What are you doing New Year's Eve??

Does anyone have any big plans for the big night?? I am going to a comedy show and late dinner but, sadly, will probably be sleeping before midnight (unless the fools setting off fireworks in my neighborhood keep me awake!). Anyone ringing in the new year and decade with a cuddle? :)



  • Big plans? It will be a small gathering of friends and we'll do both savory and sweet fondue, and in between dinner and dessert we will play cards and games. There's a friend's dog I'll take care of that is terrified of fireworks, and I'd the CBD treats don't work, then I'll just increase my portions of brown sugar bourbon. Other than the dog, the night won't include cuddling.

    Good to see you back, @2dogmom !

  • I'm going to get really drunk, speed down the freeway and swerve back and forth across all 4 lanes while cuddling.

  • @PeopleLikeUs
    Nothing special then ? I certainly won't be doing that, our UK freeways only have 3 lanes.

    On millennium night, I was ironing ; I'll try to do more partying at the next one.

  • @PeopleLikeUs there's some of that good old bizarr-ity that's been missing from the threads of late!

    I'll be facilitating a retreat and we're prolly gonna light off sparklers and sing at the top of our lungs as the year turns.

  • No idea. I will be working both new year eve and hew year day and events are always so organized and orchestrated \on holidays i am likely better off just staying in than trying to fight crowds and trying to find somewhere unplanned to go

  • Probably drinking until I black out.

  • Does it help with the awkward @SociallyAwkward ?

  • Nah, I'm drinking by myself until I black out. @littermate

  • Awwww, @SociallyAwkward, sending remote hugs, which I know suck compared to real ones, nevertheless, it's what I have and they are offered with my whole heart.

  • I appreciate that @littermate . Sending hugs back to you, of course.

  • Thank you. I like hugs. <3

  • I will be celebrating my birthday that morning, then playing a dueling pianos gig that evening.

  • Happy birthday! <3

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    @TheErlking fun!!! I’ve always wanted to go to one of those shows. Happy birthday!

    @SociallyAwkward man, go foster a dog from your local shelter. You’re not drinking alone if there’s a dog! Get one that likes cuddles!

    @Sideon thanks boo! Wish I could join you. I’m good with anxious pups too. 😉

    @PeopleLikeUs not prudent. lol

    @littermate a retreat! Sounds zen!

    @geoff1000 and here I fancied you out at the local pub...

    @pmvines I loathe forced frivolity esp at a premium price but at least being out is better than being at home crying alone and crying...

  • Sitting at home and wishing I was cuddling. I will
    be hanging out on the phone and hopefully FaceTime with someone I’ve cuddled with before so I’m looking forward to that.

  • @2dogmom that sounds so sad ! I just view it as another day lol that way I don't feel bad if I choose to not do anything . Makes sense to me at least

  • Last time I got black out drunk I was 15 . Woke up in new Orleans not knowing how the hell I got there or where I was . Booze, Vicodin, and heroin will make you do crazy things 😉

  • Same thing I do every New Years Eve, try to take over the world! I mean, nothing, absolutely nothing.

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    @pmvines it’s not about the day... it’s just been that kind of month... 😕

  • @2dogmom I wish I was just attending and not at the piano that night, but it’s good money and should be good tips too. I’d just rather be spending the evening with people I care about.

  • Wish I could be under the covers with a nice cuddler the night of New Years Eve!!! Going to be watching the ball drop as usual!!

  • I worked part-time as a taxi-driver until recently, so most of the last few New Years, I was busy doing that until about 4am. It will be nice to have a rest.

  • Doing nothing I hope. I had a date but am going to cancel due to the 50000 photos this fella sent me of his junk. 😂. When will they learn. I think I’ll stay home and crochet

  • @Missnursejen
    Here is a nice picture of a junk for you, sailing into a Chinese harbour.
    Crocheting is a pleasant way to hook up.

  • My New Years resolutions should include learning how to add images to my posts.

  • @geoff1000 use the add images button

    @Missnursejen that was my favorite all-time post right there.

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    @TheErlking I understand. I just love music but have ZERO talent so I’m always in awe of people who can play or sing. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area let me know... I’d love to come see you!

    @geoff1000 really??? Wonders never end with you. Bet you have some great stories.

    @Lev136 I’d rather be cuddling too! 🥳☺️

    @BrianL I just want to crush all the fireworks idiots who scare all the dogs to death!!

    @Missnursejen SMH. Did you send him back a laughy face emoji??? That always... deflates... things... 😂😂

  • @2dogmom I will be working 2–10 on New Year’s Eve. Then I have 2 party invites and I have to decide which one I’m going to. No cuddles in the cards for me, though.

  • @littermate Thanks, I'll try that.

    Yes, I really was a taxi-driver for a while. So many times I heard one passenger say to another, "Don't tell anyone, but. . . ."
    It's a good place to learn, "Things not say to your date".

    I also have no musical talent, I couldn't even get a decent tune out of a CD player.

    You could have told him that the images clearly showed first-stage syphilis, and you were glad he had sought your advice about such an embarrassing and potentially fatal medical condition.
    A young girl gets flashed in a park. The man says, "Do you know what this is ?" The girl replies, "I'm not sure. It looks like a penis, only smaller".

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