Would you barter for a cuddle?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever bartered services, in general? For cuddles? It seems like a wonderful idea to me. I would be more than happy to barter my cuddles. What do you think?



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    I have had some really great cuddling with pros I met on this site. One local pro I feel I really clicked with have seen her whenever time permits. Due to my current situation, building a new business, I am cutting back on expenses. Cuddling is on hold for a short time. All that said, i respect the value that cuddlers put on their services and do not expect a discount nor would I barter. Scarlett, your post is very interesting and great to see, thank you for posting.

  • I’ve never bartered for services, I suppose I would, but I don’t know what I would want or what the other person would have to offer. For instance I would not barter a cuddle session for a meal or a massage. I think using money is an easier way to do transactions. In theory I like the idea of bartering services, both people get a service without needing the money for that service, but I reality I think it would be too complicated. Let us know if after this post anyone offers you a barter.

  • Problem I’ve had with bartering for services is I always end up not getting what I barter for . I prefer money or some thing I really need . Sadly many people who say they will provide services don’t show up if I’ve done my services already .

  • Only way I would is if I gave my services after payment because I’ve been burned too many times . Like I need my shower fixed . Would love to barter for that

  • @cuddlebugTM That's what I'm talking about. I detest washing and cleaning my car. I would happily barter for that! I guess the details would have to be worked out so everyone got what they bartered for.

  • Oh I have thought about trying to barter cuddler services with someone who would allow me to use there place for cuddle session with other clients let’s say during the day when they went to work, but I don’t think many people would be up for that.

  • LOL @Scarlette, I'm a car detailing nut. As in Q-tips for the vents, and tiny brushes for all the nooks and crannies in the alloy wheels. I'd happily trade car cleaning for cuddles. Naturally, we don't live anywhere near each other.

  • @quietman775 Sometimes I feel like we were just destined to be together!!! LOL

  • I remember seeing a thread where a guy offered weed and cooking to a pro and @Mark told him something along the lines of you can’t do that and can only pay a pro with cash.

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    @Morpheus I can imagine Mark receiving 15% of it in the mail along with a cooked potato and saying, "What on earth ...?"

  • Haha nice and I think that was his point. I tried to search for that thread but didn’t really want to put forth much of an effort to find it but I do remember it.

  • maybe charge the 15% only and the rest barter . So then you still pay the site

  • I assume @Scarlette would just pay 15% of the cuddle's normal cost to the site.

    Thinking about what to barter, I would certainly exchange one cuddle for another cuddle ... ;-)

    More seriously, maybe there's something time consuming related to your cuddling business @Scarlette that someone could do for you for you as the thing to barter?

  • Would love to have pro share a pro bono cuddle because sometimes we just need a cuddle off the clock

  • I love the idea of bartering, but don't really know what I'd be able to barter with. Maybe it would work if someone had something they really wanted, and I thought I would be able to provide that.
    <3 Jim

  • I would provide dinner, breakfast and free lodging for an out of town guest in exchange for a night of (probably half-asleep) cuddling.

    But if it's someone I've never met, we would have to meet for dinner at a restaurant and we would have to feel safe and comfortable with each other to proceed.

    Aside from that, I would expand on @respectful's idea by offering unlimited free cuddles in exchange for the same!

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    I would barter a 30 minute energy healing session for a cuddle, but I do that for a few minutes for free if the cuddler wants that. They like it and they usually do not know much about energy healing such as Reiki.

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    I didn’t really think about it in those terms but it kind of makes sense. So let’s see you charge $80 an hour for cuddling but barter in exchange for services that the client may be able to offer but still pay 15% of $80 to the site.

  • [Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

    There used to be a barter type of system years ago where you advertised a service and were paid on the system currency acorns and bought other services you wanted with the acorns you earned.

  • @SexyBrit Very interesting!

  • @cuddlebugTM. You need a personal cuddler. I have one and it amazing. I advertised and kinda interviewed and I picked one. It's all about me for the length of the Cuddle. I see him once a week or so.

  • I’m working on that

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    I'd never barter creative services for anything other than money.

    I'd barter a massage for a cuddle tho.

    LINE UP! :3

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    Cuddle for cuddle is definitely not bartering

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    I can cuddle with a pillow.

    A pillow can't design a character, create a brand or an animated short.

    Cuddle for cuddle isn't bartering.

    Massage for cuddle is.

    Line up the choo choo choco train!


  • I know somebody who does massages out of her home, and has given me free time on her table for giving rides to and from her bartending job. Unfortunately I had to end that arrangement cus she started to want me to drive her other places and no amount of rub down is worth being somebody's chauffeur.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    Exactly @pmvines. You can't just barter any and everything.

    But as with anything if two people agree upon an agreement, that's fine.

    Some will barter, some won't. I never have and never will barter creative services.

    If it's something like helping someone out in a different way I'd be open to that.

  • I have a friend that does tattoo work in exchange for items or services for his shop. He'd advertise what he wanted on his Facebook page then people would reply back. He's done it for items like cell phones or for plumbing work etc.

    I imagine it would work best if it was a service that had a set hourly rate like cuddling does.

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    I don’t ask for things in return. If I can provide something you need, I will do it.

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