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It’s more about curiosity and knowing that it happens often enough where cuddlers are taken advantage of by enthusiasts that charge when they shouldn’t be. I’m just wondering how many have been talking with an enthusiast and ready to plan a time and then all of a sudden they say “oh by the way, I’m $80/hour”. I’ve come to realize a lot of people aren’t aware that enthusiasts shouldn’t charge. If you don’t see a pink “P” on their profile, don’t let them think you have to pay. They should be reported. Too many enthusiasts are getting taken advantage of with this I think. And maybe some enthusiasts actually don’t understand they have to apply to be a pro. Very curious what will be said ☺️

I think this needs to stay in the general section of the thread because most enthusiasts don’t visit the pro section and will never see this. If they truly don’t know the difference between pros and enthusiasts (those that charge, and those that can’t ), this should be seen by all. Not just people that visit the pro thread. Does that makes sense?

I guess I’ll broaden the question. Not just if you were charged by an enthusiast but also if an enthusiast brought up a price for you to pay.



  • A problem with non-pros being accused of asking for money, is that it may be difficult to prove either way.

    Someone might falsely accuse a non-pro, as a punishment for not allowing their boundaries to be pushed. Someone who does accuse, may be falsely counter-accused of pushing boundaries and making up the accusation as a punishment for being refused.

  • I have met with someone, had like an intro meet out at a park to see how things went, and then money came up. I call them stealth pros. The poll question is worded in a way that I will say no, but I have a non-pro say they required money.

  • I've never had an enthusiast I contacted try to charge for cuddles. But I have had them try to charge for sex (ie, they're prostitutes). I've also seen many enthusiast profiles that are written in a way that strongly imply they think they're pros.

  • @geoff1000 it’s sad that people misuse the report button 😫

    @JasonCuddles ok my bad. I’m not able to word it differently now but I edited my post. So for anyone after that, that’s a yes for me. I hope she just didn’t know how to apply as a pro.

    @SimilarGamma oh my god there are so many out there like that. It will never stop but at least we can report and get rid of these ones. Little by little.

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    After paying and being professional cuddle by professionals and learning from them for a year, I reached out to an enthusiast in my area. My plan was to platonic cuddle with them precisely the same way the professionals had shown me Doing the vetting I realize they expected an hourly rate. They told me they were a professional who just hasn't been approved by the site. Fortunately, my instincts told me that. I was being led down a rabbit hole and not to go there; unfortunately, some enthusiasts are not only taking advantage of other enthusiasts but you professionals as well, your craft in which you have put so much time and effort in.

  • @WKCuddles good on you for noticing what she was doing was wrong. The site deserves to have a piece of what you make considering you wouldn’t have received a client if it weren’t for the site. So if you are going to charge, you have to apply like everyone else lol

  • It’s hard for me to believe that people would be on here more than an hour and not realize enthusiasts shouldn’t be charging. If they were to have missed it within a few conversations it’d be obvious. I’ve had a fake pro attempt to act as though she didn’t know the rules, and one that wanted to charge before they got approved. I don’t believe their ignorance. I also believe that most guys that wonder into these situations are open to pay for sex.

    I just don’t understand how one could make that mistake.

  • @BashfulLoner maybe there are some that honestly don’t know how about tenor they don’t look at the forums and learn. But I do agree with you that most are definitely feigning ignorance. It’s annoying.

    I have had a lot of cuddlers tell me they honestly didn’t know the difference and they’ve paid quite a few enthusiasts. Ive corrected them but I honestly don’t think every single one of them was lying to me. Common sense isn’t so common.

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    @Sheena, Thank you! This why I believe cuddling parties are so important because they are about boundaries and consent. Sadly they are not available in many places. I have yet to attend one but attending one is on my buckle list. My lifestyle currently allows me to do independent studies and last year after my first platonic cuddling session and the tears stopped consensual platonic cuddling became my life passion. I can not get enough knowledge on the subject.

  • @WKCuddles there’s always something to learn. Good for you! Knowledge is power 😸

  • I’ve had this happen to me a few times but it was only two times that I remember where the enthusiasts I was talking to engaged in a long conversation that seemed genuine and then at the end they told me that they usually got money for their time. One of them I actually drove an hour out of my way, bought tickets for the movies and when she was on her way to meet me she springs the “you know about my hourly right? “ I ate the price of the tickets and went back home after telling her that it wasn’t cool what she had done.
    The other one brought it up before we met so I was able to tell her no thank you before coming out to meet with her.
    The other ones are more easily detected because they just give you a phone number and tell you how much they charge right away so at least there’s no long conversation and time wasted in those situations.
    But yeah, it happens a lot and they are not confused, they’re just trying to be under the radar pros.

  • @cuddleversed well, hopefully, people stick to the site rules and report these people. If it’s obvious they know what they’re doing, they deserve to get reported for it. They’re wasting the time of guys that honestly feel like they found an enthusiast to cuddle.

