Goals that took a while to achieve?

Have you ever had a goal that took a while to achieve a and when you finally realized you attained it you were in awe? It’s an amazing feeling



  • I can't wait to have that feeling someday.

  • Legitimately, it took me a while to get a single song out on Spotify last year and other music platforms. I thought it would have been more difficult but at the time I was working with folks that were as clueless as I was then lol I figured it out once I no longer depended on them

  • @StellaLiz and @DonLonG your profiles are so nice and well written 🥺

  • It took me seven years to become a legal permanent resident of the United States.

  • It took me 52 years to try curried goat 🐐 and I love it 😁

  • I lost over 120 lbs about 6.5 yrs ago and perseverance and consistency were my friend! When I finally lost it all, I cried. I never thought I would be able to see myself that way. I was so proud of myself!

  • Yeah , took me a while to quit smoking . It took about , 2 years to feel normal after quitting cold turkey . No patches , no hypnosis , nothing but will power . I can’t stand cigaret smoke now .

  • ☺️Proud of all of you!

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  • I know! I'm over here waving my pompoms. <3

  • Making peace with the voices in my head

  • Mine is less important than SouthFlorida4U's weight loss, cuddleforu24 being a nonsmoker, UKGuy's US citizenship, StellaLiz's releasing her music. Mine is personal which is meeting new lady friends (of different backgrounds a plus) who want to hang out with me and not by emails or text.. I never envision this site as the means. I finally started traveling to other cities on my own and hope to reach the NYC by the end of 2020

  • It took me 45 years to become 45 years old. It will take me another 5 years to turn 50. I'm determined and have the goal clearly in my sights. #motivated

  • I used to be married for 8 years in an emotionally abusive relationship. He controlled everything I did. I couldn’t wear make up, have a license, have a smart phone or even have a Facebook account. It took a long time for me to finally realize I shouldn’t be with him and when he didn’t accept my bisexual side, that was the last punch to the gut to make a change and create a goal to being happy for once. After divorcing him, I learned to drive, had my sister teach me how to apply makeup, made a Facebook account and got a job and keep my money and used it freely without having to give it to him. Then I met the man of my dreams and live in Florida during the winters. It was a long decade before I finally got to my goal of being happy, but I’m here and proud! 💖

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    @Sheena123 As you should be happy! Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing!

  • You are very welcome! @Sheena123 🥰

  • The longest time frame for me, would be learning to fly & own my own plane. As I child around 5-10 yrs. old I would watch the TV shows of the time, Highway Patrol, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, the western's. there was one that I really loved to watch, it was Sky King, you can find it on U-Tube, about a western rancher with a plane that helped anyone he could, always with the plane. I thought even at that age, how great it would be to FLY!!!!. I think I was around 16-17, my 1st. trip to the airport, asked about getting my pilots license, was told around $800.00, for me that a big WOW, so over many years I would go back ask, I remember hearing, $1200.00, then, $1800.00, then $2500.00. So at 39-40 yrs. old, I said, darn IT, I'm going to the airport and signed up, ending up costing me $3500.00,but it was worth IT., I bought a Cessna -172, had a great time with it. Sold it, now I wish I didn't, so looking for another plane now

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    @waynewv for pilots liscemse I was just quoted $160 hr for aircraft +fuel+instructor x 20 hrs min w/ instructor 3200 + additional 20 solo hrs x 120( aircraft rental -wet rate) 2400 , + incedentals ( books flight surgeon testing fees) that 6000-7000, that’s minimum instructor prolly won’t sibn you off until 60 hrs now your at 9000, and that’s just basic clear weather liscenae, add addt endorsements tail wheel - instrument - multi engine- of course that’s just for pleasure , add$$ for bigger aircraft -jet engine- commercial ( to tow banners, drop skydivers) ( crop dusting ) its a huge investment

  • Wow! I love all the comments on here! I give you all big hugs! How amazing!

  • cuddlerforu24, yes, not cheap anymore. I'm going thru my Bi-Annual now, have not flown in years, so it's taking a little time, FAA, says 1 hr. ground & 1 hr. in the plane, for me to go up it's runs about $240-250, an hour, plane & CFI, I'm VFR. I think I seen a sign that listed about $6,000.00 now for a license , I did it almost 30 yrs. ago, the bummer is I sold my Cessna for 12K, now to replace it, they want 35-45K, same yr. & model. I'm looking at 2 seater experimental models, way faster and I can do my own repairs on it. I did get to fly a P40 War Hawk, what a BLAST, but $
    1K flight, LOL

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    That’s cheap. There’s a guy somewhere letting out his p-51 for 100k a clock-hour , + Burns 10k fuel/hr

  • Patience, how to handle high stress situations, not having complete hatred of my body, healthy fat loss(really only concerned with inches, not pounds), how to let go, much better at self-love, self-care. All these things took a lot of time to achevie and truly appreciate having them now.

  • Oh and managing my depression where my depression no longer controls me. Yeah it's something I have, but it doesn't make me a flat-out depressed person.

  • @SunnyD - well done. Keep it up!

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    I once, through a ton of resistance, ran daily until I got up to 10K and then ran a 10K race. That was probably the thing in my life I put the most will toward. If I complete the book I'm writing that will be the second.

  • @SunnyD I tell myself I have Manic Depression, it doesn’t have me.

    Cuddling definitely helps and the supportive individuals that understand what it can take from you when you are at your weakest who are who I want in my corner!

    So proud of you for the self love and self care!

  • @CreativeCuddles precisely! and thank you.

  • I tell a friend that she is not a diabetic, she "merely" has diabetes.

    We are defined by our actions, not our ailments.

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