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Why is cuddling for an hour the minimum? Personally i think that's too long and have never been with a "pro" so i inquired about a half an hour cuddle. She responded saying an hour is the minimum. Just like sometimes i want a half an hour massage i don't see why cuddling for half an hour is not acceptable? Or maybe that is just her perspective.



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    Have you asked? Some pros will customize times if they can make it work. But I do not see why you want to do 30 minutes. Heck, I am just getting relaxed at 30 minutes.

  • A pro cuddler who is no longer on this site told me that in her experience, and that of many others, anyone asking for less than an hour is looking to gratify himself during the cuddle.

  • @FunCartel Yes i did ask but just 1 woman. Will continue to try and in my experience ive never cuddled for an hour but i can see where you are coming from. @BlueIris what is gratify myself suppose to mean? I'm looking to do the same I'd be doing if it was an hour...cuddle.

  • @lionloves , the solution is simple , pay for the whole hour , then leave after 30 minutes .

  • @cuddlerforu24 yeah that makes sense sarcasm

  • There are rules on this site that pros must adhere to. And unless they have changed they would explain the minimum amount of time and minimum we are allowed to charge.

  • Lionslove .. yeah I can see where my posting could be taken sarcastically, but I meant not that way . There are minimums, with a lot of things for sale or rent or services .
    Good luck with your cuddles.

  • It was already said but with my experience, “half hour” cuddles are purely guys wanting to get a quick handjob or something be along those lines. I don’t do sessions that short because the time it takes to prepare for a session to only come across a guy wanting that kind of gratification makes it a waste of time. I’m sure there are some out there that want a quickie sessions but 9/10 times it’s a guy wanting an actual “quickie”. No thanks.

  • @Sheena123 "purely guys wanting to get a handjob" i am insulted honestly. I am not going to waste my energy on this discussion.
    I don't feel comfortable to begin with paying for cuddles and didnt know there were pros until i got here and became open to the idea. Not knowing someone and being uncertain if id want to cuddle for a whole hour i thought it was appropriate to inquire about a half hour cuddle seeing how this is a service and i am a customer. Viewing a cuddle as a monthly therapy comparable to a massage where you can get half hour massages i simply inquired about why not the possibility? Lol but you bunched into a group of guys i am insulted to be categorized into and for that i smh and bid you good day.

  • Trust me, half hour is NOT enough time for cuddling. Even 1 hour seems short to me. I know you haven't tried it before but once you do you'll realize how a half hour is just not enough

  • It might not be enough for a fulfilling cuddle, but for the sake of getting to know someone and get a feel of who they are/whether you'd be comfortable doing a longer cuddle session with them it seems about right. Does seem unfair to push anyone looking for a shorter session to the side and generalise that much.

    I'd personally probably not do a half hour cuddle but only really because the hassle of having someone over/going over to visit someone for half an hour wouldn't be too viable for me and I make do with getting to know people more with initial messaging and a phone call before anything happens, but I can see the value in it for anyone specifically after getting experience cuddling a person rather than talking with them to get an idea of how well they'd get on.

  • @cuddlerforu24 gave the correct answer in my opinion.

  • Might as well just ask if they offer a quick hug. Half hour is a bit rushed.

  • @lionloves1 I didn’t bunch you in with the category of guys looking for handjobs. I said that I’m sure there are people that want just a half hour of cuddling to actually cuddle but it’s a small few compared to guys that only want that half hour for something sexual. You asked what’s wrong with just a half hour of cuddling and I answered you. I always try to understand both sides of an opinion so please don’t think I’m lumping you in with the creeps. Going to a massage parlour for a half hour massage is totally normal but with cuddling, it’s different. I’m just answering your question and saying the thing that’s wrong with half hour cuddles is that it mostly brings in guys that want something sexual. Just prepare for this same answer from most pros you decide to ask. It’s not a jab at you, it’s merely something most pros don’t do because of it. Sorry you got offended

  • If a half hour cuddle session isn’t an option on a cuddlers profile, I’m sure it’s for a reason. I feel it would be best to pay for the full hour and leave after 30 minutes, if timing is the issue.

  • I think it would just depend on the person / conversation / situation...
    If they weren’t too far away, and I could tell they were really nervous / uncertain about it... I’d let someone do a 30 min session.
    I totally agree it’s not enough time, but it’s more like playing the 1st level demo of a video game ;)
    If you like it, you pay for more...

    I’ve had multiple people book for an hour their first time, and then when 1 hour was up, ask if they could have another hour.

    For some people cuddling (or even just holding hands) with someone could be a scary prospect. A 30 min “nibble”, could be what they need to support them though the difficulty. (And isn’t that what cuddling is all about ;)
    I had one client though for example, that I travelled almost 2 hours each way for... 30 min of cuddling wouldn’t really be worth it.
    @lionloves1 just message a different Pro, other may be willing to accommodate. =)

  • @lionloves1 I met with an enthusiast a couple of times and she left after about 15 minutes. Apparently some do need to adapt to the cuddling concept. I myself can cuddle for hours and love overnight cuddles, but If I really wanted to cuddle for just 30 minutes I'd go to my local massage parlor and tell her I wanted to cuddle instead of get a massage. Of course I'd only do this with someone with whom I had a recommendation and/or good rapport.

