This may be more for the Pro's, how about tipping at the end of the Cuddle Time-?, is it expected-?, I feel with the prices's that some charge I would not likey tip, unless they drove a distance and did not charge me for the travel time.
How about a non-Pro, there again, if they drove to my place, then I would offer them a tip, maybe, say, have dinner on me.
Would that break the rules-??. I did ask an non pro once to travel to my place & I offered to help with gas, would that be breaking the rules also-??. I'm new to this, only had 2 cuddles so far, both pro's, I did not offer a tip, and they didn't hint for one, I think-?, if they did I missed it.
If I was to invite anyone to meet for lunch or dinner or even meet for Ice Cream so we could meet and talk, of course I would pick up the tab for that, I'm old fashioned as they would say, I would even open the door for her.


  • Certainly not expected, certainly always appreciated, especially if there was a lot of rescheduling, last minute accommodation, or whatever inconveniences occur.
    Traditionally, tips are for people toiling thanklessly under someone else, but it's up to you. I tip my massage therapist even though he's independent and expensive because I appreciate him very much.
    It's nice of you to consider it though.

  • Thanks for your reply.

  • @waynewv

    I did ask an non pro once to travel to my place & I offered to help with gas, would that be breaking the rules also-??.

    No, that's not against the rules. Helping out with an enthusiast's travel expenses, or paying for dinner etc. is just you being cool. What's against the rules is an enthusiast expecting to be paid for cuddling with you.

  • Definitely not expected ☺️ The only thing I ever expect out of a session is respect of boundaries. I always prefer to meet beforehand for coffee or what have you but I pay for that myself lol. Meeting beforehand is a privilege for both parties to see if we connect and fit together perfectly.

  • Not expected, but appreciated. My clients all have different budgets for cuddling. I try my best to accommodate people with lower budgets as I am able and it makes sense. I have a sliding scale possibility and different discount opportunities. I do this full-time and the people with higher budgets do help make it so I can continue doing this work and providing the service affordably for those who need it.

  • Its unfortunate when some pros will actually tell you how much their other clients tip them in a way of guilting you into tipping them too.
    The only time I've given a tip is when I noticed someone was struggling financially and barely making ends meet, in that case I have sometimes given someone money when we didn't even cuddle because I didn't have time to cuddle with them but knew they needed the cash flow.
    But to me, tipping is just not cool when its asked for or you feel guilted into it.

  • @soloforever I don't share with my clients any of my financial successes or lack thereof. I don't even correct them if they state an assumption that I seem to be doing well, if I am not. If asked directly I will answer honestly, but I try my hardest not to concern them with any struggle I may or may not be having. I am not interested in manipulating people into doing or continuing the service if they don't want it, or to guilt them into giving a tip. On that note, I appreciate tips when a client is happy and can afford it. I don't negatively judge anyone who can only afford the base rate of course. It is definitely kind of you to be compassionate, but I just reacted to the notion that I could effectively be punished because I choose to keep my financial business private πŸ˜• Just something to possibly consider.

  • @ubergigglefritz that is so admirable of you to do that.

  • @soloforever Thanks. 😊 I feel weird even being complimented on it, ha. It's just being professional πŸ˜• Your dentist or other service providers don't come to you with their financial stresses either... Of course, I wonder if I would want to know of a struggle before a favorite provider has to close their doors πŸ˜• It still feels somewhat inappropriate though. I guess there is just a LOT I would do before involving my clients in a "save my business" effort πŸ˜‰ But I'm also lucky in many ways and can't judge other people for doing what they feel they have to do sometimes... I just hope that people who tip do so when they feel it is deserved and not for perceived "need," since more often than not, you don't know the true situation of a person. Or the other choices they may or may not be making in order to put themselves in or keep themselves out of financial stress πŸ˜• I may be in a fancy looking motorhome (made possible by selling my house, car, and nearly all my things), but I'm at my second Walmart in a row as I travel to my next session, ha. Perception is simply an assumption, and "need" is all relative.

