What are your intentions?

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Let’s see what member intentions are. Please answer the survey or comment. The form does not support more than one answer.

  1. What are your intentions?62 votes
    1. Platonic cuddle buddy
    2. Dating - casual
    3. Dating - long term relationship
    4. Income - side hustle
    5. Income - main
    6. Friendship
    7. Emotional support
    8. Just looking around
    9. Something else - please comment!


  • I assure you, sir, I have the UTMOST respect for your daughter!!

  • I'm just enjoying the forum conversation at the moment.

  • Absolutely only platonic searching, but i will not turn away anything. I just don’t look with that in mind. I search for higs

  • I came to learn, grow, and meet a platonic cuddle buddy or two. Then I found the forum, and the sweet pups who are on this site, and now it's a great outlet for exchange and for connecting with cool humans.

  • I would say, that the question is a Trojan Horse, more then one of the questions could get you banned !!!!!, if you said yes to them-???

  • I am here for the connections, if that turns into cuddling great, otherwise i have made a few interweb friends so either way i win

  • I'm here so I don't get fined. Quick .... Name the reference !

  • If it's not from a movie, I'm clueless.

  • So @waynewv - is THIS your concern about selecting some of the poll options?

  • @paul thanks for the effort, but the two options related to dating are outside of CC guidelines. So I will suggest to take them out. It can mislead the new people.
    -I am here to improve my self and learn from people.

  • @hiricky
    I can’t edit the survey. I can only delete it.
    I knew that the dating questions were outside the bounds of this website but I have seen several individuals that indicate a tendency toward that, so I just wanted to see if people would be honest.

    I think the responses are anonymous, there are no names associated with the survey results. I think you are safe if you don’t comment. I don’t think you will be banned for being honest on a survey answer. I could be wrong. I’m not a moderator.

    Thank you all for your input!

  • These stats are interesting 🤔

  • Your profile should state what your intentions are. I don't see the point of a survey which will only get responses from a tiny minority of members.

  • @UKGuy
    Intent should be one of the requirements to answer in a profile. The problem with the survey is it is limited to those participating in the forums, and who are honest, which is a minority of the member population. I just wanted to raise the topic for discussion and see how the answers were distributed.

  • @MrPaul @UKGuy "Intent" as a required answer on a profile would sadly have all the weight of requiring people to click a box that reads "I swear everything I wrote is true and not in any way an attempt to hide real intentions or desires that are against site rules and would get me Booted Right Off in a heartbeat."

    In other words, no one would answer "intent" as being "I intend to break the rules and see how far I can go" even if it was true. As you say, a poll expects that people are being honest, but if they know their honesty would put them on record as intending to break the rules, who would do it?

    You can trust the people who give honest answers, but there's no way a required answer can prove who those people really are.

  • marshawn lynch

  • MI5 recruiting teams used to have a clever method to detect any KGB agents trying to infiltrate the organisation. They would ask, "Are you a Russian spy ?"

    After the Burgess-Philby-MaClean scandal, they introduced Positive Vetting, which followed up the initial question with, "Are you sure ?"

  • @StoryDoctor1138
    It doesn’t really matter what people say. It’s what they do that shows who they really are.

  • @MrPaul Totally correct. Unfortunately, as a screen device to minimize exposure to those who aren't what they say, there's only so much good that form questions can do to catch dishonesty.

  • @StoryDoctor1138
    I agree!
    In my limited experience, those who are here for the wrong reasons get discovered and are soon banned. The well-intentioned people in the community support others that are honest, and report rule breaking. The moderators are very good at catching them too. I also like the karma system.

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