Sitting on lap

Sometimes I still wonder if sitting on lap is considered cuddling. I've posted this before if you remember.



  • I think if there is cuddling involved it counts. So like if both parties are actually involved and holding each other. Not just sitting facing forward looking away... I often cuddle while sitting on someone's lap.

  • @ronniedarling Oh, okay, interesting.

  • I think it can totally count as cuddling! Especially when done with the intention of keeping it as platonic touch. Maybe the person being sat on is holding the person sitting on them. That can apply.

  • @StellaLiz I think I might have to agree with you on that. Wait, what? Sorry, I sometimes don't make sense.

  • Done it. Loved it. It was cuddling.

  • Cuddling is whatever you think it is. Sitting on a lap is just one of many positions where you can share physical contact. Do what works for you and your partner.

  • @MrPaul That's the best comment I've ever read.

  • I don’t see why not. Actually i don’t know what else it would be considered.

  • It depends on how much the person sitting on your lap weighs.

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    I don't know . Luna , Gracie , is this considered cuddling ? It is? Ok . Luna and Gracie say yes

  • Spooning is sitting on someone's lap, with gravity acting sideways ; or vice versa.

  • That is my favorite way to cuddle with my husband I sit on his lap with my head on his shoulders while he plays games or whatever. That being said I would probably not do that with a cuddle partner from here because it doesn’t feel non platonic to me

  • @KariMeiSnuggles It's best with your husband.

  • I consider it cuddling. One of my favorite cuddling positions is "The YibYab"

    Lap cuddling positions can be altered and adjusted to where it doesn't mean you sit directly in their lap. Prime examples are:

    "Legs on Lap"

    and "The Lap Pillow"

    These are great positions for talking with your cuddle buddy about their week or for some relaxing parallel play. A fun twist for this is to take turns reading to each other. There are many other variations of the lap sitting that are pretty awesome too. But to answer your question again, yes. I still consider it platonic and still consider it cuddling. :)

  • I think that any posture can be platonic, the clothing rules prevent what could be sex positions from being so.

  • I dont mind at all sitting on someones lap for cuddling! I actually like it! Its all on intentions more than anything in my opinion. If the guy is trying to rub himself against me, then thats different but I've had great sessions sitting on someones lap and its been wonderful since the intention was pure on platonic only.

  • There are so many cuddling positions and sitting on someone's lap is definitely one of them. I like that positions when sitting in bed.
    @AceofCuddles I agree 100%.

  • As do I @SoftPetals. Those positions are great and--most importantly for me--they maximize the ability to give hugs.

  • I've done this sitting towards each other and hugging. It's wonderful. I think I would consider it cuddling too.

  • Omg! This feed on this forum is never ending! Love it 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • What part of it appeals

  • Being able to be as close as you possibly can! Love it ☺️ Scratch each other’s backs or caress softly while being in that position. So relaxing. I am always up for that position as long as it’s with someone who can respect the position.

  • Anything that has the front of my body plastered to the front of my cuddler partner's body, both able to put arms around each other, AND face buried in neck is good. Maybe not the best cuddle position to lead with when getting to know someone, but once trust is established, it's heaven.

  • @SouthFlorida4U What about sitting on your lap?

  • I think it's like spooning, but the weight ratio is important.

    I'm reminded of the cartoon of the mouse and the elephant laying together in bed enjoying a post-coital cigarette. The mouse says "Next time, can I go on top ?"

  • @littermate - that kind of lap cuddle sounds awesome!

  • @Sheena123, that's the best part of cuddling for me. I love hugs and anything that allows me to hug my partner is phenomenal.

    @littermate I agree. I usually don't start out with that position until I've cuddled someone a couple of times and I know they won't get weird with it. But when you do find someone you connect with well and can trust it's amazing. I like to call this "melting". Tight hugs, intertwining limbs and simultaneous back scratches is amazballs.

  • @dontremember Pretty much does it for me. :)

  • @littermate I'll remember that, in case I ever manage to get within 100 miles of you. ;)

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