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I wanted to make a discussion that we can pay it forward with a word or a message of encouragement to others. It can either by private to their message section or do a shout out on here!

Lets keep it positive and encouraging! Lets spread some love! I wrote in a post earlier about what I believe.....

I believe that in the quantum entanglement, sending love even through virtual sessions and on the forums gets to that person and they feel it. We are all one and I truly believe it.

I intentionally send you my love through the One that gives me an overflow of love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, will power and gentleness!



  • @pmvines Just wanted to let you know that you are loved and that I love seeing when you post. You are a very important to this community and I thank you! :-)

  • @ILikeWarmHugs You are one of the best persons I've ever met and I'm so glad that we have a friendship! I hope to see you soon!

  • @FishCuddles You are amazing at encouraging me! Thank you for always being a light! Hugs!!!!

  • I need all the positive thoughts I can get been going through a painful time just want to be held be cuddled regularly.

  • @LoveistheCureHS I just read your profile and I LOVE IT!!!! You are talking my language! I want to encourage you and send you some of the love I have! I can tell that you are beautiful!!!!! Thank you for writing on here. =)

  • @SouthFlorida4U that you very much! You are awesome in many ways! Happy that serving others is important for you as well!❤️

  • @FishCuddles I am thankful for you and our talks. Hope to see you and @SouthFlorida4U very soon.

  • @Sheena123 i am blessed to call you friend as well. I always think of our Wawa coffees and karaoke nights!

  • @SoftPetals I want to send you a shoutout to you my lovely! You are beautiful inside and out, I love your energy and your beautiful heart. Miss you seeing you!!! haha I can't wait until I come back to NY/PA!

  • South Florida 4U I wish there were cuddlers like you in my area that have the same kindness and support that you have . you are what this site is all about .

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    @pmvines @Bles @DarrenWalker @DonLonG @BashfulLoner @Jagan @Lev136

    You have been pleasant, friendly, and supportive to interact with on CC.

    Thank you to the team who made CC possible, and functioning!

    I hope you're well!

  • I don't want to name names cus you are all important

  • Truckloads of squishy lovie snuggles all over you all!

  • @ILikeWarmHugs I am the thankful for our friendship and time spent together!😊🤗😎🎉

  • Thank you @Lovelight its nice to be thought of, i haven’t been engaging these last few weeks because I’ve been making a real effort not to have my phone in my hands. All this free time will lead to some bad habits so I’ve created some new ones.

    But overall my experience on CC has been positive. Positive enough for me to stick around over a year, and from i can see that’s the minority of people who keep coming back.

  • @SouthFlorida4U This is such a refreshing post. Sending lots of love your way and to everyone else who are working their way way through these tough times.


  • @comforcuddler Thank you for that kind compliment!!! We need to spread a little extra love at this time, not that we don't need it all the time. I hope that we can engage more with each other and loving one another.

    @Lovelight Awwww I loved your post! I totally agree! So many keep these forums alive with their presence.

    @pmvines <3 <3 <3

    @littermate I was going to tag you today but you came by and beat me to it! So happy to have you on CC, I love the love that you always give to others. You are appreciated and I wanted to let you know that!

  • @ILikeWarmHugs o can’t wait to have our singing and coffee time 😸😸

  • beautiful !!!! thank u for this. definitely made me smile.
    You are all enough and deserve all the happiness and peace your heart desires. Much love, Jo <3

  • @BashfulLoner you're welcome. That sounds good. :)

  • We all have something amazeballs about ourselves, no matter how tiny or unnoticed it might be . I appreciate everyone on this site , even though I know not everyone appreciated me lol 😂 Thank you for starting this thread @SouthFlorida4U

  • SOOOOO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF THE TOUGH, AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE ON THIS SITE. There, I said it! @geoff1000 @Bles @Lovelight @Cuddle4health @sillysassy (STILL CRACKING UP ABOUT THAT VIDEO!!!) @Dante_S @hillbilly and @Chris04 for giving me that incredible picture! @SoulcuddlerZ for his gentle, yet firm hand, here, and yes.... I am a card carrying member of the PMVGFC...The PMVines Groupie Fan Club!!!

    Sending BIG LOVE, tenderness, connectedness, and warmth to the fantastic Souls I've been honored to find and connect with on here!! Thanks, @SouthFlorida4U for opening and holding the space for this!!


  • @NewGuy711 I LOVE that meme! Thank you so much for sharing! Its very appreciated! I want to try to put up a meme or a few each day! Bring some love to all!

    @BashfulLoner Well people notice that you have been part of the community for a while. I like seeing your posts. This community might keep growing but I always feel like its a tight knit community that encourages each other and messes with you as well LOL I know we have a few that have some good humor. :p

    @johny18 Thank YOU!!!! I love that we can share the love and make it go around! You are loved and I send you my hugs!!!

    @Sheena123 I got to come around when you two are singing!!! I don't sing because I can't keep any type of tune but I love dancing!! =)

    @Perth_Cuddles So glad that I made you smile, because you light up the room! I went to check out your profile and you have an amazing smile! :-D

  • @SouthFlorida4U it’s so much fun. I used to be a karaoke DJ and I always told those that say they can’t sing that it’s just as enjoyable listening to you as long as you enjoy doing it. !!! Love it 😍

  • @Sheena123 those karaoke DJs have a tough job keeping the crowd going that must have been fun though! A bar here in Birmingham used to do a heavy metal karaoke night lol that was always a blast

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