[Appreciating self] 3 things I recently discovered about myself...

Hello lovely people out there (in their homes)!

I wanted to talk about our hidden talents that we discovered during this time and appreciating that each one of us is indeed special in our own way.

I started thinking how I can utilize my free time in something constructive. In the process, I discovered that i have some innate talents.

A few things I discovered about myself:

Recovering "Halal Guys Addict!" For past many years, I have been ordering food on almost daily basis. This lock down gave me an opportunity to explore YouTube to learning new recipes. Now, 2 weeks into Work from Home, I can call myself a decent cook (with YouTube). Best part is I am saving money.

I can write sensible articles: Till now I had only written emails at work place. But this work from home stuff gave me some time to write a few work related articles to be posted on some blogs. The articles are getting some traction with around 50+ people having read those articles. I call it a win when I wasn't expecting more than 5 people clicking on it.

I have some great friends: During this time, I got an opportunity to speak with my High School friends (No brownies for guessing that most of them are married now =) ). They are doing great in their life and they are a great source of knowledge. My video calls with them extended more than an hour on average. And they were happy as well to connect. <3

I would love to know about your self-discovery stories. B)


  • I like to write fun stories...and let other people participate in the story-crafting!!! <<Thanks, CC!

    I will never own another pet. I'm the only "animal" allowed in our home, now! lol

    I have watched the movies Gladiator, 300, The Fifth Element, Stargate, and The Matrix, each, over ten times. I realize I should probably get some new movies..


  • THAT'S MY MOVIE!!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!! Oh, wait. I've seen that...like 15 times. But hey, it never gets old watching her kick alien butt!!! Maybe I'll dress up as her on Halloween, this year! :)

    Oh, and I've learned that I am pretty good at tiny repair work on my sewing machine... Now, to figure out how to "sew" orange plastic! lol

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    ****I've learned I really don't need anybody's validation but my own.

    I can compliment myself. Pat myself on the back when I succeed. Comfort myself when I fail. Reassure myself when I doubt.

    ****I've learned that I'm strong enough to stand on my own two feet.

    That I can appreciate the resource of others time and effort. But only to augment my own.

    ****I've learned that I can truly enjoy others without wanting or expecting anything from them: a response, continued contact, time commitment etc.

  • My guitar skills are getting better im super happy with that. I only statted playing a little over a year ago.

    I just painted the rims and brake calipers on my car which soaked up a good 5 days of my life lol. It shouldve been shorter but hey it kept me busy. ðŸĪŠ

    Ive been doing some boxing classes online. My left hook is pretty serious now lol 👊💊👌

  • @Bles~ I so feel you on ALL three. This time has truly helped me reconnect with my own validity as a Reflection of The Life. I am more than Enough---and I'm the one who has to honor this one life of mine. No one else is obligated to---and that's okay. I've got this! :)

    @lovelyday43 ~GUITAR!!! Are you serious???? That's incredible! Hendrix? BB King? Who were your inspirations? Traci Chapman?? Nosy me! I just love music!


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