I just saw a profile (professional) that highlighted her breasts in one picture, and the very next had a screen shot of CC restrictions of what is acceptable during a cuddle session. I still don't understand why some of the professionals underscore their more seductive elements, then demand that they only offer platonic cuddles.



  • There’s a lot of professional profiles like that on here. They obviously offer more but go on pretending that they don’t.

  • It is really presumptuous to assume that a pic showing cleavage means that person is offering sex services for pay. Also pretty sexist.

  • Yea, this totally depends on how much cleavage she’s showing and how seductively too if it is. I’ve had guys tell me some of my pics are too showy and I’m looking at them thinking “I’m just wearing a tank top”. I’m all about platonic so if some people are saying to me what you are saying about this girl, that can go either way.

  • Some people just love starting battles. 😞

  • Some women are more well endowed than others. They shouldnt have to wear turtle necks or have all their pics cropped from the chin up just so people wont judge them for their pics. I do def get it when someone is popping out of their top and the angle is such to promote being suggestive. I also think part of that is ingrained as being normal to an extent and some folks dont even realize they are sending the wrong message. My thing is I dont like the mentality of well, see how she is dressed? She is obviously asking for it right? Wearing those clothes in that place at that time doing that thing...That is the sort of crap that is used in many a rape defense trial.

  • @pmvines exactly! That’s what I was saying. I can’t help I’m a little heavier and I certainly don’t mean to look suggestive but if me just being a woman and having breasts makes people think I’m being slutty, people need to calm down. But I definitely agree that some girls are a jiggle away from falling out and staring at the camera biting their lip or sticking their tongue out, yea, that’s a bit too suggestive.

  • Maybe those were the best pics she had that gave a true representation of what she looked like. They always say put your best foot forward. And yes some women because of their shape will always look busty even when they're not trying to.

  • Hello f it’s a bit of cleavage, but just a normal smile and the rest of hers pics and profiles are very refectory fine then I’m sure she’s not trying to convey anything sinister. Now, if she’s sticking her tongue out or do suggestive things, and it’s her only pic, then take another pic lol

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    There's at least one professional in my area that used to have quite seductive photos in her profile. However, she found that was attracting the wrong kind of potential clients. So she switched to less seductive clothing and poses and now attracts clients she is more comfortable with. She still gets plenty of (platonic) business. I think profile photos do affect the type of people who respond, even if that is unintentional.

  • Unless you have a session with the lady, then we don't know what she will or won't do. I know most guys like eye candy. Just because a woman is highly attractive, posing seductively and showing lots of skin, doesn't mean she's non-platonic. I would just say yes, she wants to be eye candy, BUT doesn't perform illegal activities if she's putting a picture of the CC restrictions as her second photo. Seems like her message might be "you can look at my sexy body, but don't cross touching boundaries."

  • I do understand that some people don’t feel worthy unless they are showing there beat attributes. That is not subject to breasts, i mean what i feel is my favorite attribute Is the Kraft side of my beard. No one will ever question the left side of my beard. However some one may question many aspects of a woman’s breasts or thighs. I’d never question only appreciate, only optically. Not romantically, sexually or platonically just appreciatively

  • @BigHugsPA
    You’re not necessarily wrong with your observation, no matter how many respondents and White Knights pile-on or suggest you’re being sexist. You’re not. The ones you’re referring to are also usually the same ones who do apparently cross the line and occasionally get banned. And, the ones who are brow-beating and finger-wagging at you here are often the same ones cackling in other forums about the exact same thing you noticed (and more) and bragging about reporting them to the admins and getting them banned.

  • I think some are just using that to attract a response. Kind like a guy flexing his muscles and what not. Also can be a subtle invitation to something else, but unless you get to talk to that person in particular cant assume too much. I guess in 2020, no one can really know what is what.

  • The young women at my local swimming pool wear bathing costumes with a coverage ratio of about 5:1, from overall swimsuits to bikinis. I think that is determined by what they are comfortable with, rather than what they are offering me.

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    @RTL1970 So then when a woman has a photo of themselves showing cleavage t means they are a prostitute?

  • @pmvines
    It would indeed be good if things were that easy.

  • A few of you crack me up. You act like you have no idea what I am talking about. I'm no prude, and am not decrying a woman feeling great in her skin, so to speak. I'm not saying there should be no display of cleavage. Geesh! It was an honest, genuine question. Thank you for those who understood and responded accordingly. I did not, and will not, include a link for a couple reasons. I'm not looking to call anyone specific out (not my place). Besides, you really should know what I am talking about. Such profiles pop up every day. This is not an isolated incident. My question wasn't looking for an argument, nor was I trolling.

    I'm done.

  • Instead of a link, a cropped screen shot might have worked. The are varying degrees of "cleavage show".

  • The pictures provide an insight into the personality and the free spirit of the person. The picture could be her way of expressing her free spirit and non-critical nature which is a great characteristic for a cuddler.

  • @Sasha90 Thank you for that perspective.

  • It's no different than a waitress that works @ Hooters or a place like Twin Peaks. They're outfits aren't necessarily what you would call PG but no one thinks they're peddling illicit services. It's all in marketing.

  • @BigHugsPA I am no prude either , nor are most of the folks on here . I also realize some folks do send the wrong message in how they portray themselves . When I had really long hair and wore a spiked dog collar with piercings it portrayed a certain image about me that I cannot portray in the professional world I am in today . What I disagree with in your original post is the assertion that somebody cannot be taken seriously for insisting on platonic services when they also have a pic that one deems as sexy or provocative . It is not a generalization I feel comfortable with because it makes the assumption that it is her fault if men are wanting her for sex services and of course she must be offering it cus just look at how she's dressed. That doesn't sit right with me . It does promote sexism and entitlement in my opinion . We are free to disagree with each other on this . However if you are going to disagree , you should at least know why somebody disagrees with you .

  • Three Breast lovers in the discussion so far , want to see her pics .

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    Wait, when i posted for the link it was a joke, i assume the others were as well. For one this type of conversation comes at least once a month from someone. Then people share their opinion on what they think on the subject, someone gets a little sensitive and then everyone is on defensive.

    It goes like this for a while someone’s feelings get hurt they say something crazy and the mods shut it down.

    Yes we know what your talking about
    also some of us don’t agree
    She may be hinting at something
    She may not be
    Some guys are looking for hints
    Some guys get triggered by the suggestion

  • @cuddlerforu24
    At least 12 people wanted to hear the details of what Harvey Weinstein allegedly did, to decide if he broke the rules.

    There is plenty of hard core pornography on the Internet, apparently.

  • @pmvines you are my sunshine

  • It's a marketing ploy, everybody knows exactly what you're talking about. They may not be saying they do more but they are using their looks to attract more business.

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