What do you do to make a cuddle session special?

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Beyond just cuddles, what do you do to make a cuddle session special? For example, scented pillows, flavored water, special lighting, etc. I am just curious how creative some people get.



  • I like to spend some time beforehand having a coffee and a chat. During the actual session, I have scentsy basking the room in a beautiful scent, with calming music and an ac cooling the room I’d preferred. Depending on the situation , if I have time after, I’ll go out with the client to play pool or go to karaoke.

    I wish I had some awesome different things to make the session itself stand out. I put out water and mints. I just rely on the magicalness of cuddling.

  • @ILikeWarmHugs thanks hun ❣️❣️

  • I'm making gluten free chocolate chip cookies and chai, and lighting candles. I also made a playlist according to what music he expressed interest in.

  • @littermate So if we cuddle will you make a playlist of hardcore punk and death metal just me me???

  • @pmvines yes. I will do that. I will even consult one of my friends who is a death metal base player. I may wear earplugs or have to dance wildly, throwing myself at the walls to digest it all, but yes, I would do that for you.

  • Death metal, wall throwing, and ear plugs! What a lovely cuddle!

  • Come on down! :)

  • [Deleted User]BigHugsPA (deleted user)

    @littermate very caring, conscientious, and thoughtful.

  • I need to stay away from scented anything and warn potential cuddle partners of that.

    I like soft lighting.

    I often show up with home made sorbet or ice cream. That's kind of special.

  • @ozonelayer <3 read my karma, dude, you rock. <3

  • I almost always have a candle-lit room, even when hosting on the road. Hint: Walmart has a 12-pk of glass-enclosed unscented votives shrinkwrapped for $5.99 (so when traveling, you can always find a store and don't need to lug them around in a suitcase). I also always ask my partner for a beverage request and am happy to provide it as an icebreaker and discussion break pastime during longer cuddle sessions. I happen to prefer champagne snd similar brut sparkling wines because they don't generally get guzzled leading to drunkenness, and most of us only have them on 'special occasions', and I think every cuddle session should be one of those.

  • @Babichev that IS special! I love homemade ice cream!

  • Upon completion of a session with me I give them my pillow, adorned with my drool, and I ask them how they would like it signed. You know, “Thanks Samantha, you have been hugged FunCartel.”

    One day it will increase in value with autograph hounds.

  • Stuffed animal for the guest cuddler .

    Dogs cats monkeys elephants giraffe , I entertained one cuddler a number of times she collected the entire Bronx Zoo

  • @littermate I read it while eating my cookie. You rock, too! Thank you :-)

  • What makes a cuddle special to me is when you are with a cuddler who you really like in their style of cuddling, have a good connection with them, can have meaningful and good conversation and you can relax with.

    Other things that can make a cuddle special are : atmosphere and place where you are cuddling!!

  • I find having a partner, makes a cuddle really special.

  • I have wonderful relaxing scents going, candles, calming music along with homemade cookies and beverage options. I always gave amazing wine selections and craft beer, neverrr coors or budlight water. Many clients are also welcome to 420 in my place, but cigs are kept on my balcony. Last my balcony provides just spectacular views on NYC. Unbeatable and luxurious.

  • Polka music and videos of mating tortoises

  • @pmvines Mating tortoises is one way of getting your cuddle partner to come out of their shell.

  • Hahaha, groan.

  • @FunCartel
    You should be on a stage. 👍
    I ate a tortoise once. In my defence, I was drunk, and thought it was a meat pie.

  • @geoff1000: One of the toughest crusts you ever had on a pie, huh?

  • Honesty,good hygiene,scented candles music,and HONESTY

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    I cuddled a non-pro recently that is an herbologist and she had an array of ointments, balms and oils that smelled and felt soooo good. I have such a sensitive nose and respond to scent that I was in paradise. She smelled ok too.

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