Dealing with Hot Cuddle Partners (not what you think! lol)



  • I am from San Francisco where it is air-conditioned all year round. In the summer if it starts getting too hot, the fog comes in, makes everything damp, and cools it back down. I moved to Arizona 8 years ago. They keep telling me I'll get acclimated one of these days.

    I have been able to tolerate the heat by having:

    • A mattress topper gel infused with copper that draws the body heat away from below
    • A Cotton/Bambo weighted cooling blanket filled with microscopic glass beads that draws it away from everywhere else. Having an electric fan blow over the blanket keeps the even cooler without having the wind directly on you.
    • A Bamboo shredded memory foam cooling pillow.
    • A Chinese folding fan stashed in every room, the car, even in my briefcase for at work and overnight bag
    • A dehumidifier for the summer monsoon seasons.
    • Icy Menthol cooling body wash for men.
    • Hot water bottles in the fridge for a bed friendly ice pack.
    • Setting up my Cuddle Dungeon underground in the basement where it is naturally cooler and better ambiance.

    As far as cool cuddle positions, I think my favorite would be the one where we are in a pool and you wear me like a backpack. What's that one called?

  • As someone with a smallish surface area to mass ratio in a relatively large and tall frame, I can generate my share of heat. I have recently discovered, to my delight, the fabric of my dreams: bamboo (tip of the hat to @DonLonG ). I bought bamboo briefs, and it changed my life. Infinitely smooth, soft, and cool to the touch. I then bought bamboo sleep pants that I now where all day long when working from home. We keep our house at an even 67 degrees (with a whole house, wicked efficient, solar powered heat pump) (tmi?), and they keep my legs warm and feel great even under a whole bunch of covers at night. Just now, I bought a short sleeve tall bamboo shirt so that I’ll be ready for my next cuddle sessions in which I plan to be clad completely in bamboo. Cannot wait.

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    @StellaLiz I absolutely address the issue in advance esp if I am meeting a cuddle at their home.

    @JasonCuddles feel you boo. Feel you hard.

    @eddie2sweaty I have not found these good smelling damp folks yet... lol

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    @DonLonG I bow to the master. On the next plane to you. Pick me up at the airport?? ;) lol

    @Crataegus where do you buy your bamboo pieces? I will need to check out!

  • This condition is kind of why I won’t book with pro cuddlers weekend hotel room specials when she is trying to book as many clients as she can for a day .

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