How many days without a cuddle session?!

Hiow many dats have you gone through without a cuddle session?

Two months here and missing it!!


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    For me it's been since late October, and before that it was a over a year I think. Met a friend for cuddles towards the start of the year but it was a little awkward and decided we'd rather just game/watch stuff in the end.

  • It's been since January for me, previous one in August. My next one is going to be extra long!

  • About fifteen minutes

  • The last one was on February 28. :-(

  • 9,664 days for me. Never had a cuddle session since birth.

  • @SociallyAwkward wow you have the exact days down and everything!

  • January 20th , then I was busy with work and then the pandemic happened. No cuddles in the horizon either

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    been a while for me as well. Likely over a month but I am terrible at keeping track of time.


    Nice pic pmvines :)

  • @Drop_the_Mike Google is a wonderful tool.

  • @SociallyAwkward
    They say, "You can't miss, what you've never had".

    They are so wrong.

  • It's been way too long!

    About 3 weeks :)

    But, if we count Canine Cuddles, then half a day :)

  • @geoff1000
    Words can be strung together to sound pretty, doesn't necessarily make them true though.

    Canine cuddles are supposed to help with the "touch appetite" we all have. Too bad humans aren't as cuddle-friendly as doggos are.

  • I haven't even touched another human being in over 52 days. The closest thing to contact I've had was giving the neighbor's dog a pat on the head over the fence last Saturday. There are no pets and no people (besides me) in my house. This has been an incredibly challenging time.

  • I cuddled on March 24. I guess it was unwise, but obviously neither of us had any known exposures. And I think we trusted that each of us was taking serious precautions overall.

    It was really nice.

  • I just had a zoom cuddle with Jean Franzblau of the Cuddle Sanctuary this week. It was unlike anything I've ever had, and I really appreciated Jean for allowing me to have this experience.

  • Too bad humans aren't as cuddle-friendly as doggos are.

    @sunnysideup :
    It would be quite impossible to truly fully appreciate canine's unconditional love without the prior experience of human love :)

    Just insert food and collect the hugs :)

  • It has been way too long.

  • Rub peanut butter on certain areas and even dogs will push boundaries.

  • Rub peanut butter on certain areas and even dogs will push boundaries.

    @FunCartel :
    I could be wrong here, but it sounds like you are speaking from personal experience here :)

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    @redbeard87 You've got me curious now! What made your time with Jean Franzblau unlike anything you've had?

  • 4 months now..not nice! Miss it so much!

  • I did have a phone cuddle w a friend a few weeks was nice, not as nice as a real cuddle.....but a physical has been 4 months.

  • @redbeard87 I think I saw you on a group zoom call with Jean this week! 🤗

  • @Siberian76 If you really are a dog owner then you should know that putting peanut butter on anything results in endless licking from a dog. Doesn’t take personal experience—just observation of canine behavior.

  • @CuddleMeYummy hi. I think I remember you. You're a pretty cool gal. Thanks.

  • @respectful I think because of not only the pandemic, but the fact that she's in So Cal, and I'm in Nor Cal. We would never have had the opportunity to meet because of that. Stranger things have happened, but it would be very unlikely the two of us would have gotten together face to face.

  • @FunCartel
    Any suggestions as to what will stop a dog pushing boundaries ? My experience is that they need no encouragement.

  • @FunCartel : peanut butter is an illegal substance you wouldn't find in my home.

    So, not an observable experience by any stretch of imagination :)

  • Let's see, I've been single for around 15 years, so... that long.

  • @Siberian76 only due to a lack of imagination.

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