Nighttime Checkins

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So! I know that I already started another thread about reading with people. Since then I've learned a few things about how this is going for me.
I really really really love reading and chatting with other women (yes I know I'm queer. I also live in Brooklyn where it's not uncommon for people to say "today my pronouns are she" and change their mind another day.. god I love my city.)
I digressed.
I really really really love calling someone else who is on here cause.. they're working, or cause they want to be held by some dude, like I think I do sometimes.. calling at the end of the night, talking about our days, taking turns reading a story to each other, and getting to know a bit more about each other.. just through that.
Shoutout Maria, I don't remember your handle.
I am enjoying doing this with men too.. it's all really touching seeing how so many people just want a friend and to feel cozy.
But I'm finding that reading with femme folk, who want to have friendships like this, is incredibly rich, and something I've neglected for a really long time, and don't want to anymore.
So.. this thread is once again for people to find each other for reading.. and for folks who aren't cis-men.. women, trans, queer.. to maybe reach me.
Good night!


  • A few years ago, I went on tour of a nickel mine. I had studied a little geology, so was interested in what the nickel ore was mixed with. The guide just said, "It's waste", which was the end of his knowledge and interest.

    As a cis-male, I can sometimes sympathise with that non-ore rock.

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