Cuddling in Odd Places

This is for anyone who has had weird experiences or requests during cuddling sessions such as cuddling on the roof, cuddling at Walmart or cuddling upside down, maybe someone explain the last one to me lol


  • Lest anyone be misled by one of my public pictures: I don't consider the top of a refrigerator a good place for cuddling. Comfy enough for one person, sure, but two? That's just silly.

  • Lol Darren is that what happened to you? Or is this a creative suggestion?

  • Grab the scuba gear cuz we’re cuddling while diving!

  • I had a regular who was a truck driver and we cuddled in the cab of his truck.

  • Well that seems more understandable tho

  • Cuddling while diving, crazy! Sounds fun. There's a group where I am that does contact improv under water, kinda like cuddling while diving. No weird requests here though I did have someone offer to shave my legs for me. Suffice it to say I did not cuddle with the gentleman. It was just too weird for me without even knowing him. I'd like cuddle and go through a scary house at an amusement park, that would be fun, but it's not super weird.

  • In "The Terminator" Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor cuddle in a drain under a road.
    Maybe we should have a sub-site for "extreme cuddling", like "extreme ironing".

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    I have cuddled in a kennel at an animal shelter. With a dog though. lol

  • edited December 2019

    @2dogmom Eh, nothing but dogs here! lol ...(just kidding peeps)...Good to see you back :)

  • I've cuddled with someone who was dying. I also snuggled a passed out teenage drifter by the side of the highway while I waited for help to show up.

  • Weird place? Is there such a thing?

  • Wherever I am.

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    @pmvines is it because wherever you are is weird?? 😉🙃😊

  • Haha, @pmvines and I should get married @2dogmom.

  • @2dogmom people are strange and when you're a stranger ....

  • I've cuddled with someone in my dreams.

  • [Deleted User]m4wcuddling (deleted user)

    Hmmm maybe cuddle on a pile of bubble wrap, or on a huge mound of toilet paper (ultrasoft) or cottonballs, in a tree house, waterbed, haystack, in a field of flowers, huge bed of marshmellows, on top of an RV looking at the night sky, in a cave, while scubba diving, for you rock climbers on the side of a cliff or hanging from a cliff overhang (anyone seen K2?), on a remote island ib a pile of palm leaves, row boat on a lake while watching fireworks, on a beach already in a desired cuddle position then someone buries you both so just heads out so you can breath, when astronauts go to the moon cuddle in a crater (cuddling in NASA space suites thats worse than scuba gear...) or mars or in zero gravity on the ISS or when space walking, in a hot air balloon, in an igloo sp? Or snow cave, ice castle, stranded in the wilderness cuddling to preserve heat in those funny foil blanket mummies, hammock, in Smiths cuddling on the floor of the frozen food isle (hey, it gets cold there), RC Willey on any of the display furnitures, Mattress stores (memory foam, extra firm, gel, take your pick) hey good places to meet it's safe and public! Probably not the frozen food isle though). The top of Mt Everest. As long as we're together.

  • [Deleted User]clio (deleted user)

    Personally, a visit to Walmart makes me need a hug, so...

  • This one guy asked to cuddle in a park but here’s the kicker it was raining all week and currently raining 🌧 So I definitely declined I don’t like being cold or wet

  • I still want to go to Ikea for a cuddle

  • Yeah, I got cuddlers in low places
    Where the oxytocin pours
    and the little spoon chases my blu u ues away
    And Ill be ok!

  • I heard a story this weekend about a friend who cuddled a stranger in a ball pit. She thought the ball pit was empty, so she fell in and hit someone. They ended up cuddling. Turns out the stranger was a cuddlist, and my friend is known for her propensity for cuddling. So, it was a very cool experience for them.

  • I got this spot right between my shoulder blades that could REALLY use some... oh. Not THAT kind of "odd place."

    Never mind.

  • [Deleted User]m4wcuddling (deleted user)

    The Gravitron, a saucer shaped amusement park ride that spins really fast, like a centrifuge, so you can climb on the wall until you can barely move. So you can pick your comfortable cuddle position and literally cuddle on the wall! The Ferris wheel, ask the operator to give you extra time at the top! Might be a good ice-breaker since the rides aren't too long, unless either are vulnerable to having nausea or fear of heights.

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