Will Cuddling Return to Normal?

Do you guys think cuddling will return to back to “normal” after the pandemic is under control?



  • Not right away. It will come back in increments. Many will be wary when we do not have any idea how long one is contagious.

  • yes, I'm sure it will, I'm already missing my cuddle times, it will take awhile. I have stopped 100%, can not take the chance !!!!, just hoping it clears away fast !!!!

  • It’ll take time and patience, but it will go back to normal.

  • I'm worried about this as well. I hope that anyone who wants to cuddle is taking the social distancing seriously and being careful. I want to start cuddling as soon as I can safely do so, and I hope my clients and anyone new who wants to jump on my schedule is being safe and doing what they can to keep us safe to start cuddling sooner. I'm still getting requests and I know my clients are eager for this to be over and have sessions again. I'm nervous it will take longer to get back to cuddling than it will be for most people to go back to life as usual, since cuddling involves such close contact. 😞

  • Life will eventually return back to normal, whatever normal was!!

  • I would say that with life returning to usual, will have to happen bit by bit. For example I do foresee people going to restaurants and stores again at some point in near future, however I dont foresee major group events like concerts and rallys anytime soon. Same would go for close contact activities with people who you are not otherwise already familiar with.

  • Here’s hoping hate groups still gather then return to their isolated compounds.

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    I hope sports teams stop doing that thing where each team runs toward the other and everyone on one team touches hands with everyone on the other team. I always thought that was stupid and a perfect way to spread a contagion.

  • Yes it will.

  • This is my first entry in to the forum. I only add this as an option. I used to date long distance. We used to cam and sleep together while on cam. We chatted for a few hours then fell asleep with our cams on. We'd wake up and see each other sleeping but just felt a closeness. It was our thing we did. I'm not sure how virtual cuddling could work but it worked for us. We certainly had to talk first but I assure you it wasn't very long. We just made it work because it was all we had. It eventually evaporated as many relationships do (cuddle or otherwise) but we made it awesome when we were able to do it. I'm not suggesting this as a dating thing but for the time being, going through all of this it can be an option.

  • Nothing is forever!
    It will come back to normal:)
    Stay safe all

  • Maybe, after this, there'll be a NEW "normal" established in the cuddling world. Maybe, after this, cuddling--as a therapeutic modality--will become much more widely recognized. I can only hope so, because I'm certainly looking forward to experiencing this!!

  • I agree with imajen. I feel it’s may take quite a while to get back to normal but during this time we and make a new normal and when this thing winds down, we can incorporate our new normal into our old Normal and step up the cuddling profession. In any case, everyone stay safe out there and don’t be scared to use this set back as a step forward!

  • @UKGuy exactly what thing are you talking about and what sport ?

  • @hugonehugall Not to speak for him, but I think he is referring to the thing where like a football team will all pass and touch hands like after a game or something (or before, or both? I dont watch sports enough lol)

  • @hugonehugall
    It's where one team walks past the other with their hands out to the sides, so everyone on each team has a half-second handshake with everyone on the other team.

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    @hugonehugall - I've seen this in lots of sports. men's and women's soccer, volleyball. I'm sure it's pretty common.

  • @UKGuy in some sports yes in others there is no formal after game custom. In Football the coaches meet at midfield and shake hands briefly in a show of sportsmanship and respect. The players some do some don't there is no hard and fast rule as far as that goes. Same in basketball , ( at least at the pro level ) some players go directly to the locker room others may have interviews or media obligations .... I personally hope not all of that goes away. Maybe early on you just limit it to team captains or the coaches but I do think it's essential to show sportsmanship and respect to your opponent after competition especially for the benefit of young fans who are watching.

  • Considering that sports have been shut down I think this problem is minuscule at best.

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    I envision rather than dumping a cooler of gatorade or whatever sucker spit is in their coolers on the coach, they will be dumping a giant vat of hand sanitizer

  • It's a different normal. With adjustment in how communication and interpersonal interaction is negotiated and navigated.

    Cuddling is a part of that experience.

    Time is the silent and dominant determinant in what and how much change occur in the above mentioned.

    Appreciating and embracing and respecting each moment as it is, for what it is is all one can do. And it's all that really matters.

  • @FunCartel yes but they are sorely missed and hopefully back soon

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    Cuddling will be one of the last things to return to normal. When people start going out again it will be with all the distancing we all know about by now. No touching or shaking hands for a while. Maintaining a physical distance. Cuddling goes against all this. Some people won't care and just like some are doing now will cuddle anyway. Some might wait for a vaccine or treatment. Others will be In the middle and even without treatment or vaccine will start cuddling again when reports come that the virus has been contained and no more new cases are appearing at that time. When that will be not even the experts can guess.

  • In Asian martial arts, the contestants bow to each other at the beginning and end of the bout.

  • That's anyone's guess if anything returns to the normal we each know. No one knows how this virus will evolve. How it will impact life as we know it. How each of us will create our own system of survival out of it. What ever that might be. We really just don't know.

    The only thing we can do is take it as it comes, one day at a time. And work with it's flow. Whatever that is.

  • who comes up with these titles? cuddling is normal. cuddling for money is relatively new. this is because of the weird ways people make money or cannot get a normal date. I cuddled with my dog hallf the day. you can cuddle with a boyfriend gf husand wofe young kids. if you have roommates cuddle people are taking this social distancing stuff to the extreme.

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    @bondman45 I think the original poster was asking this question in regards to the social distancing and with social distancing being incredibly important, people will still be iffy about meeting strangers for cuddling.

  • at sheena i get the point maybe its just the way people are talking about it

  • it won't return to normal until there is either a vaccine or very easy way to test for it whenever you want.

  • @bondman45 Not everyone has a roommate or a spouse, and I think how serious you take it depends on how serious where you are is in terms of the virus progression. In addition, if your immune system or health is highly compromised then you have to really consider every action you take. All of this describes me, so I do not understand why this thread bothers you so much. Yeah, I know a few turn the forum into their own personal blog, but just ignore them.

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