  • @soloforever

    Its unfortunate when some pros will actually tell you how much their other clients tip them in a way of guilting you into tipping them too.

    That's pretty horrible. I wouldn't be going back to a Pro that did that.

  • I think its kinda rude in general for a provider in any service industry this one included to ask for a tip to start with it. Particularly when it comes to cuddling it's bad form to assume the client brought anything other than the agreed upon fee to start with as most people don't travel with cash these days. Also the personal finances of either party I don't is appropriate conversation during a session especially when money is supposed to change hands. There's a lot of bad things that could potentially come from that if they don't really know each other. Now I would be open to a small token of appreciation like maybe some candy or chocolate if there was a particular kind I knew the pro liked before we met or if we decided to incorporate food or coffee into our session I would gladly cover that. A monetary tip would only come after we've met several times and had established some sort of rapport.

  • I am certainly not implying this to have been the case in @soloforever case. One thing I will say is when someone is hinting at other services and availability of there might be talk of a tip etc. If someone just starts talking about tipping right away I would be a bit cautious . Nothing wrong wirh tipping or being tipped though. Just speaking from my own personal understanding of sex service industry . Since some unfortunately will try to use this site as a front for something else just exercise caution

  • I'm not tipping somebody when you're already paying $100+ for an hour to cuddle, that's outrageous and if they even suggested that I'd never see them again for being greedy and crazy.

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    Tipping is for people who all of can afford it, appreciate the service, and feel they got a good value. Sounds like that wouldn't be you, and that's fine 😊 As a professional, I don't care about the first, but the middle is pretty much a requirement for my clients, and the latter is my goal. I don't want anyone to feel like they wasted their money...

  • Pros hinting at tips has picked up recently. Nothing at all to do with propositioning for sex. Just had one last week in Northern California who dropped the hint as she was getting ready to leave out the door as I was reaching in a coat pocket to get tip money. I grabbed a pair of reading glasses instead. I just told her that I did not know you could tip. I was going to tip but when they pressure you it is a huge buzz kill.

    I have found the ones that do not ask are the ones that are the most appreciative when they receive a tip. Those that ask see you as an ATM.

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    @FunCartel I didn't mean to imply that if you ask for a tip it means you are proposing sex or anything . It's just that I have heard from a few folks who have had that happen . Sort of like take care of me and I'll take care of you wink wink . Also happens quite a bit on the flip side , with men offering tips for extras . Unfortunately in this post Craigslist post Backpage world there are many folks coming to sites like this looking to both receive as well as give extras.

  • @pmvines oh I have had that happen, but it was more when I first started. I am finding that SOME pros are desperate people financially, and I understand that, but they will give minimal effort during the session and then practically demand a tip at the end. Very disappointing.

  • Shoot. Just realized I am guilty in that I ask if people need change when they pay me. I know I should just give them change. I should keep on hand $20 in $5 bills :-/ I don't mean to pressure. Typically people do either have exact change or they don't want change back. But I shouldn't assume. I am always open to constructive criticism and feedback :-/

  • Actually I can afford to tip. I just don't think an extra tip on top of the $100-$160 per hour most people charge is something I feel is needed or necessary. Maybe if they were charging 20-40 dollars Ok sure I may give you a tip.

  • I'm with @Kense. I don't think it's necessary and I certainly don't expect it or hint. It's definitely appreciated but I'm just happy when the client actually shows up and pays. Been stung a few times because I've been too shy to count the money and dumb enough to trust some bad actors to pay later. That's on me I know.

  • Thanks for all the comments. To me it is not if I can afford it, which I could, if I was that low on money, I sure would not be hiring someone to just cuddle with. I tip well when eating out, the better service, the better the tip. But I would not go and find the owner and tip him or her. I see it kind of the same way here, the Pro is not an employee, so what ever they get paid is all there's, maybe the fee they have to pay will come out of there fee. I agree with one comment, if they were at $40-50.00 an hour, yes, maybe-?. As an owner of my own service type business of over 26 yrs., I have seen many customers tip my workers that did the repair work on there boat/trailer, which is fine, I think I had only 1-2 customers give me a tip and I'm OK with that. I really think most customers would see my posted labor rate and think I got to keep all that amount for me, LOL, they don't think about ALL the over head I had as the owner. These Pro's have very little overhead. I agree, if the cuddlier tells me up front, her fee per hour, then tells me the TIP with be XXX number dollars, then that would be a big NO for me.

