Is there demand for male pro cuddlers?

Warning, this thread is to pose the question in the title but I'm also venting difficult feelings. They're admittedly judgemental, I just want to be up front about my feelings, cuz they're there

I can't say the idea of being a pro cuddler hasn't crossed my mind. I have mixed feelings. When I see a woman on this website that I feel like I might be interested in, and then her profile suddenly becomes a Pro one, I feel cheated. Especially when their profile says something like "I get just as much from the cuddling as you do". I can't help but feel like its sleazy. Like women just want to cash in because they know theres plenty of lonely guys that'll pay them 80 dollars and up for an hour of cuddling. You can keep up acting like you care about someone for an hour if it means that amount of bank, right? ("Okay hours up!"  *boot)

But maybe part of it is resentment that I feel like males - or perhaps at least this male - would not have the privelege of doing the same thing. How many lonely women would actually pay for cuddles? Would my clientele just be gay men? Of course I also realize its platonic but we usually want to cuddle the "opposite gender" or the gender that we're attracted to, right? I'm not against cuddling men, I would just probably have to get a little used to it for one, but more importantly I also have a fear that a male cuddler would attract creepy clientele. As in, women wouldn't pay for cuddles, most men would pay women, and only weirdos would express interest in my services. I don't mean to sound judgemental, thats just my fear, and I don't particularly want to like, be abused or something.

Perhaps its also obvious in my venting that I have money issues. I can barely comprehend monetary situations outside of the very lacking one thats ingrained in me. My mom never had money when I was growing up, and currently I get SSI, so after rent, I have like 400 dollars left, a month. Yay for spending a quarter of my monthly living money on an hour of cuddles.

So basically, I got on this website looking for genuine connection through cuddles (no results), am upset to see all the women asking for money for something I was seeking and also willing to do for free... but am also wondering if I could actually charge people for cuddling and if it would work for me. I never said I wasn't a man of contradictions. : /

Thank you for listening to me ... it would be quite awesome if there were male pro cuddlers reading this, who could tell me: is it working? How many clients do you get? What are they like? Do they give you any trouble? I might have more questions if this thread is fruitful at all ... and you may ask me questions too if any arise..



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    All of your thoughts are valid. Thanks for having the courage to share them. I’ve had similar thoughts, and many other men have as well, as the forums show from time to time. My advice is to be patient and learn all you can from the forums.

  • There is virtually no demand for male pro cuddlers from women.
    That's why there is such an imbalance

  • I have said this before but I think it bears repeating. The number of men on the site vastly outnumber the number of women so whenever a woman signs up (as a non pro) she gets inundated with messages, so much so that the site doesn't allow people that are not on her hometown to even message her. There are many women who sign up and quickly realize that there is an opportunity to cuddle and make money at the same time so they turn pro soon after.
    Many women also sign up and they get so overwhelmed with messages (many of them inappropriate) that they cancel their account soon after also.
    Now imagine @TryingthisOutxo that you weren't even a pro and just wanted to find a non pro woman to cuddle, you are competing against a lot of other guys just within 50 miles in your home area , I'm sure the number gets greater if you expand the search parameters. So you would be lucky to even get a response from a non pro, which by the way is the main complaint from site users, that women don't return messages, even getting a response from a pro is sometimes difficult because of the numbers disparity.
    I just wanted to illustrate how difficult the market is for male pros. Could you get a session? sure, but like you also mentioned above your clients will most likely be men, so if you're ok with all that give it your best shot and good luck!

  • I'd say the market for male pro cuddlers to cuddle women, theoretically exists, but practically doesn't.

  • I'm sure many women would pay to be cuddled by a male A-list actor, but they would charge more than $100 an hour.

    I am fortunate to have cuddled overnight with many A-list actresses and female singers, the sessions ending only when my alarm clock woke me up for work.

  • I would pay to cuddle with a man who seemed respectful, kind, down to earth and soft natured, and who would make zero innuendoes about sex.

  • Also- your post comes across as angry and resentful that women are charging.

    I can empathize with your financial difficulty but not with your anger towards other people attempting to earn money.

  • ...the site doesn't allow people that are not on her hometown to even message her....

    This isn't true.

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    I said in my post that when a woman signs up she cannot be messaged by people that are not in her hometown and this is true.
    I will clarify that this is a site mechanism that goes for a predetermined amount of time, I can’t recall what that time frame is but I think Mark said it was two weeks or somewhere around that time and it is in place so the new female members don’t get so overwhelmed with messages right off the bat that they leave the site.

  • I didn't look into the details of this site when signing up. For some reason I had the idea that it was mutually beneficial for both parties - I did not know there could be any money exchanged. I wish there were more men locally.

  • I actually had the same question about male demand. I’ve heard constantly that the amount of men booking on this site vastly outnumber the amount of women booking on this site, but I would not let that stop you from giving it a shot. Your frustrations are very valid and unfortunately I believe that with a market like this, it’s only natural to see such an imbalance. In my opinion, I would still sign up to be pro! I believe that you’ll only know the outcome once you actually do it.

  • @cuddleversed @littermate Women can by default be messaged by anyone. I think it's only women who get tons of messages immediately after signing up that a flag gets set and only people in their hometown can message them.

    @TryingthisOutxo No, of course there is no demand for male pro cuddlers (who cuddle women). For a long list of social and biological reasons, the demand for men by women is much lower than the supply. The demand for women by men is much higher than the supply. This applies to dating, sex, cuddling, and any other type of intimate relationship. This has led to enormous frustration on the part of men throughout history. IMO it's gotten worse in modern times for various reasons, and it's particularly bad on this site.

