Yab Yum Position



  • Ooooohhh .... I wanna try this cuddle position 🙈

  • I don't know what this translates too, but the only way I could really ever agree to attempting this, is if it were "Yum Yab"... and even then I'm struggling to envision any sort of success in body mechanics/placement.

    Hrm... and now that I've given this another pass through the thought processor, I'm thinking I'd only be willing to try it if we had a chiropractor on stand by... like, literally standing by my cuddle buddy and I as we tried to make this work.

  • @quixotic_life ”chiropractor on stand by” 😅😂😂 silly 😝 don’t overthink it just go for it.

  • That is a tantric position. It is to align the chakras...do breathwork together...run energy &/or have sex in.
    I've been in the tantra and cuddle community for years and never seen this position in a cuddle party as it is way to sexual for many people.
    It may have felt amazing...but I'd be careful of that teacher..being a cuddle facilitator myself this position is a no no. As cuddling is non sexual.

    I'm glad it was a good...comforting..safe experience for you though!

  • The name and positioning brings to mind cuddling with an ewok.

  • [Deleted User]Mmart (deleted user)

    Hmmm. I would probably have to stay away from that in a cuddle session. It takes things just a skosh too far for me.
    In a committed relationship it would be pretty nice.

  • I tried what could probably be described as version of this laying down. A pro was introducing me to different positions since I was fairly new to this. Can’t remember the name of the position but basically she straddled me while I laid on my back, and we just held each other in a tight embrace.

    It can obviously be temptation island in that position but when there’s a relationship formed between two, who are committed to respecting each other’s boundaries and comfort levels, it can be an awesome cuddle experience. But I guess that goes with anything.

  • @AveryK84 I call that one Hip Hugger 😊 I definitely only do that and Yab yum with cuddlers that respect the platonic cuddle 🌸

  • @Sheena123 Ahhh ok, thanks. & yes, understandably!

  • I couldn’t risk trying this position. Glad that people have found it works for them though

  • I find it interesting and a bit strange to hear folks say they couldn't handle a position , cant trust themselves, etc. How little self control and how much impulsiveness must you possess ? Are you the type who finds excuses for your own behavior in other avenues of life ?

  • @pmvines I am usually, but even I feel that I could control myself adequately. I can't say whether or not something unplanned might pop up though.

  • I've done this position more than once and I am positive that it didn't lead to sex.

  • [Deleted User]arghdaddy (deleted user)

    @BlueIris First of all, “cuddle party”? How, when, where? And this looks amazing!

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    It just doesn't say much for men in general to say that being in a certain proximity to a woman might lead to them being unable to control themselves. Is it any wonder that women might think that a.bit creepy and unsafe ....

  • @liao51 yab fun! hahahaha. This is an exquisite cuddling position if (speaking as me) you trust the boundaries of your cuddle partner. Utterly sweet.

  • That doesn't look comfortable to me. I can't sit with my legs crossed for very long. Add in another human sitting on my crossed legs and it would probably be painful.

  • I love this position! I took two photos of myself and @cuddleyogistaci enjoying hugging each other this way.

  • @nurturingman Awesome 😎 photos!!! One of my favorite positions too!!!🤗

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    Thanks, @SuperManCuddles ! Maybe someday I can get some photos of us in this position. 🫂

  • @nurturingman That would be awesome!!!🤗

  • The best part is when your bodies work so well squished together and then you start to lightly sway to calming music. I’ve had some cuddlers do this position with me and we start to sway. And then we started to hum to whatever song was playing so we felt the vibrations of our humming. It was so relaxing 😌

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    @nurturingman I love those photos and I love yab yum!
    Anything I can do with my kids is fine. My kids love this! It’s only sexual if that’s an intention.

  • @nurturingman Great pics indeed!

    I recently did this cuddle pose / position with a client and hike it seems overtly sexual or at the very least intimate we made it more appropriate by placing a pillow in his lap.

  • I got a request for this and it was a little challenging, I wasn't sure if I was limber enough but it was lovely.

  • It looks nice, but my knees would go on strike in a matter of minutes.

  • @JoyfulHeart It's not a position that has to be held for a long time. Just a minute or two is very nice.

  • [Deleted User]Ezi (deleted user)

    That looks great, I hope to try it soon.

    Pardon, but what is 'covering'?

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    I would totally be down for that position if I’m dating the person. It’s too intimate for platonic cuddles with me. Even as a woman, I would find it difficult to not get aroused even involuntarily, as our bodies can automatically react to even nonsexual touch in our erogenous zones regardless of a lack of sexual thought or intention. I have a boundary of no genital contact in platonic physical contact as it can lead to desires I don’t want to stir up within myself or a platonic partner. It’s simply part of being human and it’s good to know our limits. No shame necessary. 💁🏽‍♀️

  • I appreciate your honesty, @TheMidnightOwl ! I don’t know if you can see from my photos, but you can hug in this position without crotches touching. Or, as @Nature_Lover_ suggested, you could place a pillow between yourself and your partner. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! 😀 But of course I respect whatever your boundaries are. 👍

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