Snapchat ears: cute addition, or annoying distraction? Discuss

I tend to fall on the "annoying distraction" side, especially if it is the main profile picture and doubly especially if it is the only picture! What do all of you think?



  • I agree! I love Snapchat and think it’s cute but using it on your profile especially as the primary photo or only photo is just not for me. To each their own!

  • Sometimes the photos that people use in their profile tell us more about them that the rest of the profile combined.

  • I think there should be more pics of people looking like grotesque river trolls or ogres, or even demon monsters . Animal ears optional.

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    A regular, unfiltered photo is preferred.

  • I'm in the "who cares" camp. I don't use Snapchat so I wouldn't use them personally, but I don't see much point in having a gripe over what kind of photos a person uses. As long as they're not against the terms of the site, it shouldn't be an issue.

  • I would use the filters if it made me look like a demonic unicorn a saurus with a receding hairline like that of Nicholas Cage

  • What people choose to complain about says more about them than their profile.

  • @FunCartel and @hogboblin you two... smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol

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  • Personally I feel everyone should post pics of cute animals.

  • If I bothered to read anyone's profile, I'd be annoyed if they didn't have Snapchat ears.

  • @DonLonG You Make a Wish granter you

  • @DonLonG: Ha! Brilliant.

    Returning to the main subject: As one of the face-blind few, it doesn't make much of a difference to me whether a photo's been cuted up. Actually, when it comes to telling people apart on the forums, I prefer objects to faces: easier to recognize. So sometimes a set of fake ears or horns or whatever helps.

    Not that I ever use filters myself—I'm just not that cosy with tech. If I were, I'd probably give myself red eyes and bat wings, because... well, because cool, right?

  • @DarrenWalker Couldn't help myself, had to see what you'd look like cuted up.

  • @DonLOnG

    chains you to the forum
    Never leave.

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    Reinforces chains placed by @Catloaf
    Heyyy Don, welcome!

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    @DonLonG: Holy smokes, I love it!

    Edit: Yup, those chains are an excellent plan. You're awesome. Never leave.

  • Filters are evil, deceiving and misleading. Lead to dissapointment.

  • @DonLonG but can you make me look exactly like Nicholas Csge's hairline ??

  • @DarrenWalker "I wouldn't mind having bat wings and red eyes "

    @DonLonG "hold my beer "

  • @DocA Speaking of "annoying distractions", although you're talking about profile pics being digitally altered and I thought I was contributing by digitally altering some profile pictures, I think I may have accidentally hijacked your thread. I wanted to apologize for that so this thread can back on to the original discussion.

    I started a new thread here if anyone would like to have a picture edited.

  • I love snapchat and its filters but it is annoying if a user's only picture is a filtered picture...

  • I fall on the it's annoying side ... What's even more annoying is if someone doesn't have a photo posted and when you ask for one that's what they send you. I mean I know you're for real not going to show up wearing dog ears , a flower crown , or stupid oversized glasses. Just show me who you really are so I know who I'm talking too.

  • @donlong seeing what you dropped in this thread makes me want to review every thread before my time where you might have contributed. You rock.

  • =) honestly....WHO CARES!!!
    You don't like the snap filters? So? What does snapchat pictures have to do with "cuddling benefits" lol....😅😂🤣😂😅

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    I’m my experience, there is some social stigma attached to the practice of seeking cuddles from (relative) strangers. Lots of people aren’t “out” about their loneliness, and aren’t comfortable posting any pics at all. So, if a person posts a blurry picture, a filtered picture, or a picture where one can see anything at all (or “everything” in the case of @littermate )... I say, “good for you! Your perspective and experiences are valid and you are totally welcome here!”

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