  • @waynewv I think it's a bit presumptuous to assume you know anyone else's overhead or expenses. Every person and business is different... πŸ˜•

    For people who can afford it and feel the value is there, I greatly appreciate anything extra. I don't fault anyone for not tipping though. I see plenty of people who can only afford the base rate, and that is all that is expected.

    Currently I travel in my RV full-time and essentially go wherever people want me to go, within reason, with regards to weather, and my current schedule. Sometimes I'm just above breaking even for a certain leg. The people who are more clustered, closer, and/or tip help my business maintain its solvency. Granted, it's my choice to travel far for just one person, but my hope is to provide a professional to people in areas with none, who have a legitimate want or need for one, so sometimes it's necessary πŸ˜•

  • ubergigglefritz, I did go and look at your profile out of curiosity about your RV, sounds like a fun way to travel around the country. I assume you would be staying south in the winter. I also have a RV, a pull camper and on 2 sites I watch about RV-ing, they are saying it's getting dangerous out in Tx., Ar., NM, there have been a few people killed to just get there RV, and some robbed, they were on those open federal lands where you can camp for free and each time they were the only ones there. So be safe out there.!!!!! If you happen to end up around Tampa, Fl. and need a place to park your RV for a day or so, let me know, I have a big level driveway your welcome to use. Happy travels & be safe, Wayne

  • @waynewv I'll try to remember to private message. If I find any clients, will definitely be in Florida coming up into 2020. Would love to chat.

  • Overhead? What OH .. if the side hustle pro does it right , there’s practically no overhead expense

  • @cuddlerforu24 Ok. Maybe a "professional" has no overhead, but I do.
    That's why, for people who are just doing this for fun, aren't investing in their business, have a website, effort in advertisement, education, get insurance, do extensive traveling, etc, should certainly be the cheap help in town. You see that in any industry. "Professionals" are cheaper than the real businesses, since they save all the overhead. In cuddling, you usually see the opposite. People here for a quick buck and "easy money" are typically the most expensive. 🀷

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    @ubergigglefritz ... your situation is different, since you are full time .. full fledged, of course you have the expenses to operate . I identified a typical cuddler who will operate as a sideline to their day job . After hosting for a dozen different side hustle professionals from three websites , it could have been me the professional. A spare set of pillowcases, and bedspread would hardly be considered an investment. And the 10 dollar jug of detergent to launder that bedding will last quite awhile . It would cost more to write down their prices and figure what you spent on it , then the actual amount . Yes I agree there are some out to make a quick buck , unfortunately, but a conscientious paid cuddler can be encountered .
    While I’m at it , there are those out there who state that prep time ( probably the quick buck artists) takes away frI’m their earnings . A sole proprietorship, the owner wears many hats , one would be the janitor. I ve read here on this forum β€œ considering the time it takes to prep a Cuddle temple , the cost to do it cancels out a significant amount of the session earnings β€œ. Ask anyone in business you don’t pay yourself $80 an hour to vacuum .
    It shouldn’t take more than 45 min ( a very well lived in crib with pizza boxes and newspapers) to prep 500 -600 sf of living space ,( vacuuming, dusting surfaces) to accommodate a client , or guest .Such housekeeping is something every resident of their space would do anyway . More than that your pulling out furniture from the walls. Which is not actually domestic housekeeping but deferred maintenance.

  • I actually offer a $20 discount for bringing a blanket to cuddle on and pillows, ha. I don't have much storage on my motorhome, don't use pillows personally, and don't like doing laundry on the road. I would rather just offer the discount πŸ˜†

    I do take a good 45 minutes to get ready though, between showering, shaving, and cleaning πŸ˜‡

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