  • I think a 30 minute cuddle can be nice. Heck, I think a 15 minute cuddle is good too. Not sure how the OP got accused of wanting a handjob. LOL

  • @baseball87 Obviously not all people requesting shorter session lengths will be doing so because of a sexual motive, but hear us pros out. There are reasons many of us avoid this, and it's because of too many bad experiences with this variable in the past. I've never had a good experience with this type of booking except once when the client knew he was going to be short on time and intended to make further bookings. It was basically just a meeting to get acquainted followed by a 15 minute trial of the service. I went ahead with it because he paid for two hours up front and there were no red flags. The rest who have shown interest in booking sessions for less than an hour ended up either outing themselves somehow during the screening process, or they pushed boundaries.

  • That’s exactly why I wouldn’t do half hour sessions. I explained that before but I guess it got lost in the woodwork. Lol

    If I have a repeating client that respected me and asked for a quick cuddle, I would gladly do that for them. But you are exactly on key with me @Catloaf .

    @baseball87 no one was accusing him of that. He asked what’s wrong with a half hour session and we are merely answering him as to why most pros won’t do a half hour. If there was ever a guarantee that we know they truly just want to enjoy a cuddle for a short half hour, then I totally would. But that assurance is drowned when 90% of the guys we get that ask for a short session keep wanting ONLY a handjob. It’s disgusting and something we shouldn’t have to be asked, but because we are asked that frequently from guys that want a half hour session, we have to rule out the short session in general. No one is accusing. We’re only explaining why we don’t do it. Does that make sense?

  • A half hour session for a lot of these guys is thirty minutes of hoping.

  • @sheena123 No, none of it makes sense. Some guys will ask for BJ whether it's 30 minutes or 3 hours. The only reason you all don't accept half hour sessions is because you want to make more money. Obviously nothing wrong with that, but that's really why 30 minute sessions aren't offered. I think an hour to cuddle with somebody who I don't know can be a lot of time together. I really wish 30 minute sessions were offered. I think it would be a much better business model and you would make more money in the long run.

  • @baseball87 has that been your experience with male clients?

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    Look, @baseball87, most of us are willing to make the adjustment for people who prove to be serious and understand the service for what it actually is. It isn't about money, it's about screening ultimately. I've been here over (and approaching on this account) two years and I've read too many horror stories about pros being cajoled into doing half-hour sessions and it turns out the client is has equated their cuddler with a seedy massage parlour. Obviously, I know there are clients who can't afford the service. It is pricey. For those in that type of situation, I work with what they can budget. Many of us do, but you choose to generalise with zero knowledge of what we deal with, and where we need to draw the line in order to prevent it.

    Yes, we indeed have to take measures like this in order to prevent being assaulted and to also prevent people from misconstruing this industry. The point has been illustrated rather politely to you. Nobody is saying all people who request less-than-an-hour sessions are looking for sexual services, and nobody accused OP of doing that. We explained why it's a sour request to take in for a lot of pros. Exceptions are very often made for those who prove they aren't looking for this type of thing, but please keep generalising and assuming all pros are only here for spare cash to pay the bills.

  • @FunCartel I don't cuddle for money and I only cuddle with women. My point was that a perv is going to be a perv whether they are going to cuddle for 30 minutes or 3 hours.

  • @catlouf

    Pros are here to make money. If a pro didn't want to be a pro she wouldn't ask for money.

    Again, some guys are going to be pervs whether they book for 30 minutes or 3 hours. MOST guys treat women well, just like MOST women here aren't looking for more things than cuddling.

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    My point was that a perv is going to be a perv whether they are going to cuddle for 30 minutes or 3 hours.

    Well, yeah, that's kinda common sense isn't it? You're not really getting it. The point we're trying to make is that a disproportionate amount of pervs do end up asking for shorter sessions because they think we're incognito erotic masseuses or escorts. By popular pro anecdote, a smaller percentage actually wants to keep the activity platonic in that allotted time frame. So if the resulting boundary/minimum time frame for a booking doesn't make sense, I dunno what else to say to make it more clear to you, man. All the luck to you.

    FC was being rather tongue in cheek, FYI. He wasn't literally suggesting that you are a male pro.

  • @catlouf So you are going to punish the bulk of the males here who are actually good guys? It's like me saying that I get messages from women who want to do more and cuddle naked and then take it out on the other great women on here.

    Again, MOST men are great men. There are a small percentage who aren't good, but you just have to weed those guys out.

  • @baseball87 we aren’t punishing the bulk of men. I even said earlier that if I had a client I trust wanting just a half hour, I would be happy to do so. You aren’t understanding the main reason we decline half hour sessions. It isn’t because we’re money hungry. If you even see the top of my profile, I offer cuddle sessions at a price that works for them. I wish there was a way we could have you understand properly without generalizing, but that won’t happen I guess. Shame.

  • @Sheena123 I understand you know. So If you trust a guy and all he could pay is $10 an hour, would you accept it?

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