    Ultimately it's just a fact of life that men have to come to terms with.

    As a man, use this site if you're willing to pay for physical closeness with a woman. Don't expect anything else out of it.

  • Thanks for the honesty. Maybe after venting and feedback you can figure out your intentions and what's next.

    If you're talking yourself into trying pro, you may want to revise your pitch and take a look at your bias, especially: "...I have a fear that a male cuddler would attract creepy clientele. As in, women wouldn't pay for cuddles, most men would pay women, and only weirdos would express interest in my services...".

    No. "Only weirdos" are not interested in cuddle services. Not all guys are creepers.

    It starts and ends with communication and framing 100% platonic intentions, and that's up to you.

    Best of luck in your cuddle adventures.

  • @cuddlemekel What is the cost of living in Fairmont? How about the affordable housing situation? Wise men are always looking to go where there's a need in the market. So to speak.

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    An excellent male professional cuddler should be able to teach the platonic consensual platonic cuddling skillsets to an amateur enthusiast male cuddler this as well as a female professional cuddler in my humble opinion, Communication and putting yourself out there to draw you a clientele would be the challenge.

    I am a straight male, and I have cuddler with a professional male cuddler before and must say it was an enjoyable session as I look back on it almost a year later. To me, cuddling is about my cuddler fully accepting me, getting my touch needs met, and getting the oxytocin flowing.

    If I were physically able to cuddler others and truly make a difference in their lives, I would sign up and start working on becoming a professional cuddler TODAY!

  • @cuddlemekel

    I believe the complaint made is (speaking for the majority) that:

    • Men’s motivation is to have temporary relief for their loneliness.
    • Women pros motivation is income.

    He says initially women sign up for the benefits of cuddling, maybe a curiosity, but later realize the monetary benefits outweigh the emotional health benefits. So much so that they are willing to subject themselves to weirdos. I do believe being a “weirdo” has nothing to do with the gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

    I agree this fact poses a problem for guys who want to feel close to a woman’s touch, especially to those who can’t afford it. It poses even more of a problem for starving married men for it further limits options for emotional release. And if you’re married and can’t afford a pro... well you’re really going to have a pretty much a zero chance on this site. The difference is that most women here are at will to stick with being a pro, being an enthusiast, or removing their association from this site, and still would be able to find a cuddle somewhere without much trouble. I think men are much more needy in that way than women are... at least I own that fact. I may get flack for this.

    This is the reality. It’s not fair. But little in life is.

  • Ha! Want to make another point about men’s demand for female companionship.

    Have you ever watched those nature shows where the animals fight to mate with the female. Well it’s because females are in short supply. You never see the females fighting over the males. It’s like this in the animal kingdom and in ours. Be lucky we’re not an insect cause then we may have our heads eaten after we mate. Just saying. It’s nature. I may want to come back a woman my next lifetime.

  • Female topi antelopes fight each other for desired males. The same phenomena can be seen at a Jonas Brothers concert.

  • At least if I’m successful at earning a female, I don’t end up with a headache from bashing my head over and over and over like a stupid fly on a windowpane.

    Truth be told for males (humans) that a lot of female opportunities in life are opened up by how successful you are in your social class. It behooves you to go to school, get a good education, a good job, be independent in order to attract females, or be able to afford $150 an hour cuddles.

    My advice for @TryingthisOutxo (although you probably don’t want to hear this) but from reading your profile info, you may want to consider getting some outside psychological help for your depression if you haven’t already. Hopefully your outlook on life can change. Then change those patterns in tour life that are shackling you to your situation. The world doesn’t change. It’s always the same circus. But we can be the monkey, or the lion. The choice is yours.

  • @Riverside77

    At least if I’m successful at earning a female, I don’t end up with a headache from bashing my head over and over and over like a stupid fly on a windowpane.

    You don't? Man, I must be doing something wrong then.

  • @StoryDoctor1138

    Well it would really suck to end up with the headache (figuratively speaking) and still not get the girl, which is what most guys are ending up with.

    I really enjoy your writing style! You’re very interesting and entertaining to read.

  • Why thanks! You are clearly a person of taste and decency.

  • One advantage of a pro cuddler, is that they won't dump you for not visiting often enough. If you found an enthusiast who was looking for a "platonically monogamous" arrangement but was a significant distance away, it would cost you a lot more each month.

  • There is a lot more risk for women to be doing this than it is for male. That is why there is an imbalance. Its the law of supply and demand. That's why women can turn this into a profitable profession but not for male.

  • @alphares that’s a factor worth mentioning but it’s not even close to the primary reason.

  • Worst case scenario sign up as a male pro then you can ask female pro to cuddle and since yoyr.both pros wouldn't get charged or would you by the website?

  • @Riverside77 i can only speak on my own behalf, but I would occasionally pay for a cuddle with a man if he were to cater to my needs, help me relax, feel comforted, and feel emotionally protected.

    Women feel lonely too!

    It’s just that women are less likely to pay, as we assume that even if we pay for it, it’s still likely to end in at least a little bit of dry humping, boob grabbing, and/or uncomfortable situations which we still have to negotiate our way out of.

  • @CuddleChameleon thing is, I would do that for free. I really like when my cuddle partner has a good time and feels protected. I think a lot of other men feel the same. So, I can’t say for sure you would feel this way, but I suspect after you have more experience cuddling from this site you may realize there would never be a need to pay to have your cuddle needs met.

  • @mb0 I hope you are right. Sadly my experiences in cuddling (on other sites) has proven (at least for myself) that this isn’t the case.

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