pen, folders, etc. It's all organized in organizers and bins. I know I'll never use it all but I love having it.

  • I collect the souls of mermaids and the tears of unicorns, as well as causing unfathomable despair for other imaginary creatures. You should see what I do to the mountain yetis

  • @cuddlebugTM Oh, my god, your Assassination Classroom figures are adorable!

  • Thanks @Lorelei I need more it’s one of my favorites

  • @pmvines Leave the creatures alone! Lol

  • But how else will I conquer the world

  • I collect D&D Miniatures. It's rare that I find a tabletop gaming session in my area (for one thing) that is even in need of the figurines (for another), but that doesn't stop me from collecting. Rarely, I will get a miniature from another series, such as Warhammer or Pathfinder, but the majority are from the Forgotten Realms' D&D storylines.

  • @LonelyMedicProf
    We have quite a few D&D miniatures as well . we don’t use them all the time . Mostly on battle map for position and sometimes to set a scene .

  • [Deleted User]clumsycuddler (deleted user)

    I really like finding out what other people collect ^^ As for me, I like collecting coins that interest me and fortunes from fortune cookies.

  • [Deleted User]cheetoching (deleted user)

    My 1918 wheat penny is my most cherished possession.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)


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    I collected baseball cards as a kid. I stopped probably around 1990 but I still have all my cards in protective sleeves and put away in a crate. There’s no way I have the time or energy now to pursue any collecting like that anymore.

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