Not cool and very UN-professional

So a few days I was emailing back and forth with a pro (she'll remain unnamed) although ill say shes from the Inland Empire, and we get to the point of actually booking but I noticed within the last month she had several bad karmas, So like any reasonable person I asked her about it and OHHH BOY DID SHE GET AN ATTITUDE AND SNAPPY with me, I have to say I was very hurt and embarass because all I did was ask a question and she got nasty, in the end she blocked me and told me if I'm so concerned find someone else, very UN-PROFESSIONAL and rude, please pro cuddlers if someone asks you about your karma please dont take offense to it


  • Sorry this happened, and that you were hurt by it, but thanks for sharing this and letting us know about how some Pros respond. That sounds very unprofessional to me. All you did was ask about it, which is your right, any reasonable person would ask about it. You are probably better off taking your business elsewhere anyways, she saved you the time and money.

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    She could have posted her side of any karma. There is a "reply" button for that purpose. If she didn't, she's not a very astute business person.

    @met3344 since you have communicated with the Pro, it is possible for you to leave her karma

  • @Groucho no because she blocked me after she got all nasty with about her Karma

  • @met3344 what was the nature of the question you asked? Not excusing her behavior, but there are some hot button questions pros get all the time that they prefer you did not ask.

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    @FunCartel all i said was that I was concerned about her recent karma, both guys complained about last minute no-shows and I had that happened to me and really sucks especially if you got a room

  • @met3344 Then she is totally unprofessional and was defensive because she is aware of what she did. If she was innocent she would have explained what happened. You are better off without her.

  • Call her out here.

  • @Groucho There are rules regarding leaving feedback now that require you to actually have met in person or if there was a no show. Helps to prevent abuse of the karma system.

  • @BigGuyGa we dont need nasty comments on here, please be respectful

  • Yeah, it's against site rules to name people specifically. I think the most you can do is get a moderator's attention if someone's violating the rules of the site.

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    I get the foundation of a "No Naming & Shaming" policy (although that certainly doesn't prevent accusations galore on Ye Olde Forum Posts) - but shouldn't there be an ability to at least post a comment on a Pro's page if there has been verifiable conversation between enthusiast and the pro? At least that would allow the Airing of Grievances without allowing people to do a Drive-by Fruiting.

  • Yet again, a most fitting gif.

  • Karma is there for that very purpose, and anyone who has bad Karma should expect to be asked about it.

  • @geoff1000 Yes, but it was pointed out above that you can't leave Karma if you haven't met in person or if the person has blocked you... which kind of skirts the ability to rat out those who pull a No Show.

  • Maybe if you talked with a moderator about the issue and tell them he deserves to leave karma on her profile so others are aware of her.

  • @Sheena123 yeah i wish i could

  • @met3344 have you tried? I think if moderators look into it and notice the issue, I think they would be able to lift a block so that you can leave karma. Just a thought. She certainly deserves another bad karma for being so rude and uncaring. Who wants to have a relaxing cuddle with someone who doesn’t know how to admit their flaws or at least be able to professionally explain a legit reason to a legit question?

  • I wouldn't be offended if someone asked me about any bad karma reviews . There are two sides to every story as @Groucho suggested, but I would have easily replied to it so my side is explained as well if that were the case. The fact that she acted that way at all means she has the wrong intentions in my opinion. Those are the type of women that give us actual professionals a bad reputation. I've heard of many instances from previous clients that were no showed by other professionals and it's just plain disrespectful to do that to a paying client. I don't agree with the type of business practices some of these "professionals" decide to uphold. It's as if the clients comfort, let alone feelings, are not taken into consideration.

  • The whole reason the giving Karma thing was invented was to be a early warning sytsem. You wouldn't be offended if someone asked you about your Karma probably because you have reasonable explainations, you offered her a chance to give you reasonable explination and she flipped out. So the only thing I think to take out of this is that the early warning system worked.

  • @Sheena123 I would be interested to know as well if it can be lifted in order to leave karma though i can also see it being abused as a retaliation against being blocked by someone. I actually know of a certain forum member who would block women who he thought might give him bad karma so he would only have the good karma showing. He also would delete his account if he had bad karma and start fresh.

  • @pmvines yea I’ve been wondering how it works. If a mod is looking at the situation and sees she is in the wrong and deserves to have bad karma, I would think it’s something the mod is able to do

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