What do you wish others knew or understood about you?

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If the first question is too difficult to answer now, I get it.


  1. What makes you feel the happiest?
  2. How long have you had your longest friendship?


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    What makes me happiest is feeling a connection with God. Sometimes it can be something seemingly simple like a leaf falling on my head as I talk to him while raking, feeling the radiant heat of sunlight wrapping me up as I lay on my trampoline, or my aloof cat coming to say hello. I experience those things as God reaching out to me. Feeling love, though, is the greatest happiness. I've never felt happier or closer to God than when giving or receiving loving affection with the woman God has given my heart to. It is then that I feel dwarfed by connection with a love immensely greater than I am and have absolutely no doubt about the presence of God and his affection for us.

    This second question is the harder one to answer because of the complexity of the idea of friendship. I have a close relationship with my mom and have had for most of my life. She's been one of the people that I've always been able to talk to about nearly anything. It used to be the same with my little sister before she moved away. My longest childhood friendship (which never seemed very much deeper than superficial or circumstantial) lasted about 12 years, but we lost touch with each other when we graduated high school. My closest friendship was with my only girlfriend and lasted nearly 4 years before she left me. My current best friend is someone I've known for almost 6 years. Exactly when we became good friends, though, I can't say since our relationship has known a very gradual growth since our introduction. Which of these counts as the longest friendship in answer to your question I guess is up to you.

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  • @pmvines Wow, I never knew you had a period!!!

  • I was surprised too

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    Wow so interesting Mailleweaver, love is a great thing that can really change us for the better! Thanks for sharing. I agree with your take on friendship, it's also interesting how most of us (myself included lol) think outside the family when discussing friendships..., it's great that you've a good close connection with your family more or less. Sometimes friendships take time to build and I am glad you've a growing friendship. :)

    I guess by quantity the 12 year friendship is the longest. By quality it's the friendship you felt the closest and most comfortable with. Therefore I shall reword my question to get the best meaningful answer to:

    How long did have you have your closest friendship(s)?


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    As for me...

    I see, the last question is not as simple as I initially thought actually!

    Let me give a go answer at it.

    At the starting I had those friendships I also thought were so great. They were sure fun for the time, I am sure we both learned a thing or two from each other. These connections faded overtime and I'll speak for myself to say that what I define as friendship has also changed overtime so I guess we grew apart. Currently, I've friends I made through High School whom we still stay in contact and make plans actively more or less to spend time. I think that's one of the most important things to keep a friendship growing strong as well as open communication and fighting through conflicts not shutting down or avoiding. I've had these friends for over 5 years now. "It takes two to tango." :)

    What do I wish others knew or understood about me:
    I'll answer once I figure...

    What makes me the happiest:
    Quite a few things.
    *Real and good connections with others is one of them.
    *Ice cream and cats is the other.
    *No matter my previous mood, though helping others is one of the things that takes me to a bliss state! :)

  • Regarding the title question, I am pretty much an open book, and don't try to hide anything about myself. So if anyone wants to know something about me, all they need to do is ask. I guess the only thing I really want someone to understand about me is that I will always endeavor to approach/interact with them from a point of love.

    I think I am happiest when I am in the company of a loving, touchy woman, especially when we are on the same page spiritually. Good conversation also helps to make me happy.

    My best friend is my wife, who I have known for over 43 years. I have known my ex 'second wife', who we had Thanksgiving dinner with today, for 20 years. My closest male friend, who I met on the set of Deadwood, and I have known each other for over 15 years, I think.

    <3 Jim

  • What makes me the happiest:

    • sunshine on my face,
    • the smell of pine and forests,
    • walking the dog,
    • macaroni and cheese,
    • cuddlefests,
    • Calvin Klein underwear models,
    • laughter and laughing,
    • Ben and Jerry's "Cherry Garcia",
    • a nice bourbon or whiskey,
    • skinnydipping,
    • making a dinner and dessert and enjoying an evening with friends.
  • I wish people knew that I was pretty much a hermit. I literally, HATE leaving my house. Happiness to me is getting off of work on Friday and knowing I don't have to leave my house for 5 days. I have lots of friends and family that I do leave the house to see but I always prefer to have them come visit me. I just love being alone with my thoughts. I think that comes from raising children my whole life and now being a new empty nester. Maybe I'll grow out of it but for now I'll continue to enjoy my own company!

  • It takes a lot of effort on my part to maintain relationships with people. I tend to drift and might want to talk for 8 hrs and hang out every day and get really needy, then suddenly don't want to really talk or hang out at all for a while. Its never personal, I'm just like that. Part of it is probably feeling a little skittish when I feel myself getting too close.

  • @pmvines Can relate easily to this... Was very like what you describe in my youth with friends. For me it was feeling they do some thing that bothered me but really did not wish them to change. Sense often was charter about them that I also liked. So I distance my self until was not so frustrated and had more of calm mind.

    I think it good trait now days. Seeing how able to easily make friends with time around people with being open minded to understanding them. And it careful and safe trait to distance once self when people act in away you do not want to be around.

    What make me most happy seeing others happy, calm and at peace. And helping them get to that point. Saddens me deeply when not able to help others.... most often caused by there lack of wanting to help them self's.

    Longest friendship... Have to be my best friend that I got to know in 1st grade. Drove him nuts with keeping my distance at times. But do see him as brother. Yet he made me grateful I was a only child and did not have to live with him.

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