Home made Eggrolls or Home Made Tamales!?

Hey guys Happy new year!!! If you were on a specific diet and couldnt eat Carbs and wanted to do a "Cheat day" would you prefer Eggrolls or Tamales ( Or what would be your go to cheat meal?) Im a fan of Crunchy Egg rolls with Home made dipping sauce myself :)


  • I’d say 👎🏾To tamales

  • Tosh ... I say damn the torpedoes and stop at the Chinese place and get all the egg roll s you want , and hot mustard sauce

  • @cuddlerforu24 haha trust me , been there done that ! But if you know someone who knows how to cook them, wow home made Eggrolls are so much better and I get All I want when we do cook them here at home ! Egg rolls are a nostalgic food for me, feels like home.

  • Tamales for the win!

  • Tamales for me if they are green chile ones. 17 years in New Mexico means I'm hooked.

  • Tamales! Because you can be so creative with the filling! And they're so comforting and less oily. Plus I love avocados and salsa on top mmmm.

  • Last time i got a pedicure the shop owner brought out some home made egg rolls for me. They were piping hot as she had a fryer in the back of the store. Some of the best i have had.

  • Are you simply taking a poll for fun? Or asking for ideas for your cheat day? Not sure what's going on here. What are the rules? Anything goes on a cheat day? If I could carb up on the cheat day I'd be going pizza or pasta at a good restaurant. Garlic bread. Wine. But if I'm helping you decide I need rules, if any. My best friend is a diabetic. I wouldn't make him pizza or pasta on his cheat day if he had one. He could cheat..... a little.

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