  • Another thing that happens is when an enthusiast is pending approval (meaning she applied to be a pro and is waiting to be accepted) she thinks she can start charging. Which she is not allowed. That’s another one that gets confused.

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    What about the enthusiasts that say they are a not-for-profit but if you donate you can write it off taxes?

    Hypothetically speaking.

  • @FunCartel
    It can also be hidden as "I need to pay the babysitter / taxi fare home" etc.

    If I was hitch-hiking and the driver asked for a small amount of money for fuel, that wouldn't make them a taxi-driver. However, if we had a crash, the driver's insurance company would try to prove that they were "hire and reward" and not pay out.

    There is nothing to stop a financial exchange for cuddling, with someone who isn't registered as a pro on CC, but it is unfair on CC, if that someone has used the site for the connection. Think of someone selling second-hand tools who loiters in a hardware store, telling customers about to buy a particular tool "I've got one for half price in the trunk of my car outside", the storekeeper would soon kick them out.

  • be aware folks that while some enthusiasts may claim to be waiting for their pro-approval, and they may cite being pros elsewhere, if they made contact with you about a cuddle session HERE in cuddlecomfort, they are to follow the expectations of not charging UNTIL they are listed as pros and booked as pros.

    for that, enthusiasts profiles have to wait til they get approved as pros before they start exchanging correspondence between themselves and potential paying cuddlers. best practice to keep this site about platonic cuddling STAY about platonic cuddling. like some may have mentioned, some folks could easily be using this site for other businesses not allowed.

  • Shouldn't an enthusiast also report men who offer money in exchange for a cuddle?

    It's not only enthusiast women who are charging. Some men also boldly offer. And boldly as in insisting that the woman takes the offered money because he feels she should have it and he can afford to.

    So there are many sides to this.

  • @Bles those men should definitely be reported! It is thrown in everyone’s face when they join that this is a platonic site, so if they offer more money asking for extras, they need to be banned.

  • If a man offers money, with no expectation of anything in return, the best reply may be to ask them to make a donation to a particular charity.

  • Every walk of life has its rules and rule breakers. All we, who choose to follow the rules, can do, is continue in that manner and report those who choose to be scoundrels.
    I don't know how clearer it could be made that this is a platonic site with established rules. There are plenty of other sites for other activities.

  • My Dad had the usual phone call, "You have won X hundred pounds, we just need your bank details". He was kind enough to suggest they give it to charity.

  • Is there some type of training to become a pro cuddler?

  • @Sheena123
    They can probably help.

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    @Dorp_the_Mike, yes, Cluddist.com offer an eighty hours training program. When I first found and came on this site, cuddle comfort.com, I kept seeing questionable professional profiles base upon my own experiences. I ask about this but was pretty much laugh upon. Call me "old school," but when I am willing to pay someone $80 or more to come and platonic cuddle with me, it just seems obvious to me that I have the right is to see what their credentials are. Please keep in mind there are a lot of excellent professionals cuddlers on this site as well as other platonic cuddling websites that are genuinely gifted professionals and do things the correct way with little or no forming training. Still, personally, it sure does make my own, vetting process a lot easier when a professional has their credentials right there in their profile for me to view easily. I vet the hell out of my cuddling partner and I expect them to vet the hell out of me, and then we both escape into our world for a bit for a spiritually, cuddling awaking.

  • Although only some of us are formally trained in professional cuddling, many of us have other kinds of training as well as a variety of life experiences that are complimentary to the work we do as pros. When choosing a pro to work with, I also suggest considering the personality and interpersonal skills of the pro so you can establish a good match.

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    To be honest, i don’t believe anyone who says they don’t know that they have to be a pro to charge or a guy that doesn’t know you only pay pros. I think people claiming that are looking to sell or buy more than what the site offers.

    I can’t believe a person that has enough information to sign up for the site, and find the site could get far enough to leave a message or post on the forum with out know that much. It’s deceptive to pretend not to understand these things, or at least i can’t believe it.

    The only reasons i think it would happen are for reasons i won’t mention, because it would be insensitive to a certain community that i don’t believe are on the site. I think people in these communities know better as well for the most part.

  • @BashfulLoner So pro in that sense? Oh, I thought a pro was a positive, upbeat person and a non-pro, like a con, was a negative, downbeat person. This changes everything. I apologize to the non-pros that I messaged and referred to a therapist.

  • Well, you are on to something. But in this context it is absolutely a positive, but non-pros that can present as positive but with a undermining intent. This intent could be very positive outside this construct we are in, in here it’s a virus. So a non-pro presenting falsely may not be down beat but they are on the wrong beat. @FunCartel

  • My uncle must have been a pro, because he wasn't an auntie.

  • There definitely is training available. I was thinking of taking it some time but for now, I’ve had a 100% reaction from every single one of my cuddlers that they absolutely love my sessions so don’t fix what ain’t broke lol I may not be trained but as it was mentioned, some just genuinely have a good touch and ability to show affection. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, I just feel that I do a fairly good job without training 😸

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