What's your favorite kind of cuddling?

I'm curious to know what your guys' favorites are, as in back rubs, hugs, ect.

I hope you don't think I'm ridiculous for this, but personally, my favorite kind is any sort of tummy snuggling. It just...I dunno...it seems so warm and close compared to any other kind of affection! I guess it's because letting someone cuddle your tummy takes a lot of trust compared to a simple hug, you know? And tummies in general are just super cute, in my opinion. c: Anyone else like them, too?


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    I don't discriminate when it comes to snuggle positions - there are so many terrific ways to curl up! That said, I have a huge thing for back to back snuggling!! I even had a three day discussion with a friend in another part of the world on the phenomenon of back to back cuddling. I can't explain it but when there is someone or something pressed up against that spot between my shoulder blades it just powers down my whole system, anxiety and sadness release from my entire body/mind/spirit and I sleep like a baby. In my relationships in the past it has been a requirement of my partner!!! ...they never had an issue - but if they left the back to back contact in the night they had to stuff a few pillows in their place so I wouldn't wake up. It was very funny. Presently I have two stuffed animals and a pillow arrangement that does the job - and I'm always scouting for my next stuffed animal to join my back crew - too funny. Where else can we talk about this stuff, huh?
  • As a woman, I would like to start out with hand holding. Somehow when a man places his hand on mine makes me feel secure and non-threatening. Once both parties are comfortable with that then you can ease into leaning, hugging and etc. It can be intimidating for women especially when you are expected to be cuddling with a complete stranger that you have never met before.

  • I once had a girlfriend would would take naps on top of me, and that was absolutely amazing. I'm still a little sad that we hated trying to discuss anything serious.

    Sleeping on top of me obviously isn't going to happen right away... if ever... but it sure was nice.

    I guess I'll settle for hand holding and hugs for starters.
  • I would be happy to have a hand to hold at a movie.

  • I don't think that I have any one favorite cuddle position. It all depends on the person that you cuddling with and the situation. One that comes to mind that really had a powerful impact on me was a friend I knew years ago. She straddled me and stretched out with her head on my shoulder and  I just lightly rubbed her back and it seemed to take her to her peaceful place. It was hours before she wanted to move again. By and large any position that allows me to be comfortable without losing circulation and remain in contact. Sometimes face to face twisted up like pretzels is needed. Other times spooning or just having her head on my shoulder and leg tossed over my hip as I hold her close works.
  • [Deleted User]angelgirl (deleted user)
    I love to snuggle against a guy's chest. Spooning is pretty amazing too. There isn't much bad to say about any type of cuddling. =)
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    my fav position is spooning. I love being the spoon and the other person caressing my back , neck  and head.  Holding hands is amazing and caressing arms, legs and face is a great way to feel connected and alive. Platonic cuddling is such a gift. Every moment counts. Helping another feel nurtured and filled up is a great way to love in a non sexual way. Wishing you all happy cuddling.  :)  peace
  • This isn't a position so much, but I LOVE being stroked lightly especially on my back. I call it pets. I would rather be "pet" than have massages any day. 
  • Spooning for sure
  • I'm the polar opposite of @angela10. I greet my cuddler with a long, firm, standing hug. We go almost immediately to a reclining face-to-face cuddle with knees slipped between thighs for maximum full body contact. Lots of full body or at least lots of torso and chest contact is where I get the most satisfaction. Spooning is nice, but I prefer face-to-face, covering or Yab Yum.

  • I'm with @BlueIris... I jump right in there! Nice big hug then right to the cuddle. My favorite position would be any position that puts us cheek to cheek. Something about cheek to cheek makes me feel warm and cozy. It's so intimate.

  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)

    It starts at the door with arms wrapped around each other for at least 10 seconds. The average human hugs only 3 seconds, after that most ppl start to feel very uncomfortable. A quick change in the bathroom, then it's on! I check with my cuddle partner 1st, to see if there is a specific desired position to start with. If not, then I make a few suggestions, and start from there. Always checking in with verbal communication, on the comfort level & satisfaction from the cuddle position:-) Before you know it, an hour has already gone by! That's when you know the cuddles are goooooood...hehehe
    Here are a few favorites of mine: scalp massage, hand holding, stroking of the arms..very gently, almost like the feel of a feather, caressing of the face/neck, heart to heart cuddle. I always ask permission to give and receive:-)
    Stay Calm and Cuddle On!

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    Oh my gosh... I love tummies, too! =) I'm so glad that I'm not alone in this!

    I love it when I'm the little spoon and my cuddler puts her hand over my stomach (over or under my shirt), or vise versa. It also feels really nice when they gently run their fingers or hand across it. I've always liked it because I thought it felt good, but now that I think about it, there is a trust element to it as well.

    Is there a way to ask for it without weirding out the other person, though? Lol. I need to know. I asked a pro to do that and I quickly asked her to stop because I could tell she was weirded out by it.

    Anyways, my other favorite things to do would include spooning, face-to-face laying down, or something that I haven't tried yet, the yab-yum position. I also love having my hair played with, and having someone's fingers run across my arm or my body. It's an amazing feeling!

