My Depression is Winning

Anyone that is genuinely nice and willing to distract my brain with normal conversation? Message me and say hi. 😔


  • Heya, so Im going to bed because my daughter & I are sick ( scary) but I wanted to say Hi, be gentle on yourself & maybe we can talk more tomorrow.

  • Hey Bigguyga. You are going to make it through this.

  • Hey, been there, done that and with the "shelter in place" stuff going on it's easy to get cabin fever. Hand in there, it will get better.

  • Hang in there!

  • I'll probably get tossed into the fire for this...oh well.
    Please research "latent toxoplasmosis gondii infection." Read about what it does in human brains. Depression, it is said, is to the brain what inflammation is to the body. How would life change for you, your own impression of your own precious Self change, if you were to discover that there was nothing "wrong" with you---you only come THROUGH, NOT TO your family of origin-- but that a latent, parasitic infection was causing inflammation and damage in your brain? Subclinical, undiagnosed infection has also been linked to schizophrenia AND Alzheimer's Disease in those who's immune systems are compromised.
    I hope you look into this. But then, again, guess you could try to treat depression with meditation.

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    @BigGuyGa are you interested in real normal conversation? Do you really want people to message you as you stated in your post?

    I took your statement literally and tried to message you and say hi as you posted. But you chose to block me.
    Your right. Your choice. Whatever works for you.

  • @Bles you are a thoughtful person for doing that. @BigGuyGa wow.

  • @ImajenMoon Latent toxowhatsis?

  • @bles that's crazy.
    @BigGuyGa I hope all is ok 🤷🏾

  • It's like parents : spending a child's first years teaching them to walk and talk, then the next years telling them to sit down and shut up.

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    Seems a little strange to ask for contact and then block everybody from contacting you.

  • I sent a message as well, hope you're doing ok there @BigGuyGa

    A side note for anyone reading this WITH depression / low energy / no will to do anything. I've had it for most of my life. And tried anything and everything from 101 kinda of diets... Vitamins... Exercise and working out... Personal Development courses... meds... (and I'm semi anti-meds. I really don't like taking drugs unless I NEED to.
    I learnt how to cope, but heh, life was coping.

    Then one Dr. once was "Hmmm, you might have ADD, I'll send you to go get tested." (Well, blah blah, referral didn't go though, took a year... but anyway, got to see an ADD / ADHD specialist)

    Long story short, diagnosed with ADD, was given some meds. (I of course rolled my eyes, and was all "Sure, whatever... ANOTHER thing")

    Within 30 min of taking that first pill. It was like someone walked over, flipped the light switch on the wall, and was like "Oh hey, this is the light switch. Life is a lot better when the lights are on!"
    Use all the cheesy analogies you want to...
    Like walking out of a dark tunnel... Someone turning on the lights... Taking off crazy dark sunglasses...
    That diagnosis CHANGED my life.
    (depression was a symptom, not the PROBLEM. Trying to fix the depression, NEVER helped.)

    This is what being 'human' is suppose to feel like. (Now, I still have down days, I still feel lazy once in awhile). It's no super-pill. BUT my main thing I'm going after is... If you've been dealing with depression / low-energy, and NOTHING seems to be working. Go talk to your Doctor... It took them 34 years before someone figured it out with me =/

  • Beautiful Story @Dante_S thank you for sharing, and I'm so happy you found something that worked for you!!! I have a similar story... took 20-some years for me to get diagnosed and start getting help.
    That being sad, I hope everyone is hanging in there... this will pass! You make your own happiness.
    Wishing you all the best and brightest
    <3 Jade

  • @Bles I don't know why you were blocked. Couldn't find a legitimate reason in my memory. I sincerely apologize.

  • Yes. Then again it always wins.

  • hey @BigGuyGa you got this. You can do this. You got it in you. We all do. If you need us buddy we're here, and you got heart. You can do this. By the way I heard binary beats can help fight off anxiety and depression. Lots of binary beats videos and sounds on you tube also.

  • Hiya! Sooo today was a busy day for me but I was able to help a few others stores with product they were missing which helps them and my boss. So I'm feeling pretty good. I like being helpful. Makes me realize I really need to be giving back more often and more regularly. It does so good for my soul.

    Anywhosers, I hope you got some fresh air today! It's chilly here but it's really my favorite weather. Chilly, windy but sunny 😁

  • When I first heard the story of "Orpheus in the Underworld", I thought he was an idiot.

    He went into Hell, and won back his wife, but on condition that he did not look back. As they left, and Orpheus was clear, he doubted the Devil had kept his promise, and looked back. Game Over.

    I similarly find myself craving to visit people ; to do the very thing which, paradoxically, would be bad for them. I dreamed last night about visiting an old friend, and shaking hands, which shocked me awake.

    I'm going to have to find a new "habit", but I know it's possible ; like when I was reading a book about arc-welding, and when I turned the page to see photograph of a person welding, I instinctively looked away.

  • @Bles it is possible that the system acted out or something to that effect which resulted in a block. Or maybe OP felt some kind of a need to block, though it seems that OP did not want to block you.

    @BigGuyGa I hope you feel better soon, if you've something you need to share. You can send me a message and I'll try to have a chat with you.

  • @Lovelight he already apologized and I privately messaged him and accepted his apology. He has rightfully chosen not to respond. I truly respect his choice. Moving on!

  • Someone once said,
    "There is nothing worse than not being invited, to a party that you wanted to decline".

    A. You haven't asked me how last night went.
    B. OK. How did last night go ?
    A. Don't ask !

  • Depression will continue to win if you focus on the negative.

  • Adding since this affects more than the person that posted. I have found that working out helps. Since we can't go anywere and may not have equipment. Did the attached workout. You can add weights between your name. Healthy people also have better imune systems so this pushed me to do this daily. Also making task for yourself helps, so you can "work" daily. Youtube fixes for things you would have normally purchased. I have saved money this way. Be easy @BigGuyGa

  • @Rattler1997
    That Rumplestiltskin guy is going to be really fit, Cher will need to go round a few times. 😀

  • @Bles sounds good.

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