Top female professionals according to karma comments (Sep 2020), with bonus emoji

This is a list of 632 recently active female professionals with positive karma comments (as of the mid September 2020), as a follow up to the Top 220 female professionals according to karma comments thread from February 2018.

Determining who the "top cuddlers" are isn't easy! Some wonderful professionals may be just starting out and not have much karma, or even be someone who doesn't use the karma system. It is also an unusual time due to the pandemic, so many professionals may not be active right now. About 25 people were excluded who had a karma comment but no real information about them.

Names in bold (37%) include karma comments like "best ever" or "more than 5 stars".

💎 People followed by a gem symbol (17%) have comments like "a real gem" or "one of a kind".

🔟 People with the "10" symbol (20%) have 10 or more karma.

Every so often a person is included as "best" or "a gem" without having the required comment because of the tone of the rest of their karma. Note that professionals with one or two negative reviews have been included in the list (since those reviews may or may not be fair).

Each professional is also given two of the following emoji, reflecting common karma comments about them. (If you can't see any emoji, try a different browser).

🏡  Pleasant environment
😀  Friendly, welcoming
🤣  Fun, sense of humor
🤗  Affectionate
👍🏼  Professional, on time
👫  Connected, present, attentive
💕  Caring, compassionate
🌱  Healing, therapeutic, nurturing
👂🏼  Good listener
🌹  Beautiful, lovely smile
✨  Genuine
🍬  Sweet
🕶  Cool, chill
🎆  Active cuddler, energetic
🗨  Great conversation
🎓  Intelligent, knowledgeable
🌈  Energy, positive outlook

Some professionals have an extra emoji after a "+" symbol with some extra information:

💆🏽  Massages
🎶  Sings
🍴  Makes food
🐱  Cat might join in
🐶  Dog might join in
🎮  Video gamer

This list is not intended to be updated, but let me know about any errors such as locations.

And just for interest, the professionals with 30+ karma at this time are: @MissAdventurous @MsClickers @IAMSophia @Tachoudh @Brandi @CaringSoul @Stephanie123 @Jasmineluv @MissX @Cuddlesfordays1 @Dharma @Avacuddlesbest @Terra @Lucidentity @Biancalovecraft @Sheena123 @TherapywithAnn @ShawnieceHaley @Cuddles4bliss @TheTouchCoach @JazzyPants @Envie @MollyB @Xandriarain



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