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    What a great thread! @BlueIris When I read covering, l actually envisioned a face-to-face or face-in-chest position. Would that still qualify? :)

    As a woman who has always had a fuller figure, I've always been wary of sitting on a guy's lap or putting my full weight on someone in any way; even when they are the one to suggest it, I would make an excuse. I always thought, that's a petite gal's game!

    But if I can get past the personal insecurities that reflects ... :) when I experienced a role change and got to feel the full weight of someone on me, it felt amazing. Like I'm being stretched almost or flattening out all the muscles I've curled up working at a computer all day, with the added warmth and weight that is so superior to even the best down comforter. Laying like this cheek to cheek? Yes, please!

    P.S. This is a separate subject, maybe even its own thread, but I'll throw it out there: has anyone ever cuddled someone who maybe is larger in a position where their weight did make you feel uncomfortable? The more l read these threads, the more I think it's less of an issue than I think, but I would like to know purely from a practical standpoint if there are certain things to avoid, or alternatively, embrace. (No hurt feelings on it; safe space for complete honesty.) Or are there positions you've tried with someone much smaller than you that seem to work particularly well or not well. I'd love to embrace the variety of someone who is a different shape than me and take advantage of trying positions that might be especially great for such a dynamic rather than feeling self-conscious about the difference, as society often expects us to do.

  • @IGuessImHete Covering is the same thing as the missionary position if you were having sex, but of course with all clothes on. It's simply one person lying on top of the other. I'm with you, I love to feel the weight of someone's body resting fully on me! To me it's just the most comfortable, safe and secure feeling. And if the guy is slender, it isn't the same. My favorite feeling of pressure comes with someone who's around 200 pounds or a little over.

    Like you, I'm overweight. I've developed a half cover if I think I'm too heavy for the guy who wants me to cover him. I'll get on my knees and cover him with my upper body only, lying almost perpendicular so that my chest and stomach is on his but from the waist down, I'm off to one side. He gets the benefit of the press, but not too much weight.

    I was a little hesitant because of my weight when someone asked me to do Yab Yum for the first time. He was heavy, too, and he was looking right at me when he asked, so he knew what he was getting into! LOL! So I just went ahead and got into position, and he did not let out a peep! Not a word was said that I was too heavy for him, and we stayed in that position a good, long time. We both enjoyed it immensely!

    If someone's weight is uncomfortable, just say so. You could say too much pressure, or simply I'm uncomfortable, could we please change positions.

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    As I've yet to experience predetermined cuddling I'll have to speak from my forays into relationship world.

    I like to enclose my arms around my partner and hold them tightly. I quite like being held tightly as well. I'm rather partial to having her lay her head on my chest and me stroking her hair. I tend to like caressing/lightly massaging arms and hands. I tend not to lie on top (covering?) as I worry about squishing my cuddle buddy, but prefer side by side or being laid on.

  • I like being spooned , laying head on tummy or chest caress, laying back on someone , head in my lap as I stroke hair , back to back and when one is on back and other is turned on side back facing the other person with arm around them ( I hope I explained it well ) laying on my chest like pillows . Face to face is good if you can do it in a way where I’m not directly having breathing in my face

    I love laying on someone but as a big girl I always feel like I’m hurting them so I keep asking is this ok , if I’m too heavy it’s ok to tell me . I can’t be laid on the pressure freaks me out even during sex the person can’t put their whole weight on me even if they are light .

  • [Deleted User]apvalerius (deleted user)

    I have read the Cuddle Sutra and refer back to it for names of cuddling positions. As long as I am paying pros for cuddles as often as I can afford to, I wanna stick with maximal-contact positions like Forking. Once I have a cuddle buddy, or enter into a relationship, I'd wanna explore every position in the Cuddle Sutra with my cuddle buddy or romantic partner.

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    @apvalerius Meh. The Cuddle Sutra is silly. There are too many positions that are ridiculous, like sleeping holding hands with your partner. I, too, prefer maximum contact positions, and I only ever use about 4 of them. Everyone I've cuddled with so far (nine) have mostly only wanted to do face-to-face. I always request covering, but even spooning my cuddlers don't seem to be as much interested in as face-to-face. I've now added Yab Yum to my repertoire, and it's so far been a success. You don't need no steenking Cuddle Sutra.

  • Only reason I don’t like face to face is I don’t like being directly breathed on my face . I feel like I can’t breath !

  • @cuddleBugT You could scooch down so your head is on his shoulder. Face-to-face just means you're both facing each other, as opposed to spooning. You don't have to be in his face. No one should be breathing in anyone's face. :)

  • I could do that totally , I was like that last night when I was cuddling . Straddled with head on shoulder

  • I also do like holding hands with the person I’m laying with I’ve fallen asleep that way a few times

  • [Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

    It really depends on many things - who I'm with, our moods, whether we are tired, the energy between us.

    Holding hands and gentle caresses on arms and hands are always nice, as is running my fingers through her hair.

  • Open communication is key. I really like having open communication with each other about our likes so that we can attend to each other's interest and learn our disinterests together.
    Always keeping the line for communication open and keeping up to date with change and what can be different.
    As for favourites... I like various and experiencing different ones in each time, at least 2 types or 4 like 2 of my favorites that they also like and two of theirs I am also in agreement with. :)

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