My bday! Where should I go?

I’m trying to decide a good place to celebrate my bday!

  1. Where to celebrate12 votes
    1. Couch
    2. Kitchen


  • The Moon.

    Happy 21st.

  • Take your laptop out to the back yard and set up a virtual vacation to Bora Bora ( complete with a pitcher of Coco Loco).
    Happy Sheena Day- hope it's your best one yet.

  • @geoff1000 that’s too expensive rig now. Maybe when I’m 70.

    @hillbilly lol that sounds like a nice idea. Unfortunately it’s chilly outside but I can possibly recreate that in home. Thanks so much!! Lol

  • @Sheena123

    I might suggest these travel plans

  • @hugonehugall lol I shall do that immediately

  • Happy B'day Sheena. Try a nice hot bubble bath along with a margarita.

  • Happy birthday, I think you should take easy today. Don’t even cook, let the hubby wait on you !!!!! For my birthday today. I’m going to work around the house, stay safe !!!!

  • @GEmart I had not thought of the margarita part but the bath is definitely happening! I’m going to soak for a good 4 hours!! Lol

    @waynewv he just made me bacon and pancakes! So far so good! Matt’s mom is making me a cheesecake!

    You need to take it easy too! Enjoy your bday!!i know a good present for you is working on your cars though lol

  • @Sheena123 I’d say the kitchen. Everyone should be in the kitchen. The kitchen has food.

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    Happy Birthday, @Sheena123! I pray that you can and are able to make the most of your day during this trying time, I sincerely hope you realize how valued and appreciated you are to the Cuddle Comfort community. Again, Happy Birthday, Sherna! Stay out of the kitchen and enjoy your day.

  • Happy B'Day to you too @waynewv - Hope it's a great one!

  • Thanks @hillbilly !!!!

  • @ILikeWarmHugs food does have a very special place in my heart lol

    @WKCuddles aww thank you so much! That was so sweet ☺️ I may be stuck inside but I did a singing live party on Facebook, had pancakes and bacon and then I’m going to have a long bath lol lots of chocolate in between 😹😹

  • @Sheena123 as the theme song to " Reading Rainbow used to go .....

    🎵 " I can go anywhere !!!! ... Take a look it's in a book !! The Reading Rainbow 🎶

  • @hugonehugall lol oh my god. I sang that in my head when I was reading it

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