What is an appropriate timeframe to hear back?

If you send a message to someone listed as a pro cuddler what is an appropriate timeframe to hear back from them?


  • Every pro is different. I answer back immediately. So do a lot of others. But some pros have full time jobs and super busy lives so it could be a couple days. Others that don’t put as much effort in only log in one a week or every couple weeks... there’s no definitive timeframe unfortunately. Good luck!

  • Nicely, concisely answered Sheena, my friend. I am still learning myself and i found this helpful, so thanks. I forget that some are very busy and that also some only log in once a week or even longer.

  • Everyone is different .... Some answer back in a matter of mins , some take a day or 2 or longer .... And some you just don't hear back from

  • "and some you just dont hear back from"

    Would those mostly be the ones who are not active any longer on here, who have not visited the site in over a month? Or do some Pros just not bother to respond to some even if they are active on here? What is your experience of this?

  • Hello, Pro here..

    Not that I have bad experiences often, but when I do, I definitely feel the need to take a break from the site, so maybe that has something to do with it? I work a full time job but manage to check my account during my morning break, lunch, and afternoon break when I am “active”.

    So I would say the ppl who don’t respond within a week might not be interested in snuggling at the moment, or have a full plate.

  • I forgot to mention, I usually put some sort of “gone fishing” message in my profile if I know I’m not gonna be active for more than a week or so.

  • @dharma1257 I imagine that there might be various factors that influence whether a pro responds: How infrequently she logs on, how often she wants to make herself available, where you fall in line with the other candidates who have requested her services, how you introduced yourself, whether you have positive reviews, what her feelings are as to your chances of respecting the cuddling agreement, as well your size, shape, age, and looks, et cetera. I have spoken with a number of pros who respond after a few days, a week or more and then do not respond to subsequent messages. But I am rather selective and I imagine that they are in high demand and there are an unknown quantity of other requests in her inbox that she is also avoiding... or responding to... I could have asked the one I saw last but it didnt come to mind at the time, we were busy cuddling... 😊

    And yes, some do not respond at all.

  • @smp429

    I'll only reach out to Pros who logon 4-5 days per week. If I don't get an answer in 48hrs, I move on.

  • I like the "gone fishing" message in a Pros profile, if they are going to not be active for awhile, that is smart and helpful.

    Yes, lots of factors, i agree, that influence whether they respond or not, too many to list.

    I am kind of inpatient and if someone doesnt respond to me quickly, i lose interest quickly, especially a Pro. But i do have to understand that some are just not that active on here.

    I did write a Pro on here that is in my area, but not active, for several months, and of course, no reply from her. But i find it odd that she didnt bother to deactivate or delete her account, rather than leave it up. I imagine, some guys still try to contact her from time to time, like i did.

  • If a pro has more clients than they can handle they wont respond to every new client right away.
    Why would they want to see new clients when they have enough regulars?
    Just keep searching and youll find one who wants more business

  • I sign on several times a day and if I know I cannot respond within a few hours I do send a quick note that I received your message and will respond this evening, or I note in the message when I will respond as I at least want them to know I got it.

    Recently had on my profile, “If you message me from Jan 7-14, 2020 please note I am out of the country but will respond when I return.” I did get messages while I was away and they noted in their email that was appreciated and I responded this am to email received while I was away.

    @soloforever I feel even if a pro has enough regulars and isn’t looking for any new cuddles I think they should either at least respond or note in their profile not currently accepting new clients.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    @TravelBug2018 "I usually put some sort of “gone fishing” message in my profile if I know I’m not gonna be active for more than a week or so."

    This is incredibly thoughtful for anyone who knows they'll be gone for any extended period of time. Especially Pros.

    standing golf clap

  • I for the most part answer every 24 hrs or less, I have a full time job and I'm really busy with other things that I do. So for the most part I try to answer at night time. Also its hard when you have many messages and so little time!

    I can imagine some pros do this as something not so regular, maybe every so often. I think it also depends if that person is really busy that week!

    I always say that you should try to book a session for at least 48 hrs ahead of the session. This gives pros time to manage their schedule and see if they can fit you in!

  • I typically login once a day to check to see if I have messages and more often if I have an active conversation with someone. That being said I have had days that were chaotic with everyday life and I didn’t have a moment to check in on cc. If I have an active conversation I may make time to respond to then but may have to wait on new people at that point in time.

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