Yab Yum Position

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Learned a new cuddling position at a cuddle party yesterday: the yab yum. Man sits cross legged, woman scoots in, sits on top of his crossed legs and embraces him around his waist with her legs.

I hugged my cuddle companion closer around the neck than is showed in the photo in order to minimize empty space between chests and maximize body contact. My cuddle guy said that cuddling me in this position was like cuddling a koala!!

It was very good position, not only comfortable but also comforting, and I liked it a lot!



  • Looks amazing. I'm sure one of the Puritans on this site will thinks it breaks the rules.

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    @Carlos The way I see it, it's no more objectionable than covering. In fact, if we can speak about this in adult fashion, it should be considered far less "objectionable" than covering because the woman sitting on top of his thighs keeps the genitals on a slightly different level, so no genital-to-genital contact or rubbing is possible.

    I absolutely loved it, and it's totally going in my cuddling repertoire!!

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    If the partners talk holding this position , would it be called the "YAK YUK " ?

  • @sparkyblue-eyes Only if they're laughing at the same time.

  • The first time I tried this with a pro she objected. Maybe it was because she was sitting on the bed instead of on my thighs. The second pro loved it.

  • Dammit, @BlueIris, you're having way too much fun. (Yes, I'm green with envy. ;) )

  • cuddling a koala? adorable! :D

  • @Sideon Thanks, dear! But I have to say, I think I earned it. Am just now coming out of 14 years in self exile. I'm in quite a touch deficit, so am putting huge amounts of effort out into the universe to take care of it. And it's working!!! :D

    @JasonCuddles That's what I thought, too!! I was so flattered, I've just ordered a koala T shirt to wear to my next cuddle event!

  • Nice, I really like it :)

  • Dear all this is a very old position dating back many thousands of years from the east, in fact, it was one of Ghandi's common positions. it is of cause a well known Tantra communication excercise and breathing excercise.
    Have fun John.

  • Looks relaxing, simple and comfortably natural! However, back support at some point would be a must for me personally. I could see myself needing to lean back to stretch/arch my back soon with this one. Which also could make "things" ---"hard" for the male if ya catch my drift. Too much movement in this position is "pushing it"

  • @CottonCuddler I found this to be extremely comfortable even without back support. Your partner's arms hold you in place without the need for you to stress your back muscles. I held this position for quite a few minutes very comfortably without the need to stretch or do anything, and my lumbar spine was quite happy. My partner rocked us side to side, no problem. As I stated before, the fact that the woman sits on top of his thighs means the genitals are not rubbing directly together, so it is less likely to lead to an erection than some other positions.

  • [Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

    It's an interesting position, one that is certainly worth a try!

    It looks quite intimate while avoiding, as you put it, genital to genital contact. Plus who doesn't want to hug a Koala? :)

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    @SexyBrit Am really glad I ordered that koala shirt now!!! =)

  • [Deleted User]SexyBrit (deleted user)

    Although I've been next to a real one and they aren't fragrant lol

    That T-shirt is far better than reality!

  • @SexyBrit I know exactly what you mean!!! :#

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    Wish I could cross my legs even! Unfortunately even it I could, wonder if I could handle someone siting on my thighs.. appreciate greatly the face to face...

  • If you would like to see how they get into position, you can watch the video. There is a lot of talking at the beginning. She actually begins to move into position at about the 2:45 mark.

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    First off Yab Yum keeps reminding me of Yabba Dabba Do.

    More importantly I would love to try this position but yes the back support comes into question and also the height, weight and body proportions might come into play.

    Kind of wish she had done all of the talking - his "Ride em Cowgirl" and "kinky" comment kind of ruined the glow of it. (yeah yeah I know I'm finicky).

    Still would love to try it, especially the forehead to forehead part with the understanding there won't be any kissing. That kind of innocent and honest intimacy is just heaven!

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    Yeah I was thinking of the flint stones too .
    Maybe another name for yab yum is the Fred and Wilma

  • This position is wonderful! I tried it a while back and was instantly peaceful and calm. My partner also added a strong squeeze with their legs that really helped my spirit relax.

  • I do this position all the time! 💖💖

  • Maybe if we resurrect more of @BlueIris threads she will return. I miss her

  • @BlueIris I have tried this wonderful position before with my cuddles buddies! Amazing connection!🤗

  • Glad so many people like it. Try it with that added leg squeeze. You’ll never go back. Lol

  • I've tried and thoroughly enjoyed this position many times. it allows for very close contact and that is always good in a cuddle. Definitely in my top 5

  • Arguments over 'appropriateness' aside, I LOVE this position. It is incredibly intimate though, and even more so if you sync your breathing and start pushing energy around.

  • How about adding a towelling robe belt tied around both parties at about lumbar height ? Something wider with Velcro might be even better.

    Definitely not one for the summer, unless your A/C is very good.

  • Yeah I mean if people pop boners spooning side ways this is like pushing it maybe if the girl was holding the guy haha

  • I do this with @Sheena123 in our sessions and I love